All their goals are still ahead of them.

It’s not even October yet and the Pac-12 doesn’t have a single undefeated team remaining in its midst.

Well played, gang.


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  1. All part of the plan to lose early to get back into the playo–er…never mind. I can’t type this with a straight face.


  2. PDawg30577

    I was among those who thought Herm Edwards was going to be a not-especially-funny joke at Arizona State, but apparently not. I know Cal’s QB went down, but you still have to give the crazy bastard his due.


    • Yep. Two straight road wins over ranked teams is nothing to sneer at. Give Herm credit.

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    • Reverend Whitewall

      I was about to post something similar. Not the most talented team ever but seem to be well coached and they play hard for him. Not nearly the disaster most of us (myself included) expected.

      Hate it for Cal too. Injuries are part of the game, but their offense was night and day difference between the two QB’s. They’re also a very well coached team. I would argue the PAC 12 is actually one of the deeper conferences this year. Problem is it’s a bunch of good, solid teams with no great ones, so they’re all gonna beat each other up and end up with a conference champion that has 3 or 4 losses, which isn’t good for National perception.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Herm’s gettin’ it done. I remember when everyone wanted Justin Fuente, too.


      • Macallanlover

        What a disaster VT has turned into. Wouldn’t take much to be the 2nd best team in an awful ACC, Va Tech is at/near the bottom. How is that possible this quickly?

        Good on Herm Edwards, succeeding the old fashioned way. Might not have a contender for the Final 4 when it is all over but the PAC12 is going to go to season’s end on who will play for the title. Very competitive conference, many don’t agree, but that isn’t all bad. What is bad is they are the conference. Sadly it occurs in a part of the country where the conference slogan should be “it just means nothing”. No wonder recruits on the left coast are coming all the way across the country to play in front of passionate fans.


      • Doug

        I gotta admit, when it started looking like Richt was on his way out, I was looking at Fuente as a hot prospect (and thought hiring Kirby would be a mistake). Really, really glad to have been wrong about all that.


    • Jack Klompus

      Came here to say the same. Well done Herm.

      Pac-12 is the new Big-12 without OU.

      Sitting and watching Game Day. Am I the only one that thinks there really are only 1 or 2 teams in each conference (outside the SEC) that are any good? I think about OSU- who’s there to beat them in the Big-10? Seems OUs only game is against UT. Clemson? Nobody in the ACC. The PAC-12 appears to have parity, but not in a good way.

      Not good for CFB.


  3. Muttley

    Fortunately, their goals ranged from bowl eligibility down to “Let’s all just have fun and not get hurt”.


  4. Olde Dawg 78

    And thus the reason for not having automatic playoff berths to the national championship for conference champions.


    • JCDawg83

      I have to respectfully disagree. The Pac 12, as stated above, is cursed with having a number of pretty good teams so they will beat each other up all season. At the end of the season, the Pac 12 champ will most likely be a good team with at least 2 or 3 losses. The ACC, on the other hand, is a total disaster outside of Clemson, same with the Big 12 and Oklahoma (or whatever it is these days). Even the SEC is very top heavy. Bama, Georgia and LSU are the only three really good teams in the conference. The Big 10 has tOSU, Wisconsin and Penn State and a bunch of midgets.

      The goal of the playoff should be to have good teams playing each other in it without regard to how many losses they have. The conference champ from each conference is going to be a good team no matter their record. The best bad playoff scenario right now would be the P5 conference champs and the highest ranked Group of 5 team in a 6 team playoff. Do away with any sort of committee or polls to decided who gets in, let it be determined on the field.


      • The goal of the playoff should be to have good teams playing each other in it without regard to how many losses they have. The conference champ from each conference is going to be a good team no matter their record.

        That’s the “deserving” theory of how playoffs ought to be structured, as opposed to the theory/goal of selecting the best teams. Not saying you’re right or wrong here — both are subjective and both are defensible approaches — but I do note that your last two sentences contradict each other.


    • Reverend Whitewall

      I agree strongly with this. Tho I think it’s inevitable once the playoff (inevitably) goes to 8 teams. Sorry for all the inevitables. Ha.

      Also, as a side note, in general I’m opposed to an 8 team playoff, I don’t think there’s hardly ever more than 4 teams worth considering for a national title contender. This year may be the exception tho. Still LOTS of football to be played, injuries to be had, etc but as it sits right now, a playoff of Bama, LSU, UGA, OSU, OU, Clemson, and some combination of AU/Wisconsin/Texas looks like it would be a lot of fun.


  5. Mayor

    Actually all the real goals still are ahead of them. The division titles, playing in the conference championship game and of course winning the PAC 12 championship. Since when did making the 4team playoff become the be all and end all measure of success? Conference championships used to be the thing but now it’s that damn playoff. I still think becoming SEC Champion is what Georgia’s season is all about and the PAC 12 teams should all feel that way about their conference championship too. F*ck this Ricky Bobby “if you ain’t first you’re last” bullish!t.