Spoiled by success?

If you’re fretting even a little over how the Notre Dame game went down, maybe this is why.


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8 responses to “Spoiled by success?

  1. Greg

    IZ happy with a 6 point win, would be happy even with a 1 point win. A win is a win, they all count the same.


  2. josh hancher

    Helluva lot more pleasant than a couple one score losses that come to mind!


  3. St. Johns Dawg

    I will never complain about a win, no matter how it comes to fruition … ever. The Jasper Sanks phantom fumble @ Tech (and some of my Tech friends’ responses) taught me that hard lesson.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Or just don’t bet on football.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      For sure never bet on a team with which you have an emotional attachment. You just can’t make a rational analysis and decision.

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      • Debby Balcer

        I wonder if most would be happier with the margin of victory if they had not seen the gambling odds. I was happy. A win is a win. We have a week to get healthier. I hope the Ga fans can do the checkerboard they are planning and we pound the Vols into the ground.

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  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Never worried about the score per se. I was – and continue to be – a little worried about how we shoot ourselves in the foot. But the good news is that we could do that and still win. I watched the game again last night, including an SEC film room show with Kirby and Coley, and still feel like we can play a lot better. I hope so because we are going to need to. Still D. Wilson really showed out in the 4th quarter; Reed just keeps getting better; there is promise.


  6. Sashko1943

    Yeah i was disappointed. Not going to lie. Why? We’re not the juggernaut I thought we were. Clemson or Bama beat ND by 20 in that game. They do that because they have an uber aggressive offensive mindset and ND would’ve folded under the psychological onslaught. Our coaches have a different approach. I’m not qualified to say it’s wrong, but I can say it’s different.

    I think Kirby’s mindset works in the NFL. I’m not so sure it works in college because college athletes are more psychologically frail than professional athletes. Why does that matter? Repetition builds and breeds confidence. When you ask Fromm to make a perfect pass or wide recievers to make a challenging catch to convert a critical down or score a critical touchdown, that’s a higher risk proposition. Kirby does that a lot – ground and pound and then covert a critical third down when the run game stalls. Forcing Fromm to make six to seven perfect plays and sometimes it works and sometimes (like against ND), it doesn’t.

    I think it fits into Kirby’s desire to build a team that is resilient and tough by having those those tests so frequently. I think the jury is out about whether that builds national title winners or NFL prospects that win in college a lot. I think we’re all hoping it’s option 3 – both!