Kirby makes havoc.

“Do as I say and as I did!”


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  1. Biggus Rickus

    I assume someone has noted this before, but Smart has been like the upgraded version of Muschamp from their playing days on.

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  2. JasonC

    If I remember correctly, Kirby had another big game against Florida in 1997 when the Dawgs won- at least 1 INT if not a couple.


    • Mark

      His most impressive play in that game, to me at least, came close to the end of it. Florida was backed up deep in their territory and was at 4th and long. Their QB overthrew the receiver and the ball came straight to Kirby. And instead of doing what any other DB would have done and intercepting the pass, he knew UGA’s field position would be better if the pass was incomplete, so he knocked the ball down.

      Smart, and selfless.

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  3. dawgfan1995

    I remember that SC game well. It was my first as a law student in Athens. I woke up at 8 AM that morning to the sound of my roommates friends from Dalton watching TV in the living room and to the smell of the Jack Daniels they were drinking.

    IIRC, we cheered Steve Tanneyhill that day when he left the game with an injury.


  4. Doug

    I gotta think that could be used to some motivating effect for the DBs this week. “If I can create that kind of chaos for South Carolina’s offense, y’all damn sure better be able to.”


  5. Uglydawg

    What’s the line on the game this week?
    I’m a died in the wool Munsonite but I’ve got a feeling this will be the week the Dawgs really, really come around and roll from coin toss on.
    The second string was disappointed that they didn’t get in last week (or barely did). I think we see them early.
    I’ll be pulling hard for both SEC Bulldog teams this week.


  6. Dawg19

    That was a fun game all around. Robert Edwards had something like five touchdowns total that game. Hines Ward destroyed a defensive back on one of Edwards’ touchdowns.


    • Ben

      You saying this reminds me that I was watching this game and eating lunch at Mobley’s in Burke County when this game was on. Watching Edwards (a converted DB!) was a revelation.


      • UnderDog68

        Edwards should have been at RB from day one here. Just another example of Goff’s mismanagement of players.


  7. David H.

    I was in the stands for that game as well. The first game of my senior year at UGA. That year started off so well with a 42-23 win over the Gamecocks and then a great first half the next week at Knoxville, but injuries ruined the season.

    In that South Carolina game, I remember big plays by these two new DBs whom I’d never heard of before that: Kirby Smart and Trey Sipe.


    • Normaltown Mike

      The loss at home to Flarduh was the exclamation point on an awful season.

      On the plus side, Braves beat the Tribe that night and a riotous crowed turned over a car downtown (the hot dog man’s car, in fact).


  8. ApalachDawg

    Taneyhill is up there with Spurrier on Mount Rushmore of Dicks.

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    • AlphaDawg

      I got curious and googled the Great Mullet and he is now the proud proprietor of a dive bar in the five points area of Columbia. Seems so appropriate.


  9. Mark

    The late Brice Hunter running helmetless through the Gamecock secondary….


  10. Derek

    The two big hits that day were Frank Watts knocking Taneyhill out (1:08) and 19 giving some poor SC DB the Hines Ward special on peel back block. (2:01:30).

    This was Edwards coming out party. Lasted one more half in Knoxville.

    47 had 7 TD in less than 4 quarters between the second half here and the first half the next week.


    • You could still see Memorial Hall then, when I moved here in 84 I could look down from my office there and see into the stadium!


    • Normaltown Mike

      Thanks for posting

      A friend of mine was backpacking around Europe when he got a phone call that some guy named Robert Edwards scored 5 TD’s against SCe.

      He jumped on the first plane he could catch home.


  11. Metal Steel

    Any y’all remember RoloDawg on the original DawgVent? He used to rail on Kirby bad. Wonder what happened to that fool?


  12. Salty Dawg

    Thanks, Senator! Kirbs is the real deal because he is a DGD! I bet the new-to-the-squad kids get a kick out of seeing their coach in his glory days! I bet it gives them a better sense of appreciation for him. It would do it for me.


  13. Any y’all old Dawgs remember RoloDawg on the original DawgVent in the 90’s ? He used to give KB hell as being weak. What ever happened to that fool BTW?