There’s accuracy, and then there’s accuracy.

Holy shit.

Fromm has missed on one pass of under ten yards all season.  One.  As in fewer than two.  How is that even possible?

I mean, even if every pass is perfectly on the mark, don’t you figure his receivers would drop some, just because?

Don’t know about you, but I’m flat out gobsmacked.



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25 responses to “There’s accuracy, and then there’s accuracy.

  1. Lazy Grad

    I guess those non-pass interference calls, from the ND game, are factored in?

    Asking for a friend.


  2. Ben

    I wonder if one game this season, either as a “give them something to think about” or as a “they didn’t see this coming” we just see Coley and Smart let him air it out. If it happened against UF or Auburn, that would be even better.


  3. David H.

    I thought the receivers made some awesome catches in both halves against Notre Dame. There were some short passes where the receivers were tightly covered, but Jake fit the ball into that tight window and the receivers secured the catch even though they were about to get hit.

    There was one first-half catch where Wolf caught a short pass and got hammered, but still hung on. Robertson had one or two tough catches in traffic, and of course Cager’s catches in the second half (some on longer passes) were clutch.


  4. Biggen

    That one that was dropped, I wonder if that was the Wolf fumble where he got stood up and the ball was ripped out. I think that was Vandy? I’m too lazy to go find it.


  5. Mad Mike

    Well I mean they’re just slants so it’s not like they’re hard to catch.

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  6. MattR

    I wonder if we will only realize what we have in Jake Fromm after he is gone. That would be really bad.

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  7. The Truth

    If we want Jake to get more notice for his good work, we need to commit to Cager, Pickens, Blaylock, and Robertson as “the guys” and cut him/them loose against UT, Carolina, and UK.


    • Cojones

      Amen. Let’s see what he can do if he indeed is calling all the shots. Have this feeling (given by the stats posted) that we will have many pass plays to playback for future enjoyment.


    • James Stephenson

      I kind of got the feeling they wanted to wait until they needed it to unleash that and the hurry up. It surely caught ND with their pants down.


  8. The other Doug

    I guess we know why they don’t go deep all that often.


  9. hassan

    Run the damn ball…


    • Down Island Way

      An agreement exists between the O linemen and the receiver corps…we block for Jake, you catch the damn passes he throws…. no matter….


  10. Macallanlover

    Not just the receivers and backs catching passes this year, it is impressive all over the field (when we let them go all over the field.) 🙂 Remember when we had players having to be taught how to catch the damn ball in the middle of the season? These offensive coaches need some credit for how remarkable it is for virtually no one dropping the ball recently.

    And we were worried about this lack of experience? I bet the receivers are pissed they don’t get to show off how good they really are more often, I know it pisses me off. Throw the damn ball, Kirby! Something tells me Kirby is going to swing too far the other way and air it out in Knoxville. I am not sure that is a bad thing, we need to let the CFB world we can play that game when we want to, we just choose to play it that way to please KS’s old school brain. Bet we have 2+ TDs over 50 next week, their secondary got abused by FU, especially Warrior. It could do wonders for Jake’s perception nationally (most of us already know), and give some upcoming DCs heartburn.

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  11. practicaldawg

    He was brilliant under pressure too. Blitzing Fromm doesn’t work.