I got ‘yer game day post right here.

Okay, we’re here.  Finally.

I’m heading up to Athens within the next hour (watch for a follow up post this morning as to our whereabouts, so you can hopefully join us for some pregame festivities), so I’ll leave you with some final thoughts for tonight’s game against Notre Dame.

First off, whatever else I’ve posted about the game this week, I’m not taking the Irish lightly.  They’re a good, well-coached (ND currently leads the nation in turnover margin) bunch that’s won a lot of games the past two seasons.  They’ve got a number of NFL-caliber players on the roster and they won’t be intimidated walking in the joint.

It’s just that Notre Dame appears to be vulnerable in the worst possible place for a team taking on Georgia.  And in the end, I keep coming back to the same conclusion because of that.

Matt Hinton also suggests that Georgia has an advantage in terms of overall athleticism and depth.

Without knowing anything else about these lineups, specifically, it’s broadly understood by everyone that the Irish’s biggest weaknesses in this kind of game — overall team speed and depth — are Georgia’s biggest strengths. Even the as-yet-unproven gray areas of the Bulldogs’ depth chart (wide receiver, linebacker, cornerback) are all blessed with former 5-star recruits vying to make their move. Notre Dame doesn’t have a 5-star recruit on its roster.

It’s possible that the talent gap is exaggerated, especially along the lines of scrimmage, and the Irish will have more success both establishing and stopping the run than they did in the 2017 meeting, when they were outrushed 185 yards to 55 (including negative yardage on sacks). Fromm’s rapport with this group of wideouts, gifted as they are, is still mostly hypothetical. But then, so is the notion that ND has the manpower to hold athletes like Swift, George Pickens, and Jermaine Johnson in check.

Contrary to some I’ve seen, I don’t expect a blowout.  ND has too much talent and is too disciplined for that.  What I do expect to see is something akin to last year’s Florida game:  the Irish do a good job of scheming to take full advantage of Ian Book’s skill set and are in the game into the second half, only to see the Dawgs steadily pull away as the ground game ultimately takes control.

The line is 14 1/2.  Look for a final score in the neighborhood of, say, 37-20.  And stay classy, Dawg fans.  It ought to be a fun day and night.  (Perfect weather, to boot.)

Follow along, as long as it takes, in the comments, peeps.



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150 responses to “I got ‘yer game day post right here.

  1. PDawg30577

    “Notre Dame doesn’t have a 5-star recruit on its roster.”

    Wait. Whut? Is that correct?

    Oh, mercy. If we lose, it really will be our own fault.


  2. mwo

    So if (when) UGA thoroughly whips ND on national television tonight, and the Irish lose another game or two this year, what are the odds they fire Kelly and Urban Meyer gets his dream job?


  3. ugafidelis

    I’ll even take a 2018 Mizzou type win. Ugly and scary, but two touchdowns nonetheless.


  4. The other Doug

    I predict UGA by 30.

    I am usually more of a Munson Dawg, but ND won’t slow the run and our defense will create that havoc.


  5. Last night I felt like I did when I was five on Christmas Eve.


  6. Spike

    Have fun! I will look for you on Tv!


  7. SoccerDawg

    Out in Athens last night I was surprised by the number of ND fans donning their green and gold hitting the bars and admiring the pulchritudinous coeds. Witnessed a fight over a tailgate tent spot already this am. And UGA is serious about parking refs as we saw five cars towed from north Deck before 7.

    I got the Dawgs winning but I’m still nervous.


  8. My final score hasn’t changed. 31-20 in a game not as close as the final score indicates. Kirby gets some young guys playing time on defense late (or plays prevent to exchange yards for clock), and the Irish get a late TD in garbage time.


  9. Jim

    It’s time to fucking go!


  10. dawgtired

    I’m not expecting a blowout…what I do expect is, from start to finish, match up that clearly shows that UGA is a better talented and more physical team. I picture ND having its victories in the game but never a doubt that GA will win it.
    It’s possible the Dawgs will start tight. It’s a big game in front of an electric home crowd, larger than usual. Every dawg will want to impress but this physical team will prove to be too much for 60 minutes.


