Your Daily Gator is confident.

Impressive what curb stomping a hapless Tennessee squad will do for some folks.


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18 responses to “Your Daily Gator is confident.

  1. truck

    Apparently we have been put on notice. Let me write that down.

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  2. Happy Dawg

    I like hearing the gators run their mouths and boast about their win over a team that lost to Georgia State
    Let’s see who’s still talking around 7:30 on November 2

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    • Mike Cooley

      We will win the game but they will still be talking. They have taken on Mullen’s personality. So once again they will talk about how they were really the better team. That’s fine with me. I love this version of Florida.

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  3. RangerRuss

    This is why kicking their ass is always such a pleasure. Arrogant assholes.

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  4. Cojones

    Wonderful when they think you are over-hyped by seeing a scrappy game between two good teams. That sets the lizards up for a great comedown.

    Been invited to a whole hog roast Gator fest near me on Nov. 2 and the guy throwing it was at another party for two over 70s newlyweds (a gator and a Wildcat) last night. He was up on knowledge of both teams and didn’t want to touch a little sidebet. He had no problem listing the frailties of his gators and the strengths of the Dawgs. Think I’ll hit him up today and see how he feels after last night’s game.

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  5. Dawg1

    Best, most honest comment though was “Seriously. They won and ND did not give it to them.”

    UGA beat a team that was playing inspired, fundamental football (fantastic tackling by them all night) that we had taken control of midway, and almost let it slip away, but bottom line, stood up and stopped them when it counted (ND only moved 14 yards on that final drive).

    After Tyler’s gift to them, it was UGA 23 – ND 10. Exactly the spread save for the muffed punt.

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  6. CPark58

    FTMF. They are such the losers we used to be. That Notre Dame game, in all its sloppiness, was one muffed punt and a questionably conservative but understandable 4th and short call away from being a 27-3 beat down of a top ten team where Notre Dame failed to rush for 50 yards. Florida, as a top ten team, beat a hapless Sun Belt bottom dweller still cashing checks on their historic SEC pedigree by about the same score during a noon kickoff. Read into tea leaves whatever makes you feel better, Gators.

    Jacksonville will be a ton of fun, too bad it won’t be completely soul crushing as they will come in already toting 2 sure enough ass whoopins in their record. FTMF


  7. Charlottedawg

    I’m still befuddled that Florida is an undefeated top 10 team given they can’t run the ball which means their offense is completely dependent upon their backup QB making throw after throw. On top of that their defense is…. Grantham-ian. I will be shocked if they beat Auburn and LSU considering the complete mismatch of their o line against those defensive lines.

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  8. After they have played LSU and Auburn they may be a touch more realistic in their predictions. lol


  9. Chris

    I love this. I want them as arrogant as possible going into the game.


  10. WTM

    That’s some TN level delusion there.

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    • Salty Dawg

      After reading Volnation, they are no longer delusional, they have thrown in their urge towels. Almost makes me feel sorry for them! Nah, I’m kiddin!

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  11. Cousin Eddie

    My favorite comment is “mullen owns Smart,”. Wtf? How many times has mullen beat a Smart coached team?

    All the fans are so glad to have trask, which he is better than franks so far, but if mullen was such a great coach why was he starting and playing franks and making “the king” ride the bench?


  12. Doug

    So far the Gators have beaten a Miami team with a high-school-caliber offense, an FCS team, a Kentucky team that’s currently 2–2, and what might literally be the worst Tennessee team in history. But they think the weekend Georgia beat a top-10 team (becoming one of only three programs in the country to have done so) is the right time to start talking shit?

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