SEC Power Poll, Week Five


A week with key teams having a bye and others serving themselves another round of cupcakes shouldn’t have done so much to crystallize my impressions of the relative strengths of the conference’s fourteen teams, but it did just that.

There are four, possibly five, quality teams in the SEC this season.  There are a couple others that appear to be decent, a couple more that qualify as mediocre at best and then there’s a bunch of crap.  Unfortunately, the crap seems to be spreading.

  1. Alabama.  This is exactly what a really good team that has yet to be tested looks like.
  2. Georgia.  Bye week, but that Notre Dame win looks better a week later.
  3. LSU.  Another squad with a bye week.
  4. Auburn.  I don’t know if Auburn is good enough to win the SEC, but I’m pretty damned sure Auburn is good enough to knock off one of the three teams I’ve ranked ahead of it.
  5. Florida.  Shut out something named Towson, but with Auburn, LSU and Georgia coming in three of the Gators’ next four games, we’ll find out what kind of team they really are.  Which, come to think of it, likely explains Mullen’s whining last week about SEC scheduling.
  6. Missouri.  Another team with a bye week, but considering the results from the other games, the gap between the Tigers and the teams below them grew.
  7. Texas A&M.  According to both the AP and Coaches Polls, TAMU is one of the 25 best teams in the country.  Why, exactly?
  8. South Carolina.  Kentucky was chicken soup for the Gamecocks’ soul.
  9. Mississippi State.  After a really bad loss to Auburn, you have to wonder if the wheels are starting to come off the Bulldogs’ wagon.
  10. Kentucky.  At 0-3 in the conference, the ‘Cats are essentially the first team eliminated from a divisional race — and it’s not even October yet.  Obviously, they have issues and the biggest one is at quarterback.
  11. Ole Miss.  Whatever else happens this season, they’ll always have “first team to lead Alabama in 2019”.
  12. Vanderbilt.  Finally got their first W of the season.
  13. Arkansas.  The Hogs lost, but managed to drag a ranked team down to their level in the process, which is more than you can say for…
  14. Tennessee.  A bye week bounce?  You kidding?


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18 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Five

  1. PDawg30577

    Auburn continues to scare me. And my fear of TAMU has gone from “Maybe they are actually pretty good this year” to more of a trap game type of fear.

    If we don’t pound the ever-loving shit out of Tennessee next Saturday, that will be a worrisome thing sure enough.


  2. JasonC

    TAMU: the best group of losers in the NCAA


  3. Jack Burton

    The trip to Jordan-Hare is not going to be very fun.

    Hopefully they are beat up by that point, but that defensive front is scary.


  4. MDDawg

    In case you didn’t know, Towson is a school up here in MD, a little north of Baltimore.

    I saw a slideshow article last week listing the best college town in each state, and it actually listed Towson, instead of College Park, MD where the University of Maryland is located.


    • Tronan

      Which shows how sad the college scene is in Maryland. Towson is a perfectly pleasant suburb (I lived there for many years), but is a boring-ass place to spend four years of early adulthood. College Park is a crime-ridden dump. The JHU neighborhood in Baltimore is somewhere in between, depending on how far one strays off campus.

      The longer I’m on this planet, the more I appreciate going to school in Athens. It really is a special place.


    • Macallanlover

      Probably right, College Park is metro, perhaps urban, that eliminates them as a college town (although they may have been at one time.) When I think “college town” I always think of an area where the college is THE lifeblood and an overwhelming dominant piece of the economy. That is why Austin is never on my list as a college town, nor can Tallahassee, Columbia, Knoxville, etc, be. I know they each have their sections of the city, but they are far from being the major influence. Even though Boston and Philly have huge college populations, they still aren’t “real” college towns, although some don’t categorize them the same way. To each their own.


  5. Biggus Rickus

    I’m not even sure Auburn is going to beat Florida. Until proven otherwise, I think the Mississippi State game was a freakish anomaly by their offense. Their front seven (especially the front four) is legit, though.


    • The only way FU has a chance is to play keep-away. I don’t think Mullen has the line of scrimmage on either side to do that. Keep the chains moving on offense and get off the field on defense. Mullen better hope he finds Gus’s rabbit foot and wins turnover margin.

      I’m pulling for a meteor, but Auburn’s defensive front wins the game for them.


      • Biggus Rickus

        Probably, but I have no faith in their offense doing much. So if it does prove to be a tight defensive game, anything can happen with a couple of fluke plays.


  6. Salty Dawg

    Ugh, Auby at Auby and Kirbs is lacking there. That’s the only game I have reservations about. Hopefully Jake Fromm will be ready to rectify things and get a win there. We need to be mentally ready as much as physically. GO DAWGS!


  7. Macallanlover

    Good ranking Senator. I might have Mizzou ahead of FU, and SC ahead of A&M, but that will all play out. Think Aubie stomps the doo-doo out of Mullet, but will struggle to beat LSU. UGA, and Bama. Defense is totally legit but offense has yet to be tested.


  8. Busta

    fU loses to Barners, LSU, UGA and Mizz. Hopefully then get pitted against Wisconsin in a bowl and gets ground into dust.


  9. more spinners

    LSU is a very scary team.
    Not sure there is a defense that stop or even slow them down.
    Burrows may be the best QB in SEC and NCAA.
    UF had better enjoy a win over those Auburn Tigers [and Auburn UF is no MSU] because when they travel to Death Valley it will be a very different kind of Cat offense and QB with lights out receivers.


  10. Got Cowdog

    Finally getting into some good football. Not that UGA-ND wasn’t, but now we get to see the SEC teams beat on each other. GATA Dawgs.
    Inner Munson is already fretting over Auburn…..