Bill C’s advanced box score for UGA-UT

He’s not kidding about Stokes, who posted a higher havoc number than UT’s top nine tacklers combined.


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12 responses to “Bill C’s advanced box score for UGA-UT

  1. siskey

    The UF vs. AU box score is pretty interesting too. It may be because they played one another but neither team was really great on offense which I think bodes well for Georgia. I did not watch much of their game, did either impress?


    • William H.

      It was a sloppy game from what I saw. UF’s D was legit though. Secondary is brutal and made Nix look like the frosh he is.

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    • Salty Dawg

      Both teams were all over the place and had numerous turnovers. I did not perceive either team as poised or together like a championship team would have to be. They had their moments, but mentally didn’t hold focus a lot of the time. You always have to watch out, but I’d say the Dawgs will handle things.

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      • Down Island Way

        Lotta’ speed out there for FU…my first hot take was…are these teams really that good (d-wise)….or just that middle of the pack (team wise)


    • Cojones

      Agree with the posted replies (watched the entire game with FU fans present, among others). “Inept” is a better word than “sloppy” for all the turnovers.

      Neither team deserved to win and several people reprimanded me for licking my lips in anticipation of facing both. But first, the tune-up games for us with SC and Ken.


    • Doug

      Neither Auburn nor Florida looked like top-ten teams in my opinion. Florida has a top-ten defense, but their offense has yet to put together a solid four-quarter effort against a team with a pulse. Their leading rusher (Lamical Perine) is averaging only 55 yards per game and 4.7 per carry, and that’s with the 88-yard back-breaker from the Auburn game factored in. Hope they get all the enjoyment they can out of being ranked #7 this week, because that’ll be toast after a few hours in Baton Rouge.


      • Lutz Dawg

        We should handle the Gators if the team is focused and doesn’t turn it over. Auburn is on the road where they are a different team. Their defense will thrive off the fans. that one will be difficult.


  2. Cojones

    Swift had a better catch rate (4/4) than any of the WRs. Puts his total offense in the game at 150 yds. That’s a cure for zeroing in on him on runs.


  3. We should try the wheel route to Swift or Cook every game.


  4. josh hancher

    Dawgs are elite. Don’t need @SDS approval of wins.


    • Uglydawg'

      There is a “lexicon” link at the top of this page.
      This is a lexicon entry…
      Dawgrade (v.) – using hindsight in the wake of a Georgia win to reduce the stature of a previously feared opponent to that of an also-ran. (h/t WH) See also, Pupgrade.


  5. Jack Burton

    I doubted Stokes coming into the season due to his slight build but boy was I wrong.

    Dude is legit. One more offseason in the weight room and he could end up being a 1st rounder. His awareness and instincts are off the charts.