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TFW you know you’re having a bad night as a defensive coordinator

Boom laid out the play call on national television and Kentucky still couldn’t stop it.  Embarrassing.

I bet Stoops has a staffer check the halftime interviews from now on.



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Fun with $$

On the lighter side of the player compensation debate…

I’m gonna have to go with Jameis Winston hawking Captain D’s.  And that’s only because I can barely imagine what Willie Williams could have done with dining endorsements.

Have at it in the comments.


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Does UT have a decided schematic advantage Saturday night?

I suspect we’re about to have the message “The SEC is a Jimmies-and-Joes league” reinforced.

There’s naturally a lot of attention being paid to the fact that former offensive coordinator Jim Chaney will be on the opposing sideline when No. 3 Georgia visits Tennessee Saturday night (7 p.m., ESPN).

Bulldog head coach Kirby Smart doesn’t understand why.

Sure, Smart understands the reasons reporters were asking so many questions about Chaney. After all, Chaney was in charge of the Bulldogs’ offense for the previous three seasons. However, when it comes to Chaney’s presence in Knoxville being a detriment to Georgia Saturday night, Smart believes that’s more media hype than anything.

“I think there’s a lot more to it in your guy’s stories than it is in real life,” Smart said. “It’s a matter of which guys block properly, which guy covers properly – there’s no, like, secrets. We know what they do, they know what we do but that’s the case every week.”

So does Kirby.


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Oy vey.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve read since Logan Booker’s infamous post about benching Aaron Murray for Hutson Mason.  Which is saying something.

Booker at least had the sense to claim after the fact that he wasn’t being serious.


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Your player compensation round up

One day after California’s Fair Pay to Play Act is signed into law:


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Say what you will about Volnation…

at least they’re not kidding themselves about the Georgia game.


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This really is the Year of the Quarterback.

Pete Fiutak elaborates.

Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, Justin Fields, Jake Fromm – be shocked if they’re not all top 15 overall NFL Draft picks, and maybe even top five.

Take those four, and let’s add in a few relatively random-good veterans who got off to hot starts: Iowa’s Nate Stanley, Baylor’s Charlie Brewer, and Utah’s Tyler Huntley.

Over the first month of the season, these seven passers combined to connect on 73% of their throws, average 9.5 yards per attempt – to put this into perspective, just four quarterbacks finished last year averaged more than that – with 84 touchdown passes, and … (wait for it) …

No interceptions.

822 pass attempts. 84 touchdowns. No picks. That’ll work, but it seems like a few others might be missing …

Jalen Hurts sucks now, of course, after finally throwing his first and only interception of the year. He can be forgiven just this one time considering he’s averaging a mere 15.2 yards per throw with 12 touchdown passes so far.

LSU’s Joe Burrow is somehow still the starter despite throwing two interceptions. The Tigers were able to overcome the issues because its quarterback also threw 17 touchdown passes while averaging 12.3 yards per throw.

And this can go on and on and on …

Remember how were all worried about Miami starting freshman Jarren Williams? Yeah … 73% for 1,027 yards and seven touchdowns with no picks.

Sam Ehlinger of Texas? He’s connecting on 73% of his passes, and averaging 8.8 yards per throw, with 15 touchdowns and a just one interception.

Washington’s Jacob Eason? 71% for 1,243 yards and ten scores with just two interceptions.

Washington State’s Anthony Gordon? He has fat, dumb, happy and entitled his way to 22 touchdown passes with six picks while completing 72% of his throws.

You want to know how crazy this is?  Jake Fromm has a passer rating of 180.48, which would surpass the program’s record:  Aaron Murray’s 2012 rating of 174.82.  Murray finished a close second nationally that season in passer rating.  Fromm is currently ranked eleventh, almost seventy points behind the leader.


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No Beth Mowins for you!

ESPN is giving you its A-team this Saturday night.


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“We’re not going to give Georgia a scouting report of what we’re going to do this week…”

You know what I wish some stats guru would research?  The won-loss record of teams in games with head coaches who avoid naming a starting quarterback in hopes of a strategic advantage.


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Musical palate cleanser, in the end edition

This past week turned out to be Reissue Christmas (Hanukkah?) for me.  Today, you get a little taste of Giles Martin’s rework of Abbey Road.

It’s on a level with his other Beatles reissue work.  Ringo benefits the most from it (and to think there are folks who don’t appreciate his virtuosity), but there is noticeably more air around all of the instruments, particularly acoustic guitar.

There are also plenty of outtakes to feast on.  I’ll be honest and admit I could have lived with one or two less examples of “Sun King”, but you ought to hear a five-minute version of “The End” where the band just rocks out with guitar exchanges.

In other words, if you love this album, highly recommended.


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