A few legislatures here, a few legislatures there…

… and pretty soon you’re talking about a real problem for the NCAA.


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3 responses to “A few legislatures here, a few legislatures there…

  1. Charlottedawg

    This is going fall on deaf ears for the amateurism romantics but the legislation like this just underscores the fact that the NCAA has been getting away with practices that even the shadiest and scummiest of private employers couldn’t even dream of.


  2. Mayor

    This is an existential threat to the NCAA. If CA and NY pass this, likely Florida, then the rest of the nation will follow suit.


  3. WHB209

    Does the Ca law or this bill in NY say anything about the student athlete selling his likeness while wearing the Universities uniform or other licensed
    University clothing or athletic gear ? I do think that wearing a UGA uniform would increase the value of any students likeness well beyond the value of a player standing before a camera and saying, “Hello, I am Thomas Brown, buy a Ford”. Maybe I am just making this too complicated, but I think these problems will arise and will cause a problem with licencing.