On the outside looking in

I’m curious what y’all think of something And The Valley Shook’s Billy Gomila posted yesterday:

Color me unimpressed by Georgia’s win over the Irish last week. The atmosphere was certainly impressive — pretty light show — but let’s be real here. Georgia was a significant favorite, had Notre Dame completely outclassed on both sides of the ball and still had to sweat this game out. They scored just 7 points in the first half and had all of 59 passing yards. But we’re going to pretend that Jake Fromm checkdown charlie-ing his way to that number on 11-of-12 completions is special? That’s basically a well-run version of LSU’s offense under Les Miles. And that’s with a group of targets that’s every bit as highly-recruited as any fielded here. I’ll say this much for Fromm — he made some big throws down the stretch and he deserves credit for that. But if he can make those throws why aren’t Kirby Smart & Co. letting him do it more often? Yeah, they’ll roll over the East, because how could they not. But in a tight game against any team with a pulse, I don’t see how people can trust this team right now.  [Emphasis added.]

Fair?  Unfair?

I’ll say that I don’t recall anyone saying Fromm’s first half against ND was anything special.  But the real tell for me is the question I highlighted.  If that’s rhetorical — and I kinda assume it is — the issue with Fromm isn’t Jake Fromm.

The only thing I really take exception to is his conclusion.  Didn’t Georgia just win exactly the kind of game he describes there?  Or am I missing something?  (Then again, if by “any team with a pulse”, he means only teams in, say, the top five, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.)


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  1. D as in Dawg

    I don’t know why we don’t come out in the shotgun and let Fromm decorate the field. If you force one defender out of the box, this team has enough to punish anyone on the ground. It seems like everyone we play stacks the box and we insist on running and throwing sideline to sideline until there’s no choice but to air it out some.


    • gastr1

      C’mon, you know. It’s because manball saves the precious defense.

      Kirby comes a little too close to the Genius in the way he cares so much more about one side of the field, IMO.


    • Derek

      I have zero problem with the play calling. My issue is the pace.

      I would say that jet sweeps to 5 are probably a wasted down, but to 4 or 16 or 87 that’s a successful play that makes a dl tired running to chase it down. A deep pass on an early down is a play off for the interior DL and it’s a 50/50 bet you’re going to be looking at 2nd and 10.

      An almost certain 2nd and 5 is better.


      • gastr1

        I wonder if the deep passing game gets more frequently implemented as Fromm develops trust with his receivers. At least that’s what I hope will be the case.

        But pace, too, yes. Kirby needs work on trusting the players. Not letting the offense go faster/not going for it on 4th down = not fully trusting the offense or the defense to get it done, IMO (a/k/a “playing not to lose”).


      • I don’t think we have to throw deep every time. Not even most of the time. But some crossing routes between the hash from 10 to 25 yards out are rare for us on first down. The more the other team has to defend beyond 7 yards from the line of scrimmage the better our odds of being successful are,


  2. practicaldawg

    Sounds like a jealousy post, IMO

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    • W


      “How could they not” almost makes me wanna see LSU struggle w Florida


    • Ben

      Agreed. Why’s that guy spending so much ink on the Dawgs? Why does he care anyway?

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    • Doug

      That’s what I was thinking too. LSU was the only program with a top-10 scalp and then USC and Georgia bagged theirs on back-to-back nights. Just keep your eyes on your own work, Tigers. In the words of Smokey from “Friday,” “Don’t be worryin’ about what the fuck I be doin’.”

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      • Busta

        I dig that! Stay in your lane, or we’ll come run you into the ditch. Seems like we’ll never get that certain level of respect until we win it all. We’ve been more than relevant for the last three years. We’ve got the best win out of any team. If they (the media) downs the Dawgs, then they down ND and every team ND beats. We know the routine by now, jus do what we do.


  3. Derek

    I think it’s hinting at what I’ve suggested this week.

    Are we willing to try to be offensively explosive in order to keep up with high scoring offenses like Alabama, LSU or Clemson OR do we think we can only win a field position, defensive, slug fest vs. those teams?

    I know I’d feel better about things if we were getting 80 plus plays a game and leaving ND in the dust come the 4th but I also could be wrong.

    Also, if 87 doesn’t drop it AND we get that first down up 10 with 7 to play maybe we win by 20+ and this narrative doesn’t exist.

    It’s not like all is lost but decisions like kicking that FG create these narratives IMO.

    That said, who gives a fuck? We need to take care of business and we’ll be where we want to be come December. LSU can doubt all they want. If they don’t win in Tuscaloosa, they don’t matter.

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  4. Bigshot

    Fair. The fact of the matter is UGA will either make it close or lose to any top team. I guess we will find out today if Notre Dame is better than we thought or UGA is not as good as some thought. UGA has a lot to work on. The team that played Saturday night would not beat Bama, Clemson, or LSU.


  5. Debby Balcer

    DAWGgrading at its worst. Someone trying to diminish the big game.

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  6. ugafidelis

    It was a little frustrating watching us dink and dunk it for little to gain, and run end arounds at the worst times, but I still firmly believe that we have a very, very good football team. Maybe that close game was just what everybody needed (coaching staff included) to settle down and home in.

