They only have your best interests in mind, kids.

These two Tom Izzo quotes are a perfect encapsulation of why we can’t have nice things when it comes to the NCAA.

This shit’s been brewing for a decade and the NCAA has done nothing but delay the inevitable, because that’s how they roll.  Just think what a little proactive thinking five years ago might have saved everyone.

And it’s not like things are likely to change any time soon.  Here’s Gene Smith, giving a hint as to the not-so-new direction coming from the powers-that-be on player NLI rights:

“My concern with the California bill, which is all the way wide open, monetizing your name, image and likeness, is it moves slightly towards pay for play,” Smith told reporters on Tuesday. “It’s very difficult for us who are practitioners in this space to figure out, how do you regulate that? How do you ensure that the unscrupulous bad actor does not enter that space and ultimately create an un-level playing field?”

Ah, yes, Gene, please save them from that “unscrupulous bad actor”.  There’s nothing more NCAA than running something from the do it for the kids playbook.

And lucky for Gene — he knows somebody in Congress who shares his concern.

“I actually think that we need to do something quickly, within the next year,” Gonzalez told ESPN. “I don’t think you have three years to figure this out. I think decisions will start happening immediately.”

He said he wants to create legislation that gives athletes the chance to make money while also setting up some way to protect athletes from what Gonzalez described as “bad actors.”

“There are a lot of people who are trying to get a piece of the athlete who do not have their best interest in mind and are out for nefarious means,” said Gonzalez, who was an All-Big Ten receiver at Ohio State before playing in the NFL for five years. “You can imagine a world where, if there were no guardrails in place, that it could get out of hand pretty quickly. That’s the lane you’re trying to carve. How do you do this to provide necessary and deserved benefits while not inviting a bigger problem alongside it?”

Gonzalez said he has had informal conversations on the subject with Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, the co-leader of a working group assembled by the NCAA to evaluate ways in which the association could change its rules on name, image and likeness rights.

That’s a relief.  Who better to protect college athletes from being exploited than the very people who have specialized in doing so for years?


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  1. Former Fan

    There’s another bill already working its way through congress to take away some tax deductions for schools if they continue to infringe upon athletes’ abilities to make money. They are so far behind on this it won’t end well for the NCAA. Florida, NC, and other states are going to jump on it. They have to.

    The CA law goes into effect in 2023 if I remember right. That means it will start impacting recruiting now and only grow in influence in the next few years. The new recruiting pitch for Cali schools will be “come play with us and you can make money on NIM for yourself”. I would imagine it’s already being put out there as we speak. “By the time you are a junior, and have made a name for yourself on our team, you can cash in and make an unlimited amount of money if you play for us, in California.”

    The NCAA is too late. They will now be told what to do.


    • From a timing standpoint, the Florida bill may be the one to watch. Its sponsor wants to have it in effect next year.

      All I can say is if that passes, you can bet your bottom dollar UGA will have something similar in front of the Georgia legislature faster than you can say “there goes Herschel!”.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Help me with the lingo here. Are these bills generally called “NIL” bills, meaning “name, image, likeness”?
    The Tweeter above said “NLI” bills, which I’m guessing is “name, likeness, image” but also means “national letter of intent.”
    Am I in the ballpark?


  3. ASEF

    So, person who wants to throw cash at a player: bad actor. Person who looks the other way as an employee beats the crap out of his wife and walks out of a rehab program, while a second employee, who is the first employee’s boss, lies about it and covers it up repeatedly, are just the perfect people to coach and mentor players.


  4. Uglydawg

    I came across this from 2011 and thought it is interesting to see that a lot of SEC coaches already knew something needed to be done.


  5. Ken Wilkinson

    All this crying about an over due change ruining the game. It’s like they’ve introduced the forward pass again.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Saw Todd McShay and David Pollack spend a couple of minutes talking about this after playing the Gene Smith clip, and they both thought: what are you talking about Gene? You’re not going to pay a dime. Their only concern was the threat of agents causing havoc – will there be agents trying to sign kids in HS or even earlier? That seems like a legitimate concern, but there is a wealth of existing contract law on the books now addressing contracts by minors that could solve the problem, OR the NCAA could see the writing on the wall and make an effort to address this concern in their own regulations instead of opposing what is clearly going to happen.


    • These kids are going to need someone to represent their interest when they sign endorsement contracts.


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Exactly. How that happens is the issue.


      • Down Island Way

        Endorsement contracts will probably be few and far between….local auto dealer with local football star, o.k., where the ncaa should loosen the strings are avenues for student/athletes in areas of their individual expertise ie; the kicker/punter in Fla. who was u tubing techniques on a subscription basis or be a better children’s book reader or music or making Star wars videos…giving lessons in calculus, scuba diving, beer drinking, blocking 101, reading the pitchers release…and most of all, when companies exploit their likeness, video games, jersey sales….and on, cause that’s where their stake is right now….GO DAWGS!