Some early UGA-UT thoughts

You know the old expression “if you have two quarterbacks, you don’t really have a quarterback“?

There’s a lot of chatter about a QB change. What percentage would you put on Pruitt giving a QB his first career start against this UGA defense?

20%. Pruitt has said consistently he thinks Jarrett Guarantano is the best quarterback on Tennessee’s roster. The problem is, Guarantano is not playing like he practices. That’s frustrating for Pruitt, but I’m not sure most rational people think turning to a freshman against Georgia is the answer to jumpstarting this offense. Neither Brian Maurer nor J.T. Shrout has been effective in his limited relief duty.

Tennessee’s put a new twist on that:  if you don’t have any quarterbacks, you don’t really have a quarterback.

Josh has posted a couple of fun advanced stats charts.  Here’s one, looking at success rate:


And here’s another, filtered through the Vols’ debacle against Florida.


Advanced stats do not appear to be working in Tennessee’s favor, especially in the ground game.  Waiter, bring me an order of manball!

Jim Chaney may not be Lincoln Riley, but he’s a decent, experienced offensive coordinator who’s being well payed to relive his 2016 season with, unfortunately, even less talent.  He’s got a quarterback who’s regressed, which is generally not a good thing.  And while the strength of the Vols’ offense is at wide receiver, that’s hardly comforting when your quarterback is having a rough year… or when you turn to a freshman as your second choice.

In a team to team comparison, the Dawgs are clearly superior at almost every unit group, but the gap at quarterback is broad enough to make it extremely difficult for me to envision a path to victory for Pruitt’s team, outside of the intervention of our old friend, Mr. Turnover.  The problem with that is, against D-1 opponents, Tennessee’s last in the SEC in turnover margin.


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14 responses to “Some early UGA-UT thoughts

  1. Bigshot

    Never say never when UGA is involved. We all have been conditioned to know the worst can always happen.


    • I admire your consistent pessimism, Bigshot.


    • Uglydawg.

      “We all have been conditioned…”.
      Not “all”.
      Not the Senator.
      “the worst can always happen”
      like the blown knees and the Hail Mary.
      I never believe it will be easy until it IS easy and then I have to watch a replay to make sure it really was.
      But this one should be easy. (I had my wife hold a gun on me and make me type that).


  2. dawgman3000

    I think this game gets out of hand early and that we’ll see Stetson & co early in the third quarter.


  3. dawgfan1995

    I personally am looking forward to Chaney calling the toss sweep to the smallest guy on the field while his best RB blocks.


  4. stoopnagle

    We gots to avoid the STDs that keep cropping up since the SECCG.


  5. SpellDawg

    Isn’t UT’s best receiver in the transfer portal as of last week?


  6. Russ

    I know the common thought before ND was we were going to kill them (because – advanced stats!!1!) but I felt nervous the more people talked us up. And it was probably a tighter game than people were expecting.

    But I reeeeallly have a hard time figuring out how Tennessee stays on the field with us this week, especially given all the turmoil and dysfunction on that team this year. Kirby can name his score.


  7. Jared S.

    Dawgs win in triple OT on a hail mary.

    …. I keed I keed


  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Besides Mr. Turnover, there is also Mr. Turf. Hopefully, that won’t be a factor.


  9. Jim Traficant

    Maybe he will go with the unproven backup and his dc will try to get in a fist fight with him