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Game day post, Urnge edition

On Tuesday, my brain had coalesced around the idea that Georgia would win comfortably tonight, but not cover a pretty good-sized spread.  Say something like 31-10,  caused by a combination of Kirby’s natural manball tendencies and Pruitt’s likely desire not to compose a game plan that would lead to the game getting out of control.

But the damned stats keep getting in the way.  I’m not even talking about the advanced version I’ve been posting this week.  Just take a look at the most basic of numbers, offensive and defensive scoring against D-1 opponents:

  • Georgia:  36.0/7.7 (+28.3)
  • Tennessee:  19.7/33.7 (-14.0)

Combined, that’s a 42-point differential.  How exactly do you come up with a set of realistic circumstances for the Vols to overcome that?  Remember, they’re also last in the conference in turnover margin.

And that’s before you factor in this week’s distractions with Banks and Guarantano.

Yeah, I know Jim Chaney worked his magic once with a quarterback who led Tennessee to an embarrassing win over the Dawgs.  If the story tonight winds up being Beyond Maurer, I will be the first to proclaim Chaney’s genius for all the world to hear.  But I’m not seeing it.

I thought Georgia would win big over Notre Dame, yes.  But this Tennessee team, no matter how hard I squint at it, ain’t Notre Dame. As much as I’m trying, Ringo, and I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd, I can’t bring myself to say Georgia won’t cover tonight.  Probably with ease.

Come at me in the comments.



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“I’ve been thuggin’.”

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Pruitt kicked Jeremy Banks off the team.  If you want some background, here you go:

So, what’s the new info that pushed Pruitt to cut ties with Banks? Here’s the story …

A female UT student tells TMZ Sports … on August 24, Banks threatened to “smack” her outside of a party in Knoxville after she refused to let him inside. She claims Banks had been harassing her for months.

The woman claims she called 911 and while cops responded to the scene, Banks was not arrested. She says she was passed to the Univ. of Tennessee Police Dept. to follow up.

Days later, the woman says she was contacted by Univ. of Tennessee school officials who had learned about the incident from police.

The woman told school officials she had video of the August 24 encounter — which also showed Banks arguing with security guards, shouting aggressive phrases at them like, “I’ve been thuggin’.”

School officials conducted an investigation and issued a temporary no-contact order against Banks while the probe was underway instructing him to stay away from the alleged victim.

TMZ Sports had contacted the Univ. of Tennessee Police Dept. about the investigation on Oct. 3 and we were told, “Let me see what I can find out.”

Later that day, we were told the woman was contacted by the school and told they found Banks had violated the student code of conduct.

On Oct 4, the UTPD followed up with us and said, “UTPD handles reports related to violations of law.”

“The University of Tennessee Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards handles reports related to violations of the student code of conduct. Records of student conduct cases are protected by federal student privacy laws.”

Minutes after we got the email, Coach Pruitt announced Banks was off the football team.

Outed by TMZ. Jesus, what a shit show.

No wonder Pruitt’s benching Guarantano.  He needs the distraction.



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If you’re looking for a fly in the ointment today…

Honestly, I was a little surprised to see this:

Georgia has won the past two meetings by the aggregate score of 79-12, but Fromm’s performance in those games was relatively pedestrian. He threw one touchdown pass and one interception in the 41-0 victory two years ago in Knoxville, while also rushing for two scores. Last year, Fromm neither ran nor threw for a touchdown.

Combined, Fromm was 23-of-37 for 269 yards passing in the two contests, but he was also sacked five times, including three last season at Sanford Stadium. To put that in perspective, his quarterback rating in those games was 81.93, well below Fromm’s QB rating for this season (129.52) and his career (116.42).

Maybe that’s why Fromm said this to Seth Emerson ($$):

Fromm, ever the diplomat, carefully handled a question on whether he’d like to throw it more.

“I’m all for it, as long as we score points on offense,” he said. “I like to win football games.”

I know, I know… but, hell, I’m trying to find something to feed those of you who are being tormented by your inner Munson.  It’s either that, or I have to go do some research on UT’s long snappah.


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My, how the less than mighty have fallen.

In less than a month, Danny White has gone from sneering at 2-for-1 series offers from D-1 powers to wondering if they’ll still take his phone calls.

Enjoy the postseason, podnah.


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All in, Urnge edition

Welp, this is an interesting decision, if true.

Tennessee plans to start true freshman Brian Maurer at quarterback on Saturday against No. 3 Georgia, sources told ESPN.

Maurer replaces junior Jarrett Guarantano, who started the first four games this season and has been the Vols’ starter since the midway point of his freshman season.

I’m beginning to think Jeremy Pruitt has no more fucks to give about the 2019 season.


UPDATE:  An alternate theory of the crime…


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In furtherance of the academic mission

I dunno, Kansas, somehow this doesn’t exactly seem like something I’d expect from a university.

Schools are busting out stripper poles, but let’s point fingers at kids for spending money on tats.   Oh, and weed, you say?

Lines are kinda blurring here, if you get my drift.  Unless you think Jeff Long is some kind of visionary.

Shades of contracts with condom clauses.

This is what comes of old white dudes trying to pretend they’re trendy enough to understand rap culture.  Geniuses, all of ’em.


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