  11. Turd Ferguson

    I think ND sticks around for 2 or 3 quarters. But depth and fresh legs allow us to pull away in the fourth. Something like 41-24.

    I know everyone is and will be talking about our running game. But I really hope Fromm has a few Heisman-worthy plays today. I still don’t feel like that guy gets the hype he deserves.

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    • Chopdawg

      I think Fromm is a big key in this game. As good as he is, he still misses open guys once in a while, by inches. If he plays his best–manages the game and makes the pinpoint throws–don’t see any way ND can beat us.


  12. No excuses Dawgs, do the work, get it down.


  13. sectionzalum

    Whenever I feel too confident about these games, I just think back to the Gameday visit for the Bama blackout…

    Otherwise, LET THE BIG DAWG EAT!!!


  14. redhotchilidawg

    Good grief that Gameday segment on Arkansas State and Blake Anderson was heart wrenching. Glad we were able to give him some encouragement last Saturday.

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  15. FlyingPeakDawg

    Uga > little green midget

    Hedges > lawn weed

    Fromm > Book

    RBU > 4 pony riders

    Dawgs > potato farming immigrants


    Georgia goes 3 – 0 all time.

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  16. FlyingPeakDawg

    Anybody still have their copy of the Jack Davis drawing of UGA Dawg with the shamrock in his teeth and holding 1980 National Championship trophy? I can’t figure out how to post it, but it’s my all time favorite and still framed and on display.


  17. Russ

    So, the starting QB at Florida wasn’t good enough to start in high school but he’s good enough for Mullen?


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  18. Justadawg


    Any thoughts on doing a thread for other games going on again?

    I am finding myself giggling evilly and rubbing my hands together a lot watching the Fla/ Tn game and I really don’t like to think of myself as that kind of person…


    • mg4life0331

      Me too. It can be our guilty pleasure.

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    • Uglydawg

      He’s busy, Justadawg. But here’s what usually happens…we use this thread for everything that happens today. I’m watching TN/FL right now too. (that meteor can’t get there fast enough). I just hope TN keeps it close enough to embarrass the Florida fans.


  19. TN Dawg

    16 playing today?

    I’m starting to wonder about him, I get the feeling CKS doesn’t like him.

    Kid probably shoulda gone somewhere like Memphis or UCF.


  20. TN Dawg

    Harbaugh’s gang is getting embarrassed.

    I’d say there is some twitching going on in Ann Arbor.


  21. Morris Day

    The early games today are atrocious.


  22. Gurkha Dawg

    Fromm throws a pick six late and we lose a close one. Just fuckin’ with y’all! Like I’ve said before, this offense can score from anywhere on the field anytime it wants. It just hasn’t had the need yet. First half will be tight, then we will win going away. 41 -17 UGA.


  23. Russ

    SkinnyQB10 is having a good game @ BYU so far. Nice to hear the Georgia crowd support him on Gameday.


  24. Russ

    And Pitt (Pitt!!??!) looks determined to end our long national UCF nightmare.

    App State is whipping that Tar Heal ass right now.


  25. Turd Ferguson

    Demetris Robertson and Kearis Jackson listed as 1 and 2 at the slot position for today. Bit of a surprise.


  26. PDawg30577

    OK, serious question. If I’m the richest man in Tennessee, and I am pissed enough to underwrite Cornbread’s $10 million buyout, is that tax deductible?

    Asking for a friend.


  27. TN Dawg

    Glad to see 16 in the game plan.


  28. PDawg30577

    If we don’t start wrapping up and finishing tackles, it’s going to be a long night.


  29. TN Dawg

    3 minutes of football…..5 minutes of commercials.


  30. D as in Dawg

    Uh oh. Never good to hear everyone on Earth say you’re going to destroy another team. Sure makes watching it unenjoyable… at least until you actually start destroying them.


  31. D as in Dawg

    Nice pass. About 13 ND DL pursuing.


  32. D as in Dawg

    Swift has a shadow tonight.


  33. W Cobb Dawg

    When the f^*k are our coaches gonna break Fromm of his habit of flipping the ball in his hands?! That should be freshman day 1.


