Message to the people

It’s time for us to move on from Notre Dame, obviously, but I wanna give Brooks Tilley the last word.

Felt a couple seismic ripples from all the nega-dawg take quakes over the past two weeks. Some of you have been hurt badly by the Dawgs and it shows. We did not play our best possible game against the #7 team in the country, but the amount of disappointment and conclusion jumping was a little much. It brought me great joy that just one week later, the “far more elite” programs of Alabama and Clemson were in dog fights with horrendous opponents. Bama’s game was close in the first quarter before convincingly pulling away but any Bama fan that tells you they aren’t worried about the middle of that defense hasn’t been paying attention. Clemson looked atrocious against a low tier ACC team and Trevor Lawrence looked very human as he has for much of this season. The moral of the story here is that you don’t have to look your best every week especially at the beginning of the season. If you beat the 7th ranked team in the country without playing your best, that’s pretty damn impressive in itself and gives you the opportunity to live for another week. It’s a different age in Georgia football, don’t be so damn negative. A bunch to work on, but we could not be in any better position to start the season.

Words to live by, Dawgnation.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


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  1. Morris Day

    What, me worry?


  2. Sashko1943

    I have to say, I’ve felt better about the ND game as time wore on for the reasons you mentioned above. However, my criticism of the coaching still stands. I’m not convinced manball can win National Titles anymore. It works in the NFL; I’m not convinced it works in the College game.


  3. mp

    I am definitely full of angst, but the one thing that gives me hope is something Bill Belichick has said through the years that amounts to “I don’t need to be the best team in September, I need to be the best team in February.” Now, his league gets 12 teams in the playoff, so early season woes can be shrugged off…BUT the goals remain in reach for this and any season as long as UGA can still win the SEC East. Two months left to make their game as close to perfect as possible

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  4. Tony Barnfart

    …..waiting on your Bill Connelly pod post.


  5. chopdawg

    I’m happy with wins. I was happy with the Ga Southern win in ’15 and I’m shore happy with the ND win.


  6. MDDawg

    I agree that there’s a lot to love about this Bulldogs team, but I still carry the scars of the 2011 season. As I recall, we won several close games which, but for a few plays here or there, could have seen us cruising to victory rather than sweating through most of those games. And then we played LSU in the SEC Championship Game, only to have the same refrain of missed opportunities crop up again. A game in which we could have led 21-0 at the half saw us only taking a 10-7 lead into the locker room instead.

    So yeah, whenever I see (or perceive) that the Dawgs aren’t playing their best ball against seemingly inferior opponents, I freak out just a little bit.


  7. practicaldawg

    Never underestimate our ability to be dissatisfied with a game we are obsessed with

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  8. Texas Dawg

    As wonderful as Munson was on the radio, he infected generations with Game Day anxiety that seems to be contagious and spreading to future generations.


  9. Biggen

    I like this quote from the article:
    “I don’t give Lecounte much praise because he is typically not very good”.

    Praise the Lord. I pick on Lecounte too at times. The guy needs to learn to wrap his arms around the ball carrier.

    On the positive side, I haven’t seen him carrying around his “hit stick” this year coming out of the tunnel.

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  10. Jeff Sanchez

    Brooks Tilley is one of my favorite takes every week. Strangely enough, and I can hardly beleive it myself, Cy Brown, the Flagpole UGA writer, is always well-informed and has some good stuff

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  11. Bright Idea

    Doesn’t Brooks not that we love to cull a victory like leftover loaf bread. We have more experts than most fan bases.

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  12. Dawganova

    I had a nightmare that Tennessee won this weekend. It was so real. I awoke and still felt the pain of the loss and the resulting existential crisis. I wonder what Freud would say…

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  13. willypmd

    Is this not one of the best starts for UGA football in the last 25 years?

    Averaging over 40 ppg, top 5-10in just about every advanced stat imaginable.

    Win over a top 10 team, favored by 25+ in Neyland.

    I’ve only been a UGA fan since 2001, but sure seems to me like this is the best team we have ever had coming into week 5.

    Maybe 2017, but I’d argue we are better coached, more experienced, and more talented and have a better resume at this point than that team.

    It’s certainly a better start than 2002.

    UGA fans are crazy

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    • 92 Grad

      Yes, you are likely to be correct. It’s been stated over and over again, we are conditioned to watch out for the inexplicable loss where we don’t even recognize the players on the field that get down three scores and tease us with comebacks juuuuust short of the win. It is a PTSD type condition and we have it, because, many times in recent history all points direct us toward a logical fact that we have the players and coaches that will win games, but they don’t. I don’t like it either, but, it is part of our history where we are literally Charlie Brown trying to kick the ball with Lucy holding.


  14. FlyingPeakDawg



  15. BuffaloSpringfield

    Larry Munson “anxiety”, yes sir but he had insight. Like against Vandy when he said “ We always have problems with those guys with three names”.
    Like it or not he was a true gentleman of the game and not a fan oh the McGill Clan but more liked by the “track People who when We went high society” with the enclosure and corporate sky boxes….. We lost apart of WHO we were…….
    Guess it’s just a old guy who watched the Dawgs beat USCjr and finally got season tickets only to lose out to the donations.


    • Mike Cooley

      If I had been around then I would have definitely been part of the track crowd. I love this blog but the comments section is proof that this became a mostly wine and cheese fan base a long time ago. It hasn’t always been like that. Erk called the track crowd his people. Kirby being from Bainbridge makes a lot easier to relate to for me and those of us not from Atlanta or anywhere near it.


      • Gurkha Dawg

        You would have loved the tracks Mike. Talk about some hell raising. When in high school we would get to the tracks at 6 or 7 in the morning and start drinking. Nothing like a pre game nap using a steel rail as a pillow. Those were different times.


  16. UGA '97

    if a team measures any success by the performance of other opponents, then they have already lost. who cares about bama clemson. kirby likely only needs to focus internally, and that’s all. move on.


  17. D as in Dawg

    We’re 3/16 Munson, 4/16 experience, and 9/16 Natty drought. Win it all and we become optimists!