This is why they pay Colin Cowherd the big bucks.

I would venture to say that every reader at this blog knows more about Joe Burrow than this lazy ass does.

You have to admire Corch’s restraint there.  I’m not sure I could have held the snark back there in response.


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23 responses to “This is why they pay Colin Cowherd the big bucks.

  1. Doug

    What Colin Cowherd doesn’t know about college football you could just about squeeze into the Grand Canyon. I get that college football isn’t necessarily everyone’s thing, but if you fancy yourself a sports commentator with a nationwide audience, you should probably at least pretend to know something about it.


  2. Otto

    Bluto, you did file this correctly.


  3. Biggus Rickus

    Colin Cowherd makes Paul Finebaum seem respectable.



    Two Crouch’s for the price of one.


  5. Godawg

    What a maroon…


  6. Bob

    It is a sad day in hell when Corch is the one who looks good.

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  7. Jack Klompus

    I feel like this is indicative of the majority of the national pundits in all of sports. They have no real clue what really is going on out there and call themselves experts because they can spout off about what’s been hot and in the news the past 5 days.


    • tbia

      Yep, laziness reigns. An alabama guy on another board was talking about how damn expensive every ticket to events in Atlanta was, and how it is driven up by a ton of locals who want to go to stuff.

      But the national media still calls Atlanta a bad sports town because of a few hundred empty seats at a playoff game 25 years ago.


  8. jhorne2000

    I leave the Corch admiration to someone else. I usually like Cowherd but he blew that for sure.

    On another note, anybody know how to get Corch the Apple recognition it deserves. I mean , you really have to want it bad against autocorrect.

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  9. MenloDawg

    Just wanted to say this epitomizes why Corch was such a good recruiter and was able to keep issues under wraps at UF and OSU. You have to be full of shit to show that much restraint.


  10. WCH

    Love that description of Cowherd Senator…despised him since the day he took over for Kornheiser.


  11. FlyingPeakDawg

    “Urban, when you were coaching, did you know the coach at Ohio State? Oh, that was YOU! What did you think of you?”


  12. MDDawg

    The only thing that would maybe, just maybe, make me admire Corch would be if he ran into a burning building to save some orphans or something like that. Even then I would probably suspect him of starting the fire in the first place.

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  13. Starbreaker

    I can’t stand Cowherd. Also, I cannot look at his face without seeing Jim Carrey’s Grinch.