    Just win baby.


  7. John Denver is full of shit...

    It’s the reason I left early(10mins left), because beating traffic was more valuable than watching the coaches eeek out a win.


    • Macallanlover

      Seriously? You have so many things in your life that compare with Saturday’s game experience that 16% of it was not worth an extra 45 minutes of sleep? I get a few folks leaving with a 24+ point difference in the score with 10 minutes left, but I have to admit, what you did escapes me from a logic standpoint. No one in America, either sideline, or the stands, knew whar would transpire in those final minutes. Most every discussion point from that game is about what you didn’t see.

      No it isn’t my business, and I didn’t go, but had I committed to it, nothing but a 911 family emergency, or threat of a nuclear attack, would have gotten me out of there until the final second (and even then I would have stayed another half hour. Just an opinion.

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  8. The Truth

    He’s just getting a early jump on staking out the “if it’s 1-loss UGA or 1-loss LSU that gets into the playoff with Bama it ought to be LSU” ground.


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    Prediction: There will be calls that two 1-loss west teams deserve to be in the SECCG over unbeaten Georgia because ….dawggrading.

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  10. Uglydawg

    Kirby’s driving a Ferrari like it’s a 58 Oldsmobile.
    Kick that thing in the ass and see what she’ll do!

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  11. Jeff Sanchez

    Dang someone is reading press and getting a little big for their britches huh?

    Love to meet these guys in ATL…

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    • Derek

      Me too. At least I wouldn’t go into it knowing the refs are “in the bag” for the opponent.


    • Mike Cooley

      Yes. We owe LSU one and I personally don’t their arrogance so soon after being just kind of ok for several years pretty annoying. And I’m still not sold on Coach Bubba Skinner as legit. He can holler and rip his shirt off and mumble Cajun gibberish all he wants, he’s a pretender. I think that whole thing he has going on is a house of cards and once it starts to show even his precious crootin will suffer.

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      • California dawg

        Agree. They had an impressive 7 point win against a ranked opponent in Texas. We too had an impressive win against a top team. Fromm isn’t putting up Joe Burrow Heisman numbers because that’s not what our offense is designed to do. And by the way, how many points did Coach Oregibberish give up to Vanderbilt again?

        It’s still early in the season, too early to deem anyone in the top 5 overrated. All of those teams are somewhat interchangeable at this point.


  12. The Old Jeffster

    I won’t agree with LSU fan’s conclusion (yet) but like many others I see the coaching staff as the main brake on this offense. Watching Fromm repeatedly check down to the RB has been an issue for me going back to last season. I’d love to see Coley make all these WR’s a legitimate threat THEN spread to run. Our o-line would be more than a match for a non-loaded box. Fromm has much, much more passing potential than we’ve been allowed to see thus far.


  13. SenorLorenzo

    Yeah, normally “any team with a pulse” would include a lot of non-playoff caliber teams. I’m guessing he really meant more formidable foes, which is a legitimate point but rather obvious at this stage of the season. We’re all wondering that same question for now.

    The last game has been over analyzed as much as any recent one and to no surprise considering the hype, especially the numerous predictions of a beat down.

    That game will become more telling as the year progresses. There was just enough good and bad to give reason to be either optimistic or pessimistic about the Dawgs’ team and season.

    The only point that I would challenge a bit is in regard to his referencing highly recruited receivers. Absolutely none of them were carryover main targets from last year…zilch! Consequently, it’s not unreasonable to expect that it will take some progressive time for chemistry, timing, and confidence to develop and match the talent level. I think we’re seeing that happen.

    The bottom line for me is that it’s far too early to be so hyperbolic about any team, let alone about one game to this point of the season.


  14. Charlottedawg

    There is so much football left to play I don’t care what anyone thinks of our resume right now and how much we “should” have beaten Notre Dame. We’ll know definitively how good a team we are come early December.


  15. Texas Dawg

    Sorry, but for the most part I have to agree with him. Kirby needs to loosen the reins some. We don’t need to be a Mike Leach air raid offense, but we need to be more than Les Miles LSU offense as well. Even Saban has opened it up. Kirby has cost us a NC and a possibly a second SEC Championship by getting too conservative as a whole and playing not to lose rather than to win. Every coach makes mistakes, the question is does he learn from those mistakes. We have the most important stretch of our season still ahead of us. It will be interesting to see if he was just sandbagging with ND (I don’t think so) or if we are going to remain a turtle tucked in it’s shell. Sooner or later (of we don’t open it up a least a little) the stud receivers and tight ends are going to see that we are not going to utilize them like we should and recruiting those skill positions will get a whole lot harder. We saw in the Rose Bowl what this team (and Fromm) are capable of when forced to go there.

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  16. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    In 2017 we barely beat ND at their house and got little credit for it, but then ND kept winning afterward and it all looked better. Then we lost to Auburn in the regular season but got revenge in the SECCG. One game is one game. Tell Francis to lighten up.