  34. D as in Dawg

    ND came to play. UGA looks out of sorts. Fromm is going to have to stretch the field. Team overall is struggling. Nothing in the running game. All over the short passes. Need Fromm to live up to the hype.


  35. D as in Dawg

    I think the UGA crowd is the MVP this far.


  36. Uglydawg

    We are getting no pressure on Book..even when it’s third and long and we know he’s going to be throwing.
    Gonna be a long night if we can’t get to him. Hand it to ND. They came to play and I think outplayed the Dawgs in the first quarter. Play calling has been very safe for both teams.
    Time to settle down Dawgs. Eat, Dawgs, dammit!


  37. D as in Dawg

    Big stage. 👎


  38. TN Dawg

    I’m not gonna panic just yet.

    But it’s fair to say we look disorganized, mistake prone, and far from physically superior at this point,


  39. D as in Dawg

    Whole defense was fooled. Timeout saved them. Feels like we’ve had the ball for 2 minutes. What a shit show so far.


  40. D as in Dawg

    Best part of that play was 32 leaving the tight end wide open to go cover some grass that was already double covered.


  41. TN Dawg

    Pass coverage looks very disorganized.

    He had two or three open receivers in that play.


  42. Russ

    Okay, somebody needs to tell Notre Dame they don’t have any run defense.


  43. D as in Dawg

    Let’s see if the offense has taken off the black jerseys.


  44. Tlkdawg

    I’m pretty sure I watched this same game in New Orleans in January.


  45. TN Dawg

    I’m surprised by the lack of vertical passing.

    I guess the game plan is to use the speed in space, but I’ve seen only one pass that traveled more than 5 yards past the line of scrimmage.


  46. D as in Dawg

    My goodness. This defense looks amazing. Do we have a downfield pass play?


  47. PDawg30577

    This drive before the half is a fucking embarrassment for our defense.


  48. Bo

    Book and #84 are lighting our ass up.


  49. Uglydawg

    Book picking up apart…
    As much as I hate saying this, ND is better for the first half at least.
    Georgia will be very fortunate to win this game unless they can get some stuff fixed at halftime.
    Havoc smavoc.


  50. TN Dawg

    I gotta think they are gonna work the middle to TE again right here.

    Our LBs have been absent in coverage to this point,


  51. dawgman3000

    Brian Kelly is putting on a clinic on how to use TE’s.

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  52. TN Dawg

    That was not inspired football.


  53. Uglydawg

    Well, “The Most Georgia Thing Ever” is appropriate, huh?
    I think they came out overconfident an ND came out pissed off and determined to shove it down Georgia’s throat.
    The Great Offensive machine is losing 10 to 7 at the half.
    All the havoc so far has been caused by ND.
    Somebody forgot to tell them they would lose by two touchdowns.


  54. Got Cowdog

    Who knew you could throw to a tight end? Like 9 times?
    Kirby better figure that shit out or they’re going to feed it to us all night.
    P.S: Catch the fucking ball if you call fair catch.
    P.S.S: Fuck you Gary Danielson. i always knew you were a hater.


  55. S

    We have a talented and large offensive line, but what we do not have is a dominant offensive line. We are going to struggle with Florida and especially Auburn because of this. I couldn’t be much more disappointed in their play.


  56. Uglydawg

    Georgia’s OC calling plays like we’re a huge underdog trying to keep it close and steal one in the fourth quarter. Imposing your will my ass. Tentative and barely hanging on due to timidness and everyone expecting big runs from Swift. Big goose egg for explosive plays by the Dawgs in the first half.


  57. Turd Ferguson

    I’m not worried (… yet). Their one TD was a gift from us, and honestly, they look pretty one-dimensional on offense. I’m confident we’ll make the right adjustments and look much improved in the second half.

    But credit to ND so far. Everything they needed to happen to have a chance at winning this game has happened. They look like they’re handling their emotions better than we are. And as Gary and Ness said, outside of Bama and LSU, this is the best tackling I’ve seen from anyone we’ve played.

    If our OL shows up in the second half, I still think we win by double-digits.


  58. TN Dawg

    Well, I hope we open it up on offense in 2nd half.

