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Two random stats and a question

You’re going to have to have a consistent passing game to score enough on this Georgia defense.  And if you can’t run the ball, that’s a much harder task.  How many teams remaining on Georgia’s regular season schedule qualify?



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Zen and the art of representing head coaches

A special moment after last night’s win ($$):

A few minutes later, the whooping in Georgia’s locker room could be heard plainly as Kirby Smart gamely went through his own news conference. When Smart was done, his agent, Jimmy Sexton, was waiting for him, and the two back-slapped and joked for a few moments.

And when Sexton was done there, he probably trotted over to the losing locker room to congratulate his other client for coaching his team ($$) to “the best possible version of itself for a stretch against Georgia”.

Remember, grasshoppers — coaches may come, coaches may go, games are won, games are lost, but only one thing is eternal in today’s SEC.


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He’d like to thank all the big people who made that possible.

This is good.

This may be even better.

One.  Freakin’. Sack.  Allowed.

And, again, remember, that’s happened without Georgia playing all its o-line starters in the first five games due to injuries.

Do I really have to say what I think about Sam Pittman again?


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The 12th man

Ref throws a tremendous block to spring Tae Crowder loose for the touchdown.

And you thought the SEC office had it in for the Dawgs.


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What he said

I know just what you mean, man.  Too bad it didn’t happen.


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“I guess that’s the way the world is now.”

You gotta admit, if there’s any place where it’s worth pulling a D’Eriq King right now, it’s Rutgers.


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Jake Fromm doesn’t care what you think about style points.

Just a reminder that winning by 29 points in Knoxville doesn’t suck.


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Week 6 Mumme Poll ballot post

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) TwitterOkay, we’re off to the races.

Get you some ballot here.  You can vote all day today and tomorrow.


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