Doctor, doctor, give me the news

Sometimes you don’t know you’re hurt and it takes the diagnosis of an alert teammate to save you.

Then again, sometimes you just cheat.


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  1. Cojones

    Yes, both instances of ailments was not a good look for ND. It had to occur with the HC’s knowledge, plus everyone wasn’t in on the act(ing), otherwise, why didn’t we see an instantaneous flow of medicals to the field. Using that as a weapon in football to slow down the HUNH is unfair and should have much light shown on it in the sports world, otherwise everyone will think it’s a legit way to handle a team that has perfected it’s fast offense.

    ND should come under scrutiny for playing outside the rules in an otherwise hard-fought game.

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    • gastr1

      I wonder if the replay people get in on this and authorize an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to be assessed after the fact (it’s a dead-ball foul anyway). Really can’t be tolerated when the evidence is so clear.

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      • Mike Cooley

        Fromm’s reaction was hilarious. It was a bit of much needed levity in what was a tense situation. I couldn’t read his lips when he was pointing at the dufus laying on the ground and talking to the official but his facial expression and body language seemed like, “Are you freaking kidding me with this crap? Y’all are gonna let this happen?”

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  2. Tronan

    The flopping really tempered my respect for ND. They played their hearts out, but the fake injuries were really bush league. It reminded me of Alex Rodriguez trying to slap the ball out of the Red Sox first baseman’s glove in the playoffs a few years ago.

    Of course, the officials should have done something, but seemed predisposed not to make any “judgment” calls against ND.


  3. First comment: “Weird. They usually fake girlfriends.”

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  4. Matt Brooks

    how horrible were those officials? not only was the officiating seemingly one-sided, but they seemed completely incompetent. several times they had to correct their initial calls.

    they never saw the blatant holding going on when Book would leave the pocket, nor did they seem to care about the sudden maladies incurred by ND cheaters/players.


  5. Mike Cooley

    Between the fake injuries and the refusal of the officials to flag obvious pass interference penalties punctuated by Danielson’s passionate insistence that it was incidental contact, I dont know why anybody feels anything but good about winning that game. Notre Dame wanted that game bad and it seemed like everyone involved was conspiring to help them and we still won. I don’t want to hear another word about their stories tradition and their pedigree. That fake injury stuff was Busch league wannabe big time program bull crap. It was Auburn type stuff.


    • Down Island Way

      Fake injury wasn’t fake….that is well practiced/coached just poorly executed, ….and now you’re giving Busch league a black eye by mentioning the barners in the same sentence…look for me on Nov. 16th, i’ll be the one asking the question “are still having sex with goats or have you gone sheepish yet”…..


  6. Holiday Inn Bagman

    Didn’t we pull that crap against Auburn before? I can’t remember if it was pre or post Kirby. In any case, it’s total garbage and has no place in the game but I struggle to think of how it can be enforced without introducing even more officiating nonsense.


  7. Thetruth

    ND’s DBs were mugging Georgia’s receivers all night


  8. Legatedawg

    Faking injuries is a hallowed part of Notre Dame’s CFB tradition. One might say that it is in their DNA. Not that they are the only program to practice it, but rather the flagrancy and frequency that they became known for it 66 years ago caused them young become known as the Fainting Irish. You can google Notre Dame Iowa football 1953 to read all about it.

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  9. Legatedawg

    “Caused them TO become known…”, obviously.


  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The TV discussion revolved around the officials being afraid that if they made the call and the guy was actually hurt it would come back on them. Still, this one, where it was clear a player forgot his line, should have drawn something. Danielson suggested unsportsmanlike conduct, but officials are going to be reluctant to throw a 15 yard penalty in most ‘injury’ situations. Best suggestion I have heard is having the injured player leave for the rest of the series. If there is a legitimate injury he shouldn’t come back too soon for his own good. And if not, well, maybe he and his coach will think a little bit more next time.

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    • mwo

      Faking the injuries netted them 2 free timeouts when they only had 1 remaining. Their defense was reeling in both instances.

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      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Yep. Which is why maybe the rules committee ought to address it before next season.


      • Dawgwalker07

        Yeah sounds pretty unsportsmanlike to me. Something that egregious has to be handled. I said you could always throw the flag for unsportsmanlike conduct, check the tape, and then pick it up if it’s serious.

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  11. 2675miller

    Funny thing is the guy telling the other guy to go down. Why didn’t he just go down himself? Because the other guy was the designated ‘fake an injury” guy for that play?


    • Will Adams

      Wow… I didn’t see #20 do that while watching the game. That’s obvious those players were getting a signal from the sideline to take a dive and fake an injury. That’s straight up bullshit. It’s one thing if a player decides to do it on his own but to have a signal planned for this type of situation is the epitome of bush league bullshit that has no place in the game.

      Does ND feel like they can get away with this type of thing because they’re independent? I feel like a conference would be able to invoke some sort of penalty for this type of blatant cheating. But the NCAA is less likely to do anything. Especially because they have bigger problems at the moment.


  12. Reverend Whitewall

    Ok I know this isn’t going to be the popular take here, but I think the dude on this occasion was legit hurt. This clip doesn’t show it, but immediately before the guy came over and dragged him down, #6 was literally wobbling as he was walking. He looked concussed, and I believe Kelly said the guy is in concussion protocol now.

    Now the guy who dropped down right beside Jake, that was some BS. But in this case, I think the guy was out on his feet, and his teammate was forcing him down so he could safely get off the field. The last thing he needed was to be on the field for another play.

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    • ugafidelis

      See my video Rev. I saw his wobbling as well but still…


      • Reverend Whitewall

        Yep you can see it on your link, he’s wobbly, doesn’t seem to have his full balance. I’m really not sure he knew where he was at the moment.


        • ugafidelis

          Yeah I was agreeing with you about #6 who went down, but look at #20 just above him… It looked like he thought he was supposed to go down but then looked back and said, “Oh, you weren’t talking to me.”

          The group I was around agreed that booing was inappropriate, but it was a little suspicious.

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    • It took me watching it several times, but I agree that it wasn’t an outright fake. It looked like something got twinged and he was trying to play through it. Coaches tell players that if you’re hurt and can’t go, get down. His teammate was giving him a not-so-gentle reminder. However, I’m not sure that he gets that reminder if we’re not running HUNH.