“Why do you have to arrest him? Just because he has a warrant?”

This story, about UT linebacker Jeremy Banks’ arrest on an outstanding traffic warrant, is everything you’d expect out of Knoxville: entitled football player who doesn’t believe it’s a big deal to ignore court orders, deferential police officers picking up said entitled football player, entitled football player letting deferential police officers know he’s not above making threats for the inconvenience of the arrest (“What would you do without that badge, though? That’s all I want to know…”) and, of course, the head football coach smartly dealing with the situation based on experience.

Oh, wait.  It’s Jeremy Pruitt we’re talking about here.

During Banks’ first phone call to Pruitt, he handed the phone to an officer, who explained the situation to the second-year Tennessee coach.

Pruitt told the officer he “thought (Banks) had paid the ticket” and asked the officer, “Why do you have to arrest him? Just because he has a warrant?”

The officer explained he was legally obligated to arrest Banks because of the warrant.

“This is the silliest s— I’ve ever seen in my life,” Pruitt said during the phone conversation. “I’ve got it. I understand. I’ve worked at four places, and I ain’t ever had no crap like this except for here.

“Go ahead. Do your civic duty, man,” Pruitt said later in the conversation.  [Emphasis added.]

I can’t speak for Tallahassee or Tuscaloosa, but I’m positive Jimmy Williamson thinks Jeremy Pruitt is full of shit there.

Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall when Fulmer has a sit down with Pruitt and explains that’s not the way it was done back in his day?


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40 responses to ““Why do you have to arrest him? Just because he has a warrant?”

  1. Slack jawed Alabama redneck acts like slack jawed Alabama redneck.


  2. PDawg30577

    Firing Pruitt with cause here would probably be the height of unfairness, as you know this has to be kiddie shit compared to the days when Phil was earning naming rights to the Fulmer Cup.

    But firing him with cause sure would solve a lot of problems. And let me say, for the record, that I was among the first people to predict that Pruitt would either give them reason to fire him with cause or they’d concoct one. This could end up being a nifty combo.

    The fidelity of his voice on that tape … almost sounds like somebody was ready to catch every word.

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  3. “Yes, Coach Pruitt, we have to arrest him. Maybe they didn’t teach you that in your kindergarten education classes at Alabama.”


  4. Salty Dawg

    Ahahahahahaha! They just keep being themselves and will self destruct shortly. Go big O! Go right off that cliff! You’re so close! We will help you on Saturday!


  5. stoopnagle

    I always get a kick out of the “That’s not who I am” part of the prepared statement.


  6. MGW

    “What did I tell you about recorded lines?”


  7. Paul

    When the ‘adults’ show no respect for law enforcement can we really be surprised when the children don’t either?


  8. Got Cowdog

    Based on my interactions with law enforcement, one is always best served to say as little as possible. Almost every officer and certainly every vehicle is equipped with video so anything you do or say will be a matter of record and held against you. However, some Brainiacs cannot grasp this concept.
    Having had to fetch some employees from the clutches of the local constabulary, Pruitt’s statement should have been “Thank you for calling, Officer. I thought he paid the ticket. What time can he post bail and how much is it?” But noooo. That would be too easy. Let’s get our trailer park on and let them damn cops know how it is….


  9. Boz

    Is this the first time a UT player arrest video has leaked? What are the odds that Fuller is playing 3D chess to make Pruitt look bad so that he has material cause for action? Makes you wonder..


    • PDawg30577

      That’s exactly what I’m thinking, Boz.

      The original story came out the day after the arrest, Sept. 16. Now, some two weeks later, “The body cam and patrol car video, posted first by WBIR, were released Tuesday.”

      If they were forced to release it due to a media request — and I’m not sure the media could actually compel the department to do so, at least not if the department was resisting such, and certainly not in a sub-two-week time frame — Knox News makes no mention of it. So they just … decided to release it now?

      Does not compute.