    Fake a couple of those sorry ass bubble screens and hit chunk plays behind them.

    Thus far, they are calling pass plays like Fromm is a freshman.


  59. D as in Dawg

    Elite is not the way to describe this team. Good enough to win the East for sure. Still not where we thought we were, where we hoped we were, at this point in the season. If they can get it together and win this game, maybe it will be the beginning of something special going forward.

    We’re gonna need to fix a few things first… No QB pressure, no imposing our will, no downfield passing game, wide open receivers to name a few.

    BTW, our struggles aside, NDs D looks pretty good to me.


    • Uglydawg

      There’s a lot to your first sentence. I watched Auburn and LSU some today…Dawgs don’t seem to match up too well..but every game is different and you never can tell. I hope Turd’s post (two above yours) is right.


  60. Tronan

    Did Jim Chaney sneak back into the UGA booth tonight?


  61. D as in Dawg

    There it f’n goes. Need Fromm to make a throw and that’s the shit he does.


  62. D as in Dawg

    “I watched Georgia their first two games. They’ve been a machine. They probably are the most impressive team on tape that I have seen. They’re just not making any mistakes right now. I’ve never seen a quarterback probably since Drew Brees that is more prepared before the snap than Jake Fromm. Then once he gets the ball, he’s pretty good, too. They are loaded.” — Gary Danielson, AB-H, 9/16/19


  63. D as in Dawg

    Oh my. Hold on to the damn ball!!


  64. TN Dawg

    Big play D!


  65. Salty Dawg

    Maybe they will start playing up to GA standard because they haven’t been doing it yet.


  66. Ugly

    Quarter and a half left and we’re lucky to be tied. But we shot ourselves in the foot with that personal foul penalty. Cost us a TD.
    Time to play some Defense.


  67. Kdawg

    The momentum starting to turn. A stop here would be massive.


  68. D as in Dawg

    There’s the Fromm machine. Let’s keep it going!!


  69. TN Dawg

    Amazing how quickly we move the ball when we throw it past the line of scrimmage.


  70. TN Dawg

    F*cking wildcat.


  71. dlm80

    Why is 87 still on the field…?


  72. D as in Dawg

    Finally clicking on offense. Gotta credit the D for this. They adjusted and have shut the ND offense down. Got to hold on and finish strong!

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  73. TN Dawg

    Game over.

    They can’t make up 10 on our defense.


  74. Uglydawg

    Good job by the wide receivers. Ref’s need to be schooled on PI though.
    Turd settled us down!


  75. Uglydawg

    Can you believe those phony injuries ND is faking to slow down the Dawgs?
    Refs must be asleep not to notice that. Even the announcers are incensed.


    • TN Dawg

      Yeah, but as the referee that is commentating pointed out, with the new pussy-style football the refs have no choice but to assume a player is hurt.


  76. Uglydawg.

    JR Reed just gave the Dawgs what they need to put this one away. Now if Georgia just buries ND on this drive, we can breath a little..(BTW what a catch on the int!)


  77. D as in Dawg

    Hell yeah!! Last year against Bama he slid! Even if he doesn’t get it, proud of him. Now don’t do that anymore!


  78. D as in Dawg

    We should have gone for it on 4th down. This is getting too close.


  79. 4th & Kirby

    4th Down. Should’ve gone for it


  80. Uglydawg

    How big is Kirby deciding to kick a FG when it was fourth and a half yard? I think it will bite us in the ass.


    • D as in Dawg

      I knew the moment he made that call we would lose. Almost did. That was a bad call. Could have QB sneaked from that close. They won. Maybe they learned a lot… especially how not to listen to the hype.


  81. dwwgman3000

    Here is to hoping for a speedy recovery for Stokes and Cambpell. They’re needed badly.

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  82. D as in Dawg

    Any damn part of this team not want to buckle under pressure???


  83. TN Dawg

    Wasn’t pretty, but it’s a win.


  84. Russ

    Man, I loved watching us just run all over them!

    Glad to squeak one out. Now to get back to work.


  85. dawgman3000

    Well, the good guys beat a top 10 team while not playing their best game. I’m here for it.


