Welcome South, Brother.

Looking forward to seeing you folks again.


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  1. Salty Dawg

    What a beautiful sight to behold! GO DAWGS!!!


  2. Jim

    When they start playing with that new LED lighting system the stadium might just fall down from the noise and excitement


  3. PDawg30577

    I rise to wish the Honorable Senator from Georgia and his GTP constituents a wonderful morning. I hope we win, and I think we will. If we don’t, it will be our own fault.

    I’ve been to a good many games in my life, as a boy, a student, and then an adult. As a preteen, I believe I attended every home game in 1982 and 1983, and most of the games of the seasons to either side of those. I was at the Gator Bowl when we beat “Bad Moon” Rison and Vince made his triumphant exit. When I attended Georgia on my first tour, from ’88 until ’92, I don’t know that I made every game, but I made most of them. (That trek from Reed Hall to the stadium was just too much to make some Saturdays.) For a run of years in the middle/late 2000’s, the four males of my family — my (Class of ’57) Pops, my brother, me, and my brother’s son — would pick one away game and go to it. We went to Knoxville, Baton Rouge, Nashville, and Lexington twice before the old man had to tap out of that tradition for health reasons.

    Now that I’m older, I avoid crowds whenever I can, and I wonder about all of you who deal with the crowds, with parking, with tailgating, with getting in and then getting out afterwards, and just the enormous expense of it all, both in dollars and effort. The last game I attended in Sanford Stadium was 2009, in a Biblical deluge vs. Arizona State. (We had tickets under the overhang, so I was largely dry, but watching everyone else get soaked almost made me feel worse. Almost.) Every time someone’s invited me to come to a game since then, I’ve politely declined. I’d just rather watch it at home.

    But I’ll tell you, this is the first time I’ve really wished I could be at a game, to meet the Senator and all of you. I really enjoy this place, and I appreciate it. Enjoy your fellowship together, and know I’ll be there in spirit.

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    • 86BONE

      P Dawg your post rings very true for me as well sir, very well written. I hope you have a great day today staying at home just as I am…Go Dawgs🐶🐾


      • Mike Cooley

        Really good post, P Dawg. I don’t go to anywhere near the volume of games most of the regular posters here do. It’s just too expensive for one thing. All these big away games so many here travel to see, the Rose Bowl, Notre Dame in South Bend, forget it. I have a six year old and I’m not a rich man. I love Athens and we make it to some home games here and there but I live in South Ga and unless I’m willing to fork over money for an entire weekend it really is a lot of trouble to get up real early, drive the three hours up there and back, fight the traffic on game days etc. Plus I love to hunt and fish so fall is a time of year when I have a lot of things I want to do and watch the Dawgs is just one of them. I do most of my watching at home on the TV. But I wish I was there this weekend. We flirted with the idea of going up to Tiger and watching it at the drive in but it didn’t work out. That’s ok. Me and some buddies will have the smoker going and will be watching the game outside while the kids play. I think we win big tonight. Go Dawgs!

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        • Raleighwood Dawg

          I live in Southwest Georgia (Americus) and I don’t attend many games either. I definitely wanted to go to this one but will be watching with some of my friends on the HD TV! Hope your hunting season is/has been successful. #GoDawgs


  4. Jared S.

    I’ve heard to many pundits talk about how ND is “used to big games” and how this visit to Athens won’t overwhelm them.

    I’m not so sure.


    • Macallanlover

      I am sure Coach Kelly has them well prepared, and acknowledge ND players have played in big environments, except the freshmen, air to say they get the “best shot” from opponents every time they play for all the reasons we know about. So it won’t be just noise levels, or being the hated foe, I think it will be the unrelenting intensity of Sanford at night. More importantly, it will be the extra flash of speed and strength, they will see from our uber talented athletes. ND hasn’t seen that on film, and has nothing to prepare for it. But I see it every time we are under the lights in Sanford.

      I believe it is an additional 3 point advantage, at least, more than the usual 3 points most feel is the home field advantage. And that is why I bet UGA and gave 13 points. If the game were at 3:30, I think I might have felt we covered but not sure I would have bet it with confidence (probably a smaller bet.) Go Dawgs!! We got this.


  5. doofusdawg

    Welcome Southern Broadcasters.


  6. BuffaloSpringfield

    Senator, May I compliment you on actually “over the top information” and substance for this week’s posts. I think honestly albeit against some Our your hangers on like Derrick, you Sir, should run for the Presidency. I don’t see any candidates on either side as eloquent and thoughtful before speaking than yourself Sir. A tip of my UGA cap toy You and yours and may this bee a safe and gratifying day for you and for all us Bubbas and Earls who wish to be on the 50 with Lewis and Larry. Hunker Down One More Time !!!!!!!!


  7. Gurkha Dawg

    Dooley Field looks damn good. That Notre Dame guy seemed really excited to see it. I’ve always hated ND but that guy is alright.