A reader bleg

I haven’t attended a game in Knoxville this century, so I’m passing this request on to the group for assistance:

I’m hoping you can offer some advice on parking at UT.

I’m planning to go up next weekend, and I haven’t been up there for a game since the mid 2000s. I had a parking pass through UT that day so this wasn’t an issue then.

Assuming you’ve been, any suggestions on where to park? I’m planning to come up 75 from Atlanta.

Those of you who can, help a reader out in the comments.



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  1. Pull up in a newly minted Krispy Kreme truck, with the “hot n fresh” neon glowing…my friend you’ll be up front with lulu and junior with a possible shot at walking the sidelines with the big doughnut roll himself

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  2. 79Dawg

    Have used church parking lots in downtown Knoxville (keep going up I-40 a couple of exits), which are close to downtown-type restaurants, bars, etc. Also, there is a main drag close to campus (I believe you take the first exit on I-40 that says UTK) where there are some pay lots and college-type restaurants and bars. Both those spots are 10-15 minute walks to stadium if I remember correctly.


  3. Remember the Quincy

    I’ve been almost every time we’ve played there since 2000, and I never park in the same place. There are several decks downtown within easy walking distance of the stadium, and they’re available on game day. I’ve also found a handful of surface lots around downtown (also close) that are usually reasonable.

    Cumberland Avenue is one of the main commercial thoroughfares close by, and there are usually several lots with available parking on game day as well.

    One other thought – StubHub has parking passes for most games at reasonable rates, and third-party parking apps do, too (like ParkWhiz).


    • Tony Barnfart

      To note for stubhub lots on UT campus…….anything beginning with a G is a garage, or what Georgians call a “deck”, so maybe try and avoid those if you want a surface lot. BTW, I love the word parking “deck”. Still do. Took it back home to TN with me, and my wife still calls me strange for calling it a deck. Ahh micro-regional nuances.


  4. ApalachDawg

    Is Calhouns on the river still open?


    • Macallanlover

      Yes, most definitely. As to the parking, 79Dawg is correct, there are numerous options for parking within walking distance of the stadium and downtown eating/drinking pubs. Unless you just feel uncomfortable about exactly where you will park, just get down to the stadium area and take pot luck. It is not going to be close to a packed house at all, parking will be plentiful.


  5. Otto

    As far as I know Calhouns is still open.

    Some of the hotels around town have a deal with school buses to take you to and from the game. I have done that as well as park at lots around town.


  6. Muttley

    I haven’t been lately, but this worked for me for years: cross the bridge over the river right past the stadium, take your first right, and there are a couple lots on the right operated inexpensively by really nice church folks. Easy and pleasant walk to the Purina Pit from there.


  7. Bulldawg Bill

    For years, we’ve always parked at the concrete plant on Robt. Neyland Drive. Right there on the river bank, so you can watch the Vowel Navels come in. Nice and cool there, too.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    We always park in one of the downtown decks or lots. We rarely tailgate in Knoxville as the available restroom / port-a-john situation is worse than Athens. It’s better to go to one of the places near Market Square on game day. Old City is another option if you don’t mind a longer walk. Also know the places along Cumberland Avenue near Fort Sanders are chains and it’s a shitshow on game day.

    Don’t waste your time going to Calhoun’s before the game as the waits are very long, Go there Friday afternoon if you want that experience,.


  9. trbodawg

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