Thursday morning buffet

No Vegan on today’s buffet.  It’s all meat.


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10 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Former Fan

    For both men and women sports, ending the monopoly of the NCAA over labor, will help both to make money through sports that they won’t have the opporunity to make later. I would imagine that is especially true for the women. Hard to see how paying athletes would be a negative for women’s sports or title ix.


  2. MDDawg

    If the schools were to partner up with their athletes on ways to monetize their NIL, then I would think they would be able to meet the Title IX requirements by ensuring that male and female athletes get the same percentage of the profits from those deals. If the men get more sponsorships (or youtube subscribers or whatever), then they get more money, but percentage-wise it would still be equal.


  3. Rocksalt

    Cleaning coffee off my phone reading “let the free market reign” from a article…

    The “eat what you kill” payment model is the least pollyanna option. When you sign your LOI, you and the university grant an image and likeness license to one-another for the duration of your scholarship.


  4. tbia

    Regardless of where we are today, or where we may be in a year, there was NEVER a day when he was enrolled at Georgia that Justin Fields was a better quarterback than Jake Fromm.


  5. ATL Dawg

    That stat from Wetzel says it all.


  6. Doug

    To that Tennessee fan who offered to walk on at middle linebacker . . . are you sure you want to try and tackle D’Andre Swift? Positive?


  7. CB

    Sudge named names like Beal and Tindall on the LB depth chart without bringing up Ojulari, Walker, or Grant. Do we have another Conor Riley on our hands?