  17. Tell LSU to beat Alabama in T-town and play in their first significant game since 2011. Otherwise, shut up, Corn Dogs. Until then, I think about this when I think of LSU:

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  18. LowcountryDawg

    While his point is not without merit (let the kid throw the ball down the field, Kirby), perhaps he should pay attention to the giant problem that will show up for his own team. LSU’s offense, as great as it is, is causing problems for the defense. As fun as it might be to watch them score 66 on Vandy, they also gave up 38. A game against them will look a lot like the Rose Bowl, and I’ll take the Dawgs in that matchup, mostly because Joe Burrow is no Baker Mayfield.


  19. 2675miller

    They scored on five drives in a row. He hit two wrs in the hands in the end zone on third down resulting in field goal attempts. The other drive that ended in a fg was screwed up by a pf after a first down pass play. This could been a 21 point win as easily as it was a win by 7.

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  20. ApalachDawg

    For everyone with their panties in a wad over the ND game, did it ever occur to anyone that maybe we didn’t need to show all our cards in order to beat ND?
    Kind of like how our D was light on pass rush and then we confused the fuck out of Tua in last yrs sec game.
    Put me in the camp of not being worried at all.

    Re: lswho…Joe Burrow is a smug ass punk. If only he was a QB at Tech would I have more dislike for that yankee turd.


    • Bigshot

      I don’t believe in that “don’t show all your cards” hooey. Alabama has played an easier schedule than UGA . Are they showing all their cards? If not we are in deep dodo.


  21. willypmd

    Offense is better than Chaney and showing glimpses of being dominant (3rd quarter vs ND hurry up). I like the speed sweeps and screens and lets not forget we were missing two OL.

    We’ve played Bama to a draw in back to back years and this team is objectively more talented than those.

    We are undefeated and control our destiny. Can’t ask for more

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  22. I said this the other day…our offensive philosophy is eerily similar to Les Miles’s LSU offenses.

    Kelly looked at the same stats Kirby did and knew that Kirby would be playing man ball because of it, and it lead to the Irish looking good defensively. We gained the most when we were using tempo because it went off script. When we returned to script – predictably – they could shut us down. It’s still a numbers game, regardless of the meat on the oline.

    I still wonder if a clean snap and catch by Fromm on 3rd and long wouldn’t have been a Pickens TD. With an appropriate lead throw, I think Pickens is gone. Oh well…this horse feels like it’s been beaten enough. We dont win with all the style points while Bama, Buckeyes, and Sooners are in to bloodletting inferior teams and dont hesitate to look for quick scores early. Kirby doesn’t seem to be in to that. If we got more heavily into point differentials like in soccer, maybe his philosophy would change.


  23. Bigshot

    I got home at 2:15 am and then got up and went to church. I cherished every glorious moment of it and stayed awhile after just to look at the scoreboard. Thought I was going to have a heartache though.

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  24. Hobnail_Boot

    Trying to deflect attention away from an LSU defense that looks to give new meaning to, “When the Levee Breaks”.

    Look. If Matt Landers doesn’t matador his block that led directly to an ND touchdown, we don’t see articles like this. Great timing for a bye week.


  25. Macallanlover

    It isn’t the team I don’t trust, it is Kirby after twice saying he felt we should step up the offense in press interviews and then back off when it counts. We did outclass ND on both sides of the ball that game, but you don’t know it with how we manged the game from a coaching standpoint. Perception does count, and we are the least impressive of the top 6 teams. It is all on the coaches, imo.

    If I were Billy I would wonder how he thinks anyone can trust the LSU defense at this point. They are so drunk with themselves due to the offense’s success he seems to forget there are other areas of the game to consider. I like LSU, felt they might be the team to beat in the West, but they seem less of a total team right now than any Top 10 team other than Florida. But congrats on addressing their offense after all these years. Odd article to write given their own issues. No mirrors on the Bayou?


  26. Milledge Hall

    Winning, like penicillin, will take care of Billy Gonorrhea’s valley shaking.
    Let me know when Hellsu is playing for an SEC or national championship.
    Then, and only then, will I give a shit about what he thinks!


  27. Remember the Quincy

    LSU has an offense with a pulse for the first time in a decade, and now they’re looking around making assessments of other teams.

    Worry about your team, and let’s see if you can finally put points on the board against Bama.


  28. Biggus Rickus

    They were in a tight game against a team with a pulse and won, so whatever. And I guess they’re just ignoring that their defense gave up 38 points to a mediocre Vandy offense? Fuck ’em. When they lose to Alabama again, I’ll be happy.


  29. Malcolm X

    You folks are idiots. Forget game management. Forget running the ball. That’s so 1950’s. LSU and Oklahoma are in track meets. Fromm has to be let loose. One or two bombs per three downs. Get him and the receivers ready for the National Championship.


  30. Uglydawg.

    Watching today’s games.
    What is obvious is that you cannot take any win for granted.
    Clemson is struggling and tied with NC in the third. NC has led most of the game.
    Virginia is beating ND at the half (they have done it playing long ball..plus ND looks flat).
    It took a blown PI call for TAM to finally get past Arkansas..(that ref should be fired).
    The worse team can rise up and have a great day.
    Playing tentatively will get you embarrassed.