    • Brandon

      I came here to say no way this gets out without Fulmer’s blessing. His return is nigh!


  10. 3rdandGrantham

    Pruitt comes off looking really, really bad here. The player has an outstanding warrant, yet Pruitt is mad at the cop for having the gall to arrest him? And then he takes it even further by impugning the cop with his whole “go ahead and do your civil duty” nonsense.

    No surprise, UT fans are applauding Pruitt for sticking up for Banks, even though the correct response from Pruitt should have been to admonish said player and apologize to the officer for the trouble his player caused. I’m curious if UT fans would have had the same reaction if it was Smart or Saban on that tape instead. Call me a cynic, but I don’t believe so.


    • PDawg30577

      If Pruitt had been smart (I know, but let’s just suppose it as a thought exercise here) he’d have apologized for his own handling of the situation as he was castigating the player. He heard himself on that tape and thought he had nothing to apologize for?

      He’ll be gone before season’s end, and he and UT will be in court for years over his buyout.

      I am surprised that a not-insignificant number of UT fans are applauding him (though at Volnation it’s turning into a very bitter split opinion.) I’d think they’d be cheering this news as just what they need to cut their losses and hire Gruden. He may very well be unemployed by the time UT’s looking in earnest.


  11. Classic City Canine

    Well that confirms what I was starting to suspect: Pruitt has no character (and it doesn’t surprise me that he had no problems with the police in Tuscaloosa or Tallahassee).


  12. Normaltown Mike

    Add “bench warrant” to “asparagus” on the list of shit Pruitt hasn’t got time to know.

    FWIW, I first learned what bench warrant was when Reggie Brown got picked up on one 20 years ago.

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  13. Texas Dawg

    I remember there were a lot of questions when Pruitt was hired at UGA. Why coming off a NC would FSU so easily allow their DC to make a lateral move? Well as usual time has answered that question for us. It seems he has a habit or wearing out his welcome pretty quickly where ever he lands.


  14. Normaltown Mike

    The video is worse than I imagined. He appears intoxicated and references shooting at cops “where he’s from”.



  15. Mad Mike

    Keep your mouth shut around cops. Period.


  16. Mike Cooley

    I don’t know why we are so focused on what Pruitt said and seem to be willfully ignoring the fact that the player in question told the intern doing a ride along with the arresting officer, “I wouldn’t be an intern if I was you. We abhor at cops where I’m from. I’m from Memphis Tennessee.” Pruitt is an ass but he doesn’t talk about killing cops.


  17. TN Dawg

    Let’s pay this kid.

    He’s being exploited.


  18. Chi-town Dawg

    Sounds like the type of thing that should be handled internally. Pruitt is a complete douchebag and I’m willing to bet the backlash will force him to kick this dumbass off the team, but UT may prove me wrong.

    At the time of the arrest, Banks had a polite demeanor toward the arresting officers. He told them he “never met no police officers as nice as y’all” but his attitude changed as the ride continued. He then asked the officers “What you would do without that badge?”

    “I should’ve ran, test y’all’s speed,” Banks said. “Y’all would’ve never catch me. That’s what I should’ve did. Next time, I am, I promise you. Never again y’all boys will take me to jail. Not UT police.”

    Banks also addressed a woman who was in the car for a ride-along.

    “Ma’am, I don’t think you want to be an intern, because where I’m from, we shoot at cops. I’m from Memphis, Tennessee,” he said.

    Tennessee head football coach Jeremy Pruitt addressed the incident in a statement.

    “Jeremy’s behavior and comments are unacceptable and portrayed himself and our football program very poorly and he understands that,” Pruitt said. “We will address the matter internally.”

    Pruitt added: “I’m determined to do what I can to help Jeremy grow up and become a better man. Our team and staff respect our law enforcement and we will continue to educate our players on how to carry themselves at all times.”


  19. Dawg19

    Well, I’m looking forward to that sideline interview Saturday night.