Dabo goes full asshole.

You know, I thought college football’s 93 million dollar man had finally figured out that the smartest thing he could do was not to speak out about player compensation anymore.

Turns out I was wrong about that.  Like, really, really wrong.

“The collegiate model is a beautiful thing. And it’s been a great thing. The scholarship for a long time was archaic, and it needed to be changed and addressed. Nobody wants to acknowledge that. Right? Because that doesn’t fit the story. You know, they’re supposed to be starving. These guys ain’t starving. These guys got money. They got cars, they got tattoos, because they’ve got money. It’s a different situation than when I was in school.”

All he left out were the hoes and weed.  Lawd.


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31 responses to “Dabo goes full asshole.

  1. Debby Balcer

    That will hurt him on the recruiting trail.


  2. Doug

    Glad to see we’ve set “not starving” as the bar for living a full and joyous life.


  3. mwo

    They all got PEDs too, at least the Clemson DL.


  4. What a jackass.

    Dabo, ever heard of the First Rule of Holes?


  5. GruvenDawg

    Wow…dude is tone deaf. However he keeps putting guys in the league and they keep lining up to go there.


  6. Argondawg

    He left out hoes and weed because having those was a given. Even mentioning it would seem redundant.


  7. California dawg

    The smartest thing Dabo could do is never open his mouth in a public forum period. I know this man can do no wrong as far as the residents of South Carolina outside of Columbia are concerned, but goddamn is he a moron.


  8. I want to be the team that fucking wrecks them.

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  9. Bill Glennon

    Always remember that your opinions are right and true. Anyone with a different opinion is a grifter.


  10. dawgfan1995

    Dabo left out hoes and weed because he was only talking about things that he didn’t have in college.

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  11. Cojones

    It’s a different world than when we were in school, but they had money handshakes before I ever got there. You were just living in an ignorant world, Dabo. Nice to see that you still are .


  12. chopdawg

    Maybe he’s just worried because he thinks Clempson’s boosters are going to get outbid, when all the $$$ start flowing across the table instead of under it.

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    • Bulldog Joe

      Yes. He knows this will erode the competitive advantage his booster club and his small, closed community give him in controlling his players.

      He is not stupid.

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  13. MDDawg

    “They got cars, they got tattoos, because they’ve got money.”

    Hello, NCAA? I’d like to report some violations, please.


  14. 3rdandGrantham

    “It’s a different situation than when I was in school.”

    Indeed it is. Since that time (early 90’s), coaching salaries have utterly skyrocketed, as the amount of money AD’s are pulling in from TV deals and such has exploded. For example, Ray Goff’s base salary was around 90K at UGA, with a 225K total package (via weekly tv/radio shows, apparel, etc.) 90K!!

    Kirby Smart, meanwhile, will make 7 mi this year, or a 35+ fold increase minimum from the Goff days. Position coaches now make a cool 500k+, and so on. Meanwhile, player compensation in terms of benefits hasn’t really moved much at all….aside from NCAA no longer declaring bagels to be actual meals, or slightly bumping up what athletes can receive as gifts for participating in a bowl game.


  15. RangerRuss

    Yeah the Clemson players have money. Jadar Johnson and the late C J Fuller robbed their former teammate because he was purported to have “three stacks of high society” in his apartment. That’s a lot of cash for a college student to stash.


  16. Mike Cooley

    A bunch of rich guys yelling about something a richer guy said. Too funny.


  17. ATL Dawg

    A good con man knows his audience and Dabo knows his.


  18. sniffer

    Pressure is getting to him. Methinks.


  19. jt10mc (the other one)

    Clemson…the bastion of integrity wrt paying players.

    The only people who benefit from collegiate athletes are the NCAA and Universities…


  20. Greg

    They knew the rules before they accepted a scholarship…..don’t like it, don’t accept. If they want to get paid, wait until they are of age and go pro….or the pros can start their own developmental league & pay them.

    The colleges should not be held responsible, the pro teams should be the ones that should change their rules or format if needed…go after them, not the colleges.

    A small stipend or royalties off their jerseys, I’am
    okay with. But the colleges are not the bad guys here. Dabo, he is another story….but if I remember correctly, he walked on and later earned a scholarship. It paid off for him…


  21. sectionzalum

    I thought Dabo wanted to follow Saban. Now I think he wants to primary Liddle’ Lindsey Graham.


  22. 69Dawg

    Oh please, Dabo is too smart to be this dumb. He knows that the image and endorsements will be sweeter in the big markets and attract the best players. He’s just trying to maintain the status quo but it is not a good look or sound bite. Only Alabama can match the urban schools since they are only going to have to overcome Auburn and how much can the Auburn boosters pay for the players to endorse their cows.


  23. Macallanlover

    There seems to be many more AHs on the other side. I guess it depends on the side you are standing on as to what body parts you see. I think Dabo is smarter than the large group here, greater good is the right side to be on.


  24. bulldogbry

    Am I a dick? Yes
    But do I avoid trying to be a better person? Also, yes


  25. FlyingPeakDawg

    I didn’t know about the tattoos. Changes my thinking about player NIL rights now. AD’s don’t have tats, do they? #keepingitfair


  26. Whiskeydawg

    That was my first thought. Who would want to play for someone who thinks that way.