Your player compensation round up

One day after California’s Fair Pay to Play Act is signed into law:


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12 responses to “Your player compensation round up

  1. The writing is on the wall, National Corrupt Athletic Association. It’s time to declare you want to do what’s right for student-athletes and move on.

    Dabo, shut your mouth.


  2. GruvenDawg

    I am for letting these kids profit off their name image and likeness. However I have no faith that the NCAA will have sound guidelines around it. Similar to the oblique process that is the current transfer portal. SMU a national power again? Watch…


  3. Ben

    Dabo’s schtick continues to wear thin.


  4. MDDawg

    The idea of sharing is just too much for the higher-ups to fathom. If you’re going to sell a jersey with a player’s number on it, how hard is it to give him a piece of that profit?


  5. ASEF

    Doesn’t South Carolina have something in the works as well?


  6. Tony Barnfart

    Hell would be having to aww-shucks your way through a thanksgiving dinner at a table with Dabo, Malzahn and Freeze.

    /While wearing ski boots of course.


  7. chopdawg

    I’d be a lot more receptive to the FPTP Act if it included provisions to ensure athletes could only be paid union scale for the services they provide third-party payers.


  8. David H.

    Dabo Swinney: “They need people a lot smarter than me to figure out that stuff.”

    Truer words were never spoken.


  9. Hobnail_Boot

    This literally only changes the transparency.

    FFS let’s move on.


  10. jt10mc (the other one)

    What cracks me up is the National Communist Athletic Association acts like this is so hard to figure out, so they can keep up the thin veil of their organization and its all about the student athlete. Lets see we put men on the moon, split the atom, made medical breakthroughs and have built craft to dive the deepest oceans amongst insanely ridiculous things accomplished when you put your mind to it BUT BUT BUT figuring this out is tooooo hard!