A notable anniversary coming up

In case you didn’t remember…

It bears repeating that, for a Georgia football fan, the Hargrett Library is an invaluable resource.


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  1. Legatedawg

    Georgia should contact Yale and get them to come play for the centenary in 10 years. A nice change-up from the usual lower divisionals such as Murray State, in addition to the historical relevance.

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    • Mick Jagger

      Great idea!


    • I believe it’s Ivy League policy that its members don’t play FCS schools.


      • It doesn’t appear to be Ivy League policy. The problem appears to be that the Ivy League doesn’t offer athletic (or academic) scholarships. Therefore, a win doesn’t count for bowl eligibility.

        The question would be whether UGA would be willing to accept the strength of schedule hit and would be willing to make a payment worth it to Yale to take a beating.

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      • The 984

        That’s likely true. I did a quick look, and it appears that Yale’s last FBS opponent was Army in 2014 (and before that Army in 1996).

        They’re playing Mercer a lot in the next few years. While it wouldn’t involve us, I’d almost like it if we extended an offer for Yale and Mercer (the first opponent in Sanford vs UGA’s first opponent period) to play a game in Sanford in 2029 during a bye week, assuming we can’t get Yale ourselves.

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    • Union Jack

      I pretty sure that no one from the Ivies will schedule D1A teams anymore since all of the Ivies are non-scholarship and only travel 62 for away games.

      Might make more sense to get a waiver to invite them for a Spring game scrimmage or something.

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    • Derek

      Who wants to watch amateurs?? Academically qualified college students with athletic ambition willing to represent their school with NOTHING in return?


      If we did this that sort of idea could take root and all of a sudden college football would be, you know, college football.

      Terrible idea!!

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  2. Doggoned

    Fascinating photos. I’d love to see a wider shot of what the surrounding campus looked like at the time. Wonder how many of the buildings I frequented weren’t even there yet.


  3. rchris

    Pullleeaze Greg McGarrity. What Legatedawg said!


  4. Biggen

    Its weird thing with me, but when I look at old pictures I always wonder what certain buildings were used for. Like that small building in the foreground near the endzone. I wonder what they used that for?


  5. Ozam

    An early episode of the ESPN series Saturdays in the South presented a fascinating story on the Yale-UGA connection and the building of Sanford stadium.


    • Godawg

      Yep. I liked the story about having the goat as a mascot in 1892 and when we lost to Auburn the team barbecued it. They literally used a goat for the escape goat.

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  6. cigarstock

    My granddad was there and put his ticket in his suit coat pocket and when he got home he put it in an old college school book he had. He told us that he had it and it had never seen the light of day since 1929 until he died. I have it framed so it is visible from both sides and it is in MINT condition. I had a client that was quite wealthy but really crazy and he offered me thousands for it. When I told him that it wasn’t for sale, he said “that’s ok, I’ll come back and steal it”. I took it home.

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  7. Billy Mumphrey

    This game is like Woodstock, if all of the old codgers that claim to have been there were really there, there would have been a million spectators in the stadium that day.


  8. Muttley

    My dad’s got a ticket and a program; they’re both gorgeous.

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  9. Ugajeff

    I heard Logan Booker (I enjoy his Second string podcast humor!) discuss if it’s possible to get Yale here in a decade for the 100th anniversary. That would be pretty special…Make it happen Uga!
    Is there a reason (other than scholarships & competition) you don’t see an Ivy League school play any other P5 teams for a non-conf matchup? Is there a rule that would prevent it?

    Oh, and congrats on the 50 Mill hits Senator! I’ve enjoyed many years of commiserating with you through the blog…it’s uncanny how so many times you’ve put into words exactly what I was thinking!


  10. Muttley

    I remember the ’29 team gathered on the field at (I think) the LSU game on the 50th anniversary in 1979. I was 14.


  11. FlyingPeakDawg

    Let’s celebrate 90 year old restrooms! And the concession workers still there!

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  12. Tony Barnfart

    The expansion of the stadium over the decades has really been an injustice to the beauty of memorial hall. I love the old pics looking north from the south sides with the mosaic of buildings in the background.

    I’d love to know more about the old Lucas house— torn down to build Reed hall i think. Also, the trees. All.The.Trees. Very Keenan’esque.