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Boom 1, Bye Week 0

I only wish I had known this before I put this week’s SEC Power Poll together.


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One day, they’ll sit back and laugh about it.

You know, I read a story like this

Muschamp also remains close to Zeier, once the SEC’s all-time leading passer during his playing days with Muschamp a Georgia.

“Yeah, Eric and I were roommates together all four years at Georgia,” Muschamp said. “So, love Eric and his family, we try to see each other the best we can, it’s hard in the job I have.

“He’s a great friend and a great person, outstanding quarterback.”

… and wonder what his former teammates think of Boom when he craps all over Georgia to flatter fans at his current employer.



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Kirby makes havoc.

“Do as I say and as I did!”


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One man’s lonely vigil



Screenshot_2019-10-08 RedditCFB on Twitter Fans imagining what could happen https t co 3I83kCnjGO Twitter

Or longer…


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The fine line between entertainment and obligation

Remember, Georgia fans, it’s not what your football program can do for you, but what you can do for your football program.

Coach Kirby Smart called on Georgia’s fans to help out with an early wake-up call on Saturday.

No. 3-ranked Georgia drew the dreaded noon kickoff for Saturday’s game against South Carolina at Sanford Stadium.

“I want to challenge our fans, who have always responded to challenges, to get in your seats early and get ready for an early kickoff,” Smart said at his weekly news conference on Monday. Our guys will need that support, and we’ll need the crowd noise and the impact that we had in the Notre Dame game.”

I hope we don’t get called out if we’re as insufficiently into the game early as the team looked in Knoxville.

Kirby, if you really want to make sure we’re there, maybe Butts-Mehre should offer a discount to fans who arrive early.


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This seems excessive.

One more thing to be aware of at a football game:

These overpriced beers at a football game cost the vendor more than the fan.

A beer vendor at Sunday’s Miami Dolphins game was arrested after charging a fan $724 for two beers on a personal credit card reader, according to the Miami Herald. Nathaniel Collier is facing charges of third-degree grand theft and possession of a skimming device and was issued a $10,000 bond, according to Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation records.

Collier, 33, didn’t use the credit card reader Hard Rock Stadium provides to vendors, according to a police report obtained by the Herald. The fan received an alert, which included Collier’s name, for the excessive charge.

I have to admit if something like that happened at Sanford Stadium, it would far more likely be due to carelessness, rather than outright criminality.

Then again, when you factor in the Magill Society contribution, three hundred and sixty bucks for a beer doesn’t seem so criminal.


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My Mumme Poll ballot, Week 6

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) TwitterWelp, the votes are in and the polls are closed.  You’ll see the results posted tomorrow.  I’ll just say that the turnout exceeded my expectations by a comfortable margin and the results should give y’all something to chew on.  But, again, that’s for tomorrow.  Today is for discussing our individual ballots.

To kick off the talk, here’s what I turned in yesterday:

  • Alabama
  • Clemson
  • Georgia
  • LSU
  • Ohio State
  • Oklahoma
  • Penn State
  • Wisconsin

(Just missing:  Florida, Notre Dame)

As usual with my early season MP vote, I spent more time deliberating over the teams I excluded from my ballot than those I included.  It still took me less than 15 minutes.  (So easy, even a busy college football head coach could do it!)

Florida is undefeated and has a solid win over an Auburn team that was favored to beat the Gators last weekend.  That being said, while every team on my ballot is undefeated and has at least a wart or two, Florida’s offense strikes me as being sufficiently flawed for the Gators not to be favored over any of the eight teams ahead of them.  Of course, if I’m wrong about that, I’m going to get confirmation very, very soon.

And while Notre Dame looks like the best coached team I’ve seen play so far this season, the Irish do have a loss on their resume and right now, that’s enough for me to keep them out of ballot contention.

So there you have it.  Take shots at my methodology and post your own picks in the comments.


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Scenes from inside the sausage factory

One of my favorite side diversions in our regular debates on amateurism is the desire expressed by some of you that one day, the NCAA and its member schools will wake up and once again embrace the purity of the academic mission, returning college athletics to their intended pristine state.

To which I say:  Not. Gonna. Happen.

Newly released NCAA records show a Pac-12 president came up with a way to help the NCAA catch schools who fraudulently help student athletes stay eligible and avoid complaints of NCAA enforcement overreach.

But his proposal failed after an NCAA committee found little support from athletic conferences.

University of Oregon President Michael Schill made the proposal for a panel of university presidents who are not serving on NCAA committees to identify egregious academic fraud. He said having a panel of academics making that decision would address long-standing opposition member schools have had toward letting NCAA officials determining what constitutes academic fraud. NCAA rules currently leave that decision to the members.

But Schill’s proposal didn’t survive. It was dropped despite two special NCAA committees’ recommendations in the wake of the UNC-Chapel Hill academic-athletic scandal that the association step up policing of academic fraud in egregious cases.

Bad for business, peeps, bad for business.  But you keep dreaming…


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For all the marbles

Matt Hinton made a good point yesterday.  With the seasons Ohio State and Oklahoma are turning in, the odds that the SEC puts two teams in the CFP are declining every week.

The Sooners will also be heavy favorites in every remaining game, beginning with this weekend’s rivalry tilt against Texas. If not the Longhorns, who in the Big 12 is going to beat them? Ditto Ohio State, which boasts arguably an even more improved D than Oklahoma’s and the lopsided scoring margin (+40.5 points per game, best in the nation) to go with it. Already the Buckeyes have improved from a 0.7 percent chance of running the table in the preseason, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index, to a 40.1 percent chance after 6 games. That’s second only to Clemson’s 60 percent, despite the fact that OSU’s 3 toughest games all lie ahead.

Partly that’s due to those two looking better than expected in the preseason, but partly it’s due to the rest of their respective conferences looking to put up less resistance than was expected.

Know who’s living up to preseason expectations?  Yep.

The only place where the thinning of the herd is actually certain is, as ever, in the SEC.

With Florida’s 24-13 win over Auburn, all 4 of the SEC outfits that began the season in the top 10 (Alabama, Georgia, LSU and Florida) remain in the top 10, with a 21-0 record overall and a 3-0 mark against other top 10 opponents. Add Auburn to that group — the Tigers still control their fate, for what it’s worth — and not only does the conference boast 5 plausible Playoff contenders, nearly as many as the other major conferences combined; those 5 contenders still have to go head-to-head 6 more times in the regular season, not including the winner-take-all epic that awaits the survivors in Atlanta.

Gators-Tigers was only the first in what’s shaping up as a weekly installment of The Eliminator:

  • Oct. 12: Florida at LSU
  • Oct. 26: Auburn at LSU
  • Nov. 2: Georgia vs. Florida
  • Nov. 9: LSU at Alabama
  • Nov. 16: Georgia at Auburn
  • Nov. 30: Alabama at Auburn
  • Dec. 7: SEC Championship Game

It is what it is.  We’d best hope this is the season Georgia gets over the Alabama hump.


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From cannon shot to crapper

Poor ‘Cock fans.  In a year, they’ve gone from swag to total apathy.


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