“That’s pretty, isn’t it?”

It’ll do, Gary.  It’ll do.

Bonus filthiness:


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6 responses to ““That’s pretty, isn’t it?”

  1. Russ

    He was busting his butt for sure. Shame we couldn’t give him one or two seams to break one. On the other side, ND tackled really well.


    • Dawg1

      ND tackled last night as well as any team I’ve seen in 40 years, honestly. A credit to them, and the difference in the game. That is not to say that they will do it all year, but they rose to the occasion last night. Credit to Kelley.

      Shame they had so many late injuries that they found out about from looking at the bench! 🙂


    • Anonymous

      Isn’t it really amazing what happens when to strafe to get your shoulders square to the LOS and then wrap up the ball carrier? I am so tired of watching defenders came in hot and not touching the guy. Get your arms around him even if it is just is foot. The game is called “Tackle” football.


    • Down Island Way

      Brutha…they had to, lot of one on one tackles


  2. Salty Dawg

    I’ll take Gary lappin us up as long as he wants. I spent a lot of years listening to his criticism of the Dawgs and was quite tired of it. What a change! I sometimes think he’s going to flip back to his old ways, but he didn’t last night! Thanks errbody!


    • Cowdog fish

      Dayum look at that! That’s some good lookin’ flash right there…..
      Let’s get a little closer…smells a little fishy, huh, fishy fishy fishy…
      let’s loop around a little, closer….closer…STRIKE
      Got damn it’s got a Danielson in it…… I hate that shit…