  86. Ellis

    I should be excited but I am not. Can we be embarrassed by a win? Horrid offensive play calling. Defense was exposed. Winning the east is in doubt.

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    • TN Dawg

      Yeah, not sure if defense was exposed, they only really yielded one drive, and that’s because of CKS putting us in prevent defense mode.

      Almost everything frustrating about this game is attributable to coaching.

      We did not come out with energy.
      We came out with timid, pussy offensive game plan.
      We chicken-shitted out on 4th and 1 with all the momentum.
      With everything in the vertical passing game burning NDs ass, we went into “run the play clock down and kick field goals mode”.
      When we actually needed to run 40 seconds off the game clock, we went full fucking retard and threw a jump ball long bomb.
      When we had stifled them the entire 2nd half, we went into prevent to gift them a score to make it close.

      We basically coached that blowout into a nail-biter.

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  87. PDawg30577

    Thank God it’s over.

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  88. Got Cowdog

    Holy shit. I’m glad I started getting back into shape. I don’t know if last year’s hypertensive Got could have survived this one. A win is a win, Go Dawgs!


  89. Uglydawg.

    Ref’s cost UGA points by not calling at least two PIs.


  90. Uglydawg

    Did CMR coach this game? Kirby is lucky the defense bailed his ass out. That last FG was the epitome of playing not to lose. Actually, the defense did a pretty good job. The refs hurt us on not calling PI a couple of big times…the offense was good in spurts…the fake injuries by ND were disgusting.
    A win. An ugly win but a win.
    The crowd was awesome. Georgia loses if that game is anywhere else.


  91. FlyingPeakDawg

    I said earlier “in Rodrigo I trust”. Hate Kirby all you want for not going for it on 4th down, but Hot Rod is the hero for making the kick and forcing ND to go for a TD and not FG in the end.

    3 – 0 bitchez!

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    • Russ

      Yep, turned out to be the right call.

      Glad to get the win. Played big in the second half but ND is a solid team. This will help us later in the season, and we’ll need it against the Gators and Auburn. Aggies don’t seem to have it this year.

      On a side note, saw a bit of Rhys Plumlee finishing the Ole Miss game. He looked good. Shame we couldn’t have kept him committed. He looks like he might be good.


  92. We looked like shit and still beat a top 10 team. I’ll take it.

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  93. Turd Ferguson

    I thought we’d win more convincingly, but really, that went about as well as it could’ve, all things considered. The whole country just watched us beat a top-10 team, and the coaches have a TON of film they can use to light a fire under this team … heading into a bye week … as we prep for 5 straight weeks against division opponents.

    I hope Kindley and Stokes can get back on the field soon. But aside from that, I’m happy. Go Dawgs.


    • Russ


      I think Kindley may be out a while, but Stokes didn’t seem as bad. Wilson played well.

      I’ll give ND credit, they came to play even though the crowd rattled them. Not sure we’d have won on a neutral site.


  94. illinidawg

    It was great visiting the Senator before the game and it was great having my brother come for LA for the experience, he’s was really impressed with the crowd and entire scene and, being an USC fan, hates the Irish. All in all it was worth working the extra year for this. Now on to the yellowfin in the gulf. Go Dawgs!

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  95. ZeroPOINTzero

    1 dimensional doesn’t work.

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  96. Morris Day

    That was pathetic. I hope I’m wrong. I hope at the end of the season everyone says “what time is it”. But right now, I’m feeling Sugar Bowl. Pathetic.


  97. Gurkha Dawg

    Well, my prediction was way off, except it being a tight first half. We appeared to be a far better team physically. I got to question preparation and play calling. Give ND credit, they came to play, were well prepared and gave us all we wanted. I’m just glad we weren’t playing Clemson, Bama, or Ohio State today. Outside of 2 or 3 drives, our offense couldn’t get in a rhythm. On the bright side we got the W and should continue to improve.


  98. Kdawg

    There are some upset folks here after a top 10 win on national television…..yikes! While it certainly wasn’t perfect it’s a W and the Dawgs are still undefeated.

    Go Dawgs!!!