TFW getting there isn’t half the fun

Athens-Clark County PD’s traffic control, never exactly the stuff of legends on game day, is likely to be challenged even more severely by the influx of what is expected to be a larger than normal sized crowd.

If this is meant to reassure, I’m not getting the message.

Athens-Clarke police have “been planning for this weekend for over two months. We believe we have a plan in place to handle the anticipated crowds,” police spokesman Geoffrey Gilland said.

Gilland and Greg Trevor, executive director for media communications at UGA, said their agencies do not discuss specifics of their security plans.

UGA did say they are bringing in additional staffing to assist with the crowd.

Gilland said the traffic plan in place is designed to move vehicles out of campus and downtown and onto the Athens Perimeter when the game is over.

Police are also loading their traffic patterns onto an app that people can access to see post game traffic routes. Gilland said police are using the app Waze in an effort to provide this information to the public.

People are advised that at least 21 streets in the downtown district will be modified to keep traffic flowing out of town, Gilland said.

Many downtown interior streets will be blocked and traffic will not be able to access some locations, he said.

Clayton Street from Thomas to Pulaski streets will be closed off to vehicular traffic sometime after 8 p.m., Gilland said.

People using ride shares are asked to utilize Washington Street and Hancock Avenue as traffic will not be permitted to stop on Broad Street. South Street between Thomas and Jackson streets is also open for ride shares.

Parking on campus is restricted and it is best to avoid streets surrounding campus including Lumpkin Street, Gilland said.

“Do not stop and ask an officer for help while they are directing traffic,” he said.

Shit, help?  Why would this night be different from any other?  They may be from the government, but they are not there to help.

Screwing with street access isn’t the only thing you need to be aware of.  Georgia is contributing with gate access changes.

Yeah, this is going to end well.  Anyway, you have been warned, peeps.  In Athens, fan-friendly is a state of mind.


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15 responses to “TFW getting there isn’t half the fun

  1. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, we are bringing tow trucks in from across the state to assist in traffic control.



  2. 79Dawg

    Have been wondering for years why they allow traffic to go east-west on Broad Street between Lumpkin and East Campus Rd after games. Just shut it down and make everybody on the east side go east, west side go west, and everybody can go north. Would be a lot quicker to disperse but what do I know, surely a Tech engineer designed the plan…


  3. Athens Dog

    Jimmy is running for Sheriff UGH


  4. saildawg

    I actually think just using the traffic lights would be more productive than the cops directing. I have the luxury of walking, but I am amazed with how little effort and caring the traffic cops put forth.

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    Got friends that work at university. They told them not to show up today,


  6. Russ

    So, this means if you’re trying to drive back to Atlanta, they’ll route you through Lexington or Comer.

    I agree with saildawg. Traffic lights would be better. Whenever I see a cop directing traffic, I know traffic will be hosed. They even manage to do it for high school games with 2k in attendance.


  7. While I’m excited to be at the game, I am so dreading getting out of town afterwards. I am positive that ACC will route my trip back to South Carolina through Alabama. This is going to be a nightmare.


  8. Classic City Canine

    I spoke with Athens-Clarke County’s traffic engineers and they said the Police won’t work with them on traffic management at all because they prefer their own way of doing things. Boggles the mind….


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    We frequently see and hear pols boasting of their ties to UGA. But we never see them send out the state patrol and/or GDOT to make sure traffic runs smoothly.


  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    Just tell all the golden domers MARTA runs to Athens.


  11. Paul

    The police in Athens have yet to figure out how to handle game day traffic. They couldn’t do it 40 years ago and they still can’t do it now. Go figure. City of Atlanta is the same way. We went to Braves games at both Fulton County and the Ted and the cops just made things worse. For years. They never figured out how to move traffic efficiently. It was maddening.


  12. chopdawg

    Maybe south campus is easier than north? From Clayton Deck, Mcphaul, Green St just go with the flow to East Campus, then to College Station, then the Loop. Haven’t had any problems.