Quid pro quo, bitchez.

Mike Leach, saying the quiet part out loud:

His deposition in the next antitrust suit ought to be epic.


UPDATE:  In case you missed it, Danny Kanell is a moron.

I mean, unless you really think it’s the official position of the NCAA that players have jobs, that is… nah, he’s a moron.


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  1. Paul

    I don’t know about the $80,000 a year part but he is dang sure correct that working out year round is the norm. I don’t think there’s any shortage of guys who are willing to do so and I doubt Leach has any qualms about running off those who are not.


  2. Argondawg

    It might be one of the longest depositions in history.
    counsel: “Mr. Leach what do pirates have to do with player compensation?”
    Mike Leach: ” I am glad you asked but I am going to have to go into the history a little before we start,”


  3. There is a reason that Mike Leach is only employable one hillbilly backwaters like Lubbock and Pullman.


  4. David H.

    The obvious reply is, How much of that $80,000 can a player send back home to mom to help her pay her rent? Of course, it’s just a small portion of the $80,000 that is “real” liquid money from the player’s perspective … maybe the cost-of-living stipend, extra money from a rent allowance if they live off campus, possibly Pell Grant funds (although they’ve cracked down on that after some programs were abusing them in the ’90s).

    It’s debatable whether or not college players should get a sizable sum of money for their efforts, but it’s disingenuous to pretend that the $80,000 figure is equivalent to an actual salary.


    • It’s debatable whether or not college players should get a sizable sum of money for their efforts, but it’s disingenuous to pretend that the $80,000 figure is equivalent to an actual salary.

      Yup. This part of the discussion drives me absolutely bonkers. They estimate benefits of $80K which I’d guess is actually closer to $0 if we’re talking actual incremental costs to the school per athlete. Ask Mike Leach if he would do his current job for nothing but estimated benefits and not the $4M in actual cash that Wazzu pays him annually. I think we all know how he’d answer that question.

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    • 79Dawg

      Not much of the $80,000, but if the guy makes it to the pros and has a decent career that a springboard like Georgia can give him, he can probably buy mom a house (the stories abound)….
      The thing is, its disingenuous on BOTH sides – Leach and the NCAA want everyone to say, “wow, that’s a lot of ‘money’!”. Bleeding hearts want to say “cash in the pocket is all that matters!”. The answer (and equilibrium), of course, lies somewhere in the middle, and can be in different places for different people. (Indeed, some might argue that the athletes themselves, given their superior knowledge of their own situation – i.e., chances of making it the pros, goals and aspirations in like, intelligence, commitment, family situation etc. – are in the best position to make the decision as to whether the trade-offs in playing bigtime college football or basketball are “fair” in their own situation.)
      Unfortunately, all that get’s drowned out when everyone makes the discussion myopic by pretending compensation is an all or nothing-type choice….


      • I fall in the middle. I don’t believe pure pay-for-play solves the problem. I don’t believe the schools should be able to profit from name, likeness and image if the student-athlete can’t independently. I also believe the schools should be able to provide educational opportunities after completion of eligibility and long-term health care for injuries that occur in athletic activities.

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        • Dawgoholic

          This makes way too much sense. So that means there’s a less than 5% chance the suits at the NCAA agree.


          • That’s exactly why Jeffrey Kessler will burn the whole thing to the ground, and we’re going to get some form of pay for play.

            The suits in Indianapolis need to wake up because the barbarians are at the gate.


  5. dawg

    Good grief, the virtue-signalling in here is mildly nauseating. I hadnt looked in here in a while, so I decided to check. Sure enough, this blog still sucks. lol Adios!


  6. sectionzalum

    Can we lock him in a room with Jessie Palmer and Beth mowins until the season is over?

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  7. AthensRules

    My daughter is a freshman member of a D-II tennis team. Since mid August this has been her schedule:
    Mon, Wed, Friday – 6:00 am – 7:30 am conditioning
    Tues/ Thur – 8:00 – 9:00 am strength training
    Everyday (Mon-Fri) practice 3:00 to 5:00

    The college tennis season is in the spring (conference schedule). They play tournaments in the fall.

    She is finding out that it is pretty much a full-time thing.


  8. BuffaloSpringfield

    Wonders how much the GPS systems that the Dawgs wear in practice that measures HR, Pulse, breathing and miles per hour so as Kirbs says we can tell if a guys top speed is 18 mph and he’s registering 15 mph we know he need a break or hydration.
    I played NAIA in the late 70’s when the cafeteria closed it was fend for yourself. Nutritionist, physical therapy and. I love Corson he gets the players back in speed personified. You have seen the spreads of food; How would you like the 1st. and 2nd. string offensive lines home for a weekend of fun and frolic.
    I agree those scholarships are 0$ from the coffers of UGA’s gross amount but guess what else is gross. The cost of a college education in which studies state that nearly 70% of college graduates actually have a job that was in their field of studies. Look at the overall student debt in the country. Most ya’ll recent grads will be paying off your student loans till your 50’s. These athletes leave and if you read carefully Nauta is selling insurance in Nashville, Tn., Hollifield was cut by the Panthers and to my knowledge has not been picked up. Will UGA allow them to come back and finish their degree free. A few come back as grad assistants and work their butts off to finish up their degree.
    As far as injuries are concerned Zues had two knees operations and if ai am not mistaken his rehabilitation was on the UGA tab. Those your looking at $45,000 a knee. Could you afford those for your kid and still pay tuition.
    I agree players should be compensated for likeness and self but put it in a trust to be admissible upon graduation if not it goes back into a pool for the athletes who people are not gonna stand in line at the Tate Center and pay $65 for a autograph.
    Yup Leach is crazy but if this is not controlled college football is done. In reality the regular season is mute there are 4-5 tops that belong in a discussion for the Holy Grail. I am at a loss; Where do we go from here. Do we want what’s going on at Michigan State now or Antonio Browns with a posse in toe. Where ever the money goes it is gonna corrupt the incorruptible.


    • Why should the NLI money be put in a trust? Those guys may spend it on weed, kicks, XBoxes, and swag like Colin Cowherd said?

      The guys are adults. That money can help their families now.

      If people won’t stand in line to pay for an autograph, they’ll learn their signature isn’t worth whatever they are asking. Is that how free markets work?


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    Has anybody checked to see if Will Trane has fallen off of his tractor? Musings I incoherent miss rambling his.