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This is fine.



I am somewhat disappointed nobody reached out to the Zooker.  But I’ll be alright — more than alright — if Booch gets the job.


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Haterz gone hate.

Funny thing so far is that, no matter the chatter about Georgia isn’t this, Fromm isn’t that, Fields is better… advanced stats continue to like the Dawgs.

Georgia is fourth in the latest iteration of SP+ and is also the only team in the country that is top fifteen in all three measured categories.

Plus, this:

If all that is happening while Kirby and his team are getting their collective shit together, I’m sure looking forward to the aftermath.


UPDATE:  One more statistical tidbit worth noting…


UPDATE #2:  Okay, one more.


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The hot take I’ve been expecting.

Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long to surface.

What I’m not surprised about is seeing Fields flourish in a system better suited to his skill set.  I hope Wolken’s not suggesting Kirby should have promoted Fields over Fromm last season.


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You will be crushed to learn…

… that Tim Tebow was “very unimpressed” with Georgia’s win over Notre Dame.


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I can’t help myself.

Another week, another Georgia Tech dunking.

I wonder if Geoff’s begun to question whether seven years is enough.


UPDATE:  Four games in and they’re already calling for Collins’ head on StingTalk.


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When you don’t feel like mincing words

I get the impression that Mike Leach was disappointed in his team’s whipping by Utah last night.


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TFW it gets harder to light the fuse

Boom was asked about his reading glasses at the post-game presser.  Here’s his response:

I don’t even have the heart to mock that with a cannon shot.


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What is it with Auburn and bulldog mascots?

Where’s PETA when you need ’em?

Uga better have his head on a swivel is all I’m sayin’.


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