An Urnge vote of confidence

Paul Myerberg places Jeremy Pruitt on a hot seat.

The wreck that is Tennessee might find its latest scapegoat in Pruitt, who is floundering in his second season while former coach and current athletics director Phil Fulmer looms over the program. The issues are too numerous to list in full. A short list: Tennessee is losing by huge margins to rivals, most recently Florida; is losing to teams the program has no business losing to, such as Georgia State; can’t find an offensive identity and has been unable to develop talent from well-regarded recruiting classes; and is constantly tripped up by the sort of errors that reflect poorly on the coaching staff.

It hasn’t been a good week, or a good month or a good season, for that matter.  But the big man claims to have Pruitt’s back.

Tennessee athletic director Phillip Fulmer, who led the Vols to a national championship in 1998 as head coach, said Wednesday he has no desire to return to the sideline and that the “coaching chapter of my life is closed.”

Fulmer, 69, made an appearance on the syndicated Vol Calls radio program and also spoke with ESPN.

“We’ve got a good football coach, and I believe in Jeremy Pruitt totally,” Fulmer said. “I have no interest in coaching again and would rather spend that time being a grandfather and doing whatever I can as athletic director in helping Jeremy get this program where we all want it to be. Any talk of me coaching again is just a bunch of rumors.”

That’s cool, but I wonder if the tune will sound different after UT gets through Georgia and Alabama in the next three weeks.


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  1. Dawg1

    Jeez, I hate when spell check changes escapegoat to scapegoat! 🙂

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  2. McTyre

    I’m not so sure that Fulmer’s assurances of his disinterest in returning to coaching is genuine. As he’s not been known as a front-stabber, this could simply be positioning for another coup – whereby his personal self-sacrifice of coaching retirement for the sake of the program he dearly loves is the theme that crowds out the alternative themes (Machiavellian ambition, financially strapped program paying yet another FB coach to NOT coach, etc.).


  3. Brandon


    Knox News — October 28, 2019
    By Blake Toppenmeyer

    At a press conference this morning following Sunday’s dismissal of Jeremy Pruitt, whose Vols had stumbled to a 1-7 start, bright eyed athletic director Phillip Fulmer took the podium to announce his assumption of the role of interim head coach. “I didn’t want it” Fulmer said. “The coaching chapter of my life was over, but I love Tennessee. Tennessee is more important than what I want.” When asked about the search for a full-time head coach Fulmer assumed the familiar coaching focus he demonstrated in route to the 1998 national championship. “Right now we are focused on UAB. They’ve got a heck of a football team. There’ll be time for that later, after Kentucky, Missouri, and Vanderbilt, and early signing, late signing day, spring practice, fall camp, 2020, 2021, 2022, however long it takes me to pass General Neyland as the winningest coach in Vols history.” As of press time, Fulmer’s was still ongoing speaking of Napoleon’s return from Elba, recruiting like heck, and invoking Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote regarding the American Civil War “I do not claim to have controlled events, but confess rather plainly that events have controlled me.” As he spoke, the 69 year old showed little signs of fatigue following the early morning tussle with Pruitt Saturday night, that along with the Vols 7th straight loss to Will Muschamp contributed to the format’s dismissal. “I’m not sure why, but I just had a feeling I might need that pepper spray that night, how could I have known that someone had delivered a fifth of Jose Cuervo to Jeremy’s house a few hours before. I’m not sure who told you Knox TV guys to be there and capture the whole incident on camera, but I’m glad you were there. I would’ve hated to have hurt Jeremy, his animus towards me notwithstanding” Fulmer said.

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    • Doug

      ^^^^ This. The “I’m never coaching again, I’m focused on being a grandfather” song-and-dance from Fulmer just seems like him laying the groundwork for being hailed as UT’s towering martyr-hero when he finally does take the HC job back.


    • Russ

      Exactly right. He didn’t WANT to be the coach, he HAD to be the coach, because of his love of Tennessee.

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      • Krispy Kreme doughnuts, doughnut holes, dipped in chocolate or just glazed, by the dozen or one on each finger…any doughnut ring you can imagine, big urnge Phil has done and done it justice….that love of Tennessee bullshit is really sickening at it’s core…his love for the “hot n fresh” is what drives this man, cause in the day, that’s what they had during those long staff meetings….


    • Charlottedawg

      This is awesome, but you left out the part about Jeremy recovering from heart surgery before Fulmer finished the coup.


  4. Whiskeydawg

    I wasn’t convinced Fulmer was interested in coaching Tennessee again until after I read the comments above.


  5. “Mama said that that that even if I didn’t wanna coach foosball, I had to coach foosball.”


  6. Godawg

    “I am not going to be the Alabama coach.”