Sady McSadFace

I didn’t get a chance to watch it, but I heard there was a big game between Michigan and Wisconsin yesterday.  How did that go…

Oh.  Never mind.


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  1. Chi-town Dawg

    I couldn’t tell if Michigan is that bad or Wisconsin is that good, but the Badgers dominated on both sides of the ball. They have a monster OL and stud RB (who missed half the game with a hamstring injury). Their performance yesterday was definitely top 5 worthy and I can see them giving OSU all that they can handle IMHO.


  2. When is Khaki Pants officially on hot seat watch?


  3. greg63

    Watched a bit of that game before heading to Athens. That Michigan team is just a bunch of talented individuals that care way more about showboating than they do about being a team. They were really chippy and trash talked constantly even as they were getting their ass beat.


  4. Classic City Canine

    Michigan tears are great!


  5. Dawg19

    And you know that guy in the Michigan jersey showed up knowing he would be in that section and had grand plans of being an intolerable asshole if Michigan was on the way to victory. I wish they would beat Ohio State but otherwise they can go 1-11 for all I care.


  6. Down Island Way

    Should that fan …just for a moment thrown the blue hat and shirt to the ground and joined in with the fans around him….he just couldn’t find the humor in an old fashion asswhuppin’