Flat on the Flats

You know, I feel like I’ve been remiss somewhat by not celebrating The Citadel’s epic win over Georgia Tech — okay, more like the Jackets’ epic loss — as much as I should here.  So, allow me to make some amends by noting the historical track record of P5 teams that fell on their face against FCS foes.  (HINT:  It ain’t pretty.)

Between 1999 and 2018, a span of 20 seasons, there have been 36 power-conference teams that have lost to FCS opponents. Of the 36, 22 went on to win three games or fewer.

You don’t say.  Tell us more.

Were Tech to follow suit, it would rate among the least successful in many years. Since the retirement of Bobby Dodd after the 1966 season, Tech has won three games or fewer seven times, five of those seasons occurring in the 1980’s.

At Georgia Tech, you can do that.

There is some hope for the most optimistic Tech fans. Of the 36 teams visited by FCS defeat, eight still managed to make bowl games in the same season. The shining model is Virginia Tech in 2010, which lost to James Madison (the Hokies were playing on short rest after losing to Boise State on Labor Day night) before going on to win the ACC and playing in the Orange Bowl. (Apologies to Jackets fans who would rather not look to Blacksburg, Va., for inspiration.)

However, it is interesting to note that the coaches of all eight of those teams were well into successful tenures at their schools (including Michigan’s Lloyd Carr, Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer and Washington State’s Mike Leach) and most faced elite FCS opponents, suggesting the results were indeed blips. Tech’s situation does not include the former and does not appear to include the latter.

Good thing Geoff’s got that seven-year deal.


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27 responses to “Flat on the Flats

  1. Biggus Rickus

    Who should be more embarrassed, Tech for losing to the Citadel or South Florida for losing to Tech?

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  2. PDawg30577

    Someone on an earlier thread asked if Arkansas, Tennessee or Tech had the most upside. They said Tech because they play in the ACC, they’re in more fertile recruiting territory, and their fans weren’t as crazy.

    I’d quibble with that third point. It’s not that the fans aren’t as crazy, it’s just that the vast, vast majority of their alumni just could not care less. I’m convinced StingTalk is just three guys with 10 sock puppets each jawing with each other between self-abuse sessions. And those three guys may make up 10% of their true, dedicated fan base.

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    • Uglydawg

      Well it was my answer to another poster’s question.
      I said GT has “a few reasonable (fans) around”.
      Your point that most have given up or could care less about Jacket football is evidence that some are reasonable.
      You’re remarks about StinkTalk are exactly right and hilarious!


  3. Timphd

    Must be Geoff’s fault since the genius left him all that talent.


  4. Jeoff isn’t going to make it through the full 7 years unless he’s so mediocre that Fech can’t pull the trigger on the buyout. If successful, he leaves. If he fails miserably, they fire him in 4 years.


  5. Doug

    In case anyone was curious, the CItadel beat Charleston Southern this past weekend. Beating Tech apparently wasn’t even enough of an achievement to cause the Bulldogs to have a post-upset hangover.


  6. truck

    What a fantastic time to be a Dawg. Breathe it in, folks. Tech is abysmal, South Carolina is mediocre at best, Florida is dysfunctional and Tennessee is, well, Tennessee. It won’t last forever, but I’m riding it for all it’s worth.

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  7. Spike

    Wait for it.. It’s Chantastic!


  8. 69Dawg

    Geoff can take a page out of Fish Fry’s playbook and fire his DC for all the ills. He probably didn’t think it was worth all the practice time, what with the other problems he has. You’ve got to love it.


  9. gastr1

    Will Kirby let us hang 70 on them this year? Inquiring minds want to know.


    • Muttley

      I’m afraid if that happens my 86-year old dad will ascend directly into Heaven alive, like Elijah. Pull the starters, Kirby; the old man needs something else to dream of.

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    • Doug

      Tech still holds the record for biggest blowout in the series (48–0) because of the Navy ringers they got to field in WW2. Nothing less than a 49-point win will suffice this year as far as I’m concerned. Surely someone’s going to make Kirby aware of that number between now and Thanksgiving weekend, if he isn’t already.

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  10. Muttley

    I grew up in Atlanta. I’d like to celebrate this loss with a t-shirt, a Time-Life bookazine, a souvenir watch, and a commemorative DVD that I could re-experience throughout the off-seasons to come, until tech’s inevitable disgrace at the hands of Georgia Southern, Mercer, or an encore loss to Furman displaces it in my memory book.

    O.k., maybe “grew-up” is overstating it. But I live here, went to school and church with those people, don’t much care for ’em. Bless you, Citadel.


  11. JCDawg83

    I hate that tech won a game at all this season. I hate USF for that.

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  12. The 984

    A side remark about that Virginia Tech loss to JMU.

    Next season, we open on Labor Day Monday against UVA. We then play that Saturday on a short week against an ETSU that has been steadily improving since the program was brought back in 2015 (they made the FCS playoffs last year). We then have a game @Alabama in week 3.

    I’m not saying we lose to the Buccaneers of Eastern Tennessee State, but it is a short week. And the last short week we had (2016 after SCAR was moved to a Sunday) resulted in a befuddling loss to Vanderbilt.

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  13. Kdawg

    Didn’t Collins Temple team lose to an FCS opponent last year?


  14. Bulldog Joe

    Great that GT and its remaining fans have two weeks to stew on how the Jackets forgot how to defend last year’s offense.

    Plus they get to watch Temple coach Rod Carey show them how it’s done.


  15. ciddawg

    Ti sono perdonati…Thank you Senator!!!


  16. Bill

    A GT football player stole my girl friend in 1962. I hate GT.