Boom 1, Bye Week 0

I only wish I had known this before I put this week’s SEC Power Poll together.


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10 responses to “Boom 1, Bye Week 0

  1. Jack Klompus

    So, where would you have ranked the bye week?


  2. Brandon M

    Man it sure is nice spending each work week relaxed and comfortable in the fact that in a few short days we are going to lay a world of pain on yet another one of our rivals while they sit across the border knowing that its coming, yet can do nothing about it. Enjoy these days fellow Dawg fans. Hell after Saturday the season’s halfway over. As long as the offseason is, the fun part goes by mighty quick.


    • MDDawg

      You ain’t kidding. It’s like waiting for football…waiting for football…waiting for football…FOOTBALL!…waiting…


  3. Cojones

    Saw the odds listing going back in this series, and the current odds, – 25, is the largest spread in the history of the series dating back to 1959.

    That’s a lot of points against a team that just beat BYE.


  4. Mayor

    Kirby has beaten every SEC East team for more than two years in a row now. That’s great and all of us are happy. That said, Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer are no longer coaching in the SEC East.


  5. Doug

    Actually complimenting his alma mater rather than making throwaway jokes about how dumb it made him? Man, four years in Columbia really have taken a lot out of Muschamp.