Zen and the art of representing head coaches

A special moment after last night’s win ($$):

A few minutes later, the whooping in Georgia’s locker room could be heard plainly as Kirby Smart gamely went through his own news conference. When Smart was done, his agent, Jimmy Sexton, was waiting for him, and the two back-slapped and joked for a few moments.

And when Sexton was done there, he probably trotted over to the losing locker room to congratulate his other client for coaching his team ($$) to “the best possible version of itself for a stretch against Georgia”.

Remember, grasshoppers — coaches may come, coaches may go, games are won, games are lost, but only one thing is eternal in today’s SEC.


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2 responses to “Zen and the art of representing head coaches

  1. Russ

    Yeah, I noticed that. What message is he sending? Is Kirby due for a new contract?


  2. Haute Dawg

    My, my, my, how the tables have turned…