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10 responses to “Reelin’

  1. 81Dog

    Nice summary of the day! Definitely one to remember.


  2. ugafidelis

    That was good.


  3. The Truth

    Wonder how many highly rated teams have their kicker give the pep talk? When Rod is introduced on Senior Day, I will likely tear up.

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  4. CB

    Almost makes me wish I spent the money. Almost.


  5. Harold Miller

    I took my youngest to this one. It was his first “Big Game”. He was beyond thrilled. Memories I will take with me to my last day. It was glorious.


    • Macallanlover

      Very special. glad you guys had that experience together. Those are special moments that will indeed last forever….for both of you. Thanks for sharing, makes me recall similar circumstances with my son, and daughter.


  6. trbodawg

    I loved watching our guys on NDs last offensive play. Knocking the ball down, instead of up , and D. Wilson positioning himself such that IF they caught the ball, they weren’t going to score. That defense knew what it was doing.


  7. Will Adams

    I think it was last year (maybe the year before) when I first saw The Reel video that’s produced after every game. They really do a fantastic job with them. The Reel of a game against a “cupcake” still has that feeling of a big game. The Dawgs AV people really know what they’re doing.

    On another note, I absolutely love me some Hot-Rod. Wait… That didn’t sound right… Either way, he’s one of those players that you can’t help but like. I wasn’t able to make it to Athens this past weekend and watched the game with my few Dawg fans here in Jax Fl. Some of my other friends who watched the game with us are FU fans who obviously don’t enjoy watching the Dawgs win. But when Hot-Rod came in the game all of the gator fans commented on how they like our kicker with the glasses. I’ve never liked any gator player and a few of the FU fans said they felt weird for saying that they liked a Dawg. But he’s just a likable person and a DGD. I really hope he gets to kick the winning field goal against Bama this year in the SEC championship game to erase his miss last year. But either way he’s my all time favorite kicker and I have no doubt he’ll be a favorite for some team next year in the NFL.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    No highlights of the light show to begin the 4th quarter? WTF?!