One day, they’ll sit back and laugh about it.

You know, I read a story like this

Muschamp also remains close to Zeier, once the SEC’s all-time leading passer during his playing days with Muschamp a Georgia.

“Yeah, Eric and I were roommates together all four years at Georgia,” Muschamp said. “So, love Eric and his family, we try to see each other the best we can, it’s hard in the job I have.

“He’s a great friend and a great person, outstanding quarterback.”

… and wonder what his former teammates think of Boom when he craps all over Georgia to flatter fans at his current employer.


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26 responses to “One day, they’ll sit back and laugh about it.

  1. MGW

    I just can’t get worked up about all that; that’s the nature of the job. It’s not like it’s working anyhow, and he’ll be a great DC for us for a couple years once South Carolina lets him go.


  2. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Boom did that at Florida and it’s no surprise to hear him do it at SC. Once boorishness becomes part of the package, no one is surprised any more and there’s no reaction. Lots more examples if you want them but this is not the Playpen.


  3. Doug

    I’m not mad about Muschamp’s primary loyalty being to South Carolina now rather than Georgia. Honestly, it’d be weird if that wasn’t the case, and his bosses would (rightly) be questioning his commitment to the job if he went around waxing poetic about UGA all the time.

    It’s the way he does it that bothers me, talking about UGA like it was some shithole he didn’t really want to be at. A simple “I loved my time at UGA, I’m grateful for the opportunities it gave me, but I’m 100% committed to the Gamecocks now” would sum things up just fine. But slagging off the quality of the education he got, even in jest, rubs me the wrong way. Fortunately, given that the quality of the education and the football continue to be vastly superior in Athens, I don’t find myself dwelling on it much.

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    • The 984

      Exactly this. I don’t begrudge him that he coached at Florida or South Carolina. I don’t even begrudge him that they would be his primary interest once coaching there. It’s part of the business. Coaches move around and go to different schools, often rivals of their alma mater. Vince Dooley was an Auburn grad. Mark Richt went to Miami then was a part of the coaching staff that helped FSU dominate the 90s. It happens.

      What they didn’t do was talk bad about their alma maters. They never tried to call it temporary insanity, or a bad decision, or anything. They, and the fans, recognized that they went there for playing opportunities and to start their career. Muschamp, for whatever dumb reason, can’t seem to understand that.

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    • Debby Balcer

      Bingo. Kirby never trashed Georgia while he was at Alabama although he did almost come home and then change his mind. You don’t hear BMac trashing Georgia either.

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      • Kirby never trashed Georgia while he was at Alabama

        Publicly, that is. He was certainly doing it on the recruiting trail and it’s why Bama fans are so pissed at him now that he’s no longer doing their dirty work.


    • Lutz Dawg

      I happened to be at work where Boom gave one of his first speeches to Gator sponsors. He used the term school up north that he attended. He made a special note to say he grew up in Gainesville, FL. I was so mad at him that night. I wanted to approach him and let him know I was a UGA alum and he’s a disgrace to our university. The way you put it, Doug, is exactly how he should say it.


  4. Spike

    Eric hopefully thinks what a lot of us think of Boom. He’s an overrated asshole, who shit on his alma mater, an has never won anything of note as a head coach.

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  5. The Tick

    So … he’s NOT a double agent?!


  6. ApalachDawg

    They know that he is all Dawg but he is getting paid mullions to lead rivals schools against his alma mater. He has to go a little over the top so his local rubber chicken circuit crowd doesn’t get suspicious.



    Boom makes how much?

    Some folks have thin skin.


  8. Cojones

    I agree that it is a nonissue, unlike when he began at FU and “Guaranteed” an 11 yr old girl that he would beat UGA every year. Not.


  9. Russ

    Are we seeing the rehabilitation of Agent Muschamp?


  10. Uglydawg

    It’s part of his job.
    I think he is probably a good guy outside of being an opposing coach.


  11. Go Dawgs!

    They’re probably like me, happy that save for that one time in the Cocktail Party the only way he can really seem to get over on the Dawgs is from a podium and not from the sideline.


  12. PharmDawg

    It bears repeating…

    The difference between Bobo, Kirby, and Muschamp is:

    Bobo will agree to fight outside Allen’s Hamburgers.

    Kirby is too snooty to fight outside Allen’s; he would only agree to fight outside a high-class establishment like Five Guys.

    Muschamp will agree to fight five guys outside Allen’s.


  13. BuffaloSpringfield

    Sorry to be in the minority but given circumstance not one of you, well let me say this Would Be a Coach. You might be if you had the qualification but I’d make money on you being sincere to your alma mater if the $$$ was thrown at you.
    Muschamp was a Dawg and will always be. He’ll say what he needs to say to do his job. Ya’ll do it every week day and if another vendor cuts your prices for business items, doings, you would hack his company and then salesman as quick as you could buy lunch on Friday with who you are dealing business with.
    Perhaps if the sun rises tomorrow a Dawg is Dawg. Zeier. Kirbs, Gurly, Belue…… all of em ya’ll talk shit about Chubb because Browns got embarrassed.
    Yea Will went another way but Robert Edwards became a running back from a defensive back. Ya’ll cussed Golf but damn if he didn’t beat the Cocks with the option while I stood on the bridge and wasn’t able to buy a seat to get in Sanford. Ray never turned out real well.Neither did Donnon, cause on his radio show on Sunday night invited a caller to come on down to practice and show us “them plays you got that’s gonna work”.
    Chill, we ain’t gonna always win em all. As Munson said ‘Ole Lady Luck smiled on us”. Maybe she will again. Perhaps if your spirt for auGA was more in tune with the school rather than your $$$$$$$$. You might see underneath a Dawg is a Dawg…..


    • Macallanlover

      That’s BS, and everyone knows it. He has handled this like an idiot, you don’t turn on your past for money. There is way to be true to what you stood for, it shouldn’t be for sale. And if you do decide to be a turncoat ho, you aren’t ever welcomed back. Screw him.


    • Did Pat Dye ever take shots at being a Georgia grad? Did Vince Dooley ever say I was insane to go to Auburn?

      Boom has been out of line on this since he took the FU job.

      Sometimes being in the minority just means you’re wrong.