In furtherance of the academic mission

I dunno, Kansas, somehow this doesn’t exactly seem like something I’d expect from a university.

Schools are busting out stripper poles, but let’s point fingers at kids for spending money on tats.   Oh, and weed, you say?

Lines are kinda blurring here, if you get my drift.  Unless you think Jeff Long is some kind of visionary.

Shades of contracts with condom clauses.

This is what comes of old white dudes trying to pretend they’re trendy enough to understand rap culture.  Geniuses, all of ’em.


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19 responses to “In furtherance of the academic mission

  1. Faulkner

    Absolutely ridiculous.


  2. stsbms

    How much do you want to bet Long’s statement was written prior to the show? Wasn’t KU and its basketball team just served with a lack of institutional control notice from the NCAA? This seems like a giant “Up Yours!” to everyone, and a notice that KU is going to run things how it sees best.


  3. DugLite

    Give those ladies a scholarship.


  4. UGA '97

    yea nothing kicks off a family friendly KU basketball night better than a fat German lady on a pole wearing blue depends and combat boots…


  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    Shades of the WKRP in Cincinnati frozen turkey drop.

    Jeff Long: “ I thought it would be a cute little circus act with doggies when they told me it was Snoop Dogg and his bitches”


  6. Prosticutor

    The Venn diagram of people offended by this and people who swear to never buy Nike again is one overlapping circle.


  7. Jack Klompus

    Jeff Long must be preparing for a Presidential run.


  8. Jack Klompus

    Long could learn a lesson from Moe Szyslak and how he dealt with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


  9. Paul

    Nothing says ‘basketball activities’ or higher education’ or ‘family fun’ like strippers.


  10. The Dawg abides

    Name a better duo? Snoop Dogg and just about anybody except a sniveling college AD.


  11. more spinners

    “me too” alive and well at Kansas.
    Coed courses: pole dancing 101; lap dancing 102; and adult porn 103.
    Moms are lining up to places $$$$’s into the admission office to get in.
    SAT and grades out. Darlin’ how good are at dancing?


  12. Bulldog Joe

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas, anymore.”