Today, in cannon shots

The dream.  (Yeah, it’s factually erroneous, but work with him here.)

The reality ($$).

The Gamecocks are 16-25 in the SEC since that 2014 win against Georgia. The most notable thing about the 2015 game for South Carolina is how Lambert’s performance became a kind of measuring stick for the Gamecocks’ struggles. South Carolina fans noted how poorly Lambert played after absolutely shredding them in the third game of the season and that fact coupled with their own losses really drove home how fast things were sinking.

When Greyson Lambert becomes a measuring stick, you ain’t climbing levels as soon as you think.

Oh, and before I forget…


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33 responses to “Today, in cannon shots

  1. Biggen

    That twitter thread is something to behold. Does the OP really think USCjr will be “at Georgia’s level” by next near? After the stellar season they are having so far? He must be high…


  2. 81Dog

    I guess Boom is going to sign 25 5 star players and get a bunch of immediately eligible transfer AA and all SEC types.

    And monkeys might fly out of my butt. Don’t ever change, Chikins.


  3. Gaskilldawg

    Did I read it incorrectly? The Cock claims we finished unranked in 2012? Garbage info in, garbage opinion out.


    • Russ

      Yeah, I’m not understanding the original tweet. In 2011 we won the SECE. In 2012 we won the SECE and barely list the defacto MNC game against Bama.

      Are they just rewriting history now?

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  4. Mike Cooley

    Those freaking people. How do they keep convincing themselves that they are just this close?


  5. Mark

    Chicken tastes great!


  6. MDDawg

    Greyson Lambert was a totally average QB, but he has his name in the NCAA record books from that one game. Crazy.


  7. dawgtired

    “By next season, year 5 for Muschamp, Gamecock fans should expect to be at Georgia’s level.”

    Wouldn’t Muschamp have needed to have recruited at Georgia’s level the years prior to be on Georgia’s level by next year? The consensus recruiting rankings 2017 thru 2019 are GA – 3, 1, 2 and SC – 21, 18, 17 respectively. That will take some serious adjustments in coaching and player growth to match levels in 2020. Am I understanding the writer? Just thinking out loud.


    • Gaskilldawg

      How many times have you read on college football message boards, “I would rather have a 3 star who loves [insert poster’s team] than a bunch of 5 stars.” Guess those folks really mean it.


  8. Jim

    If Fromm leaves early maybe Hilinksi will see an opportunity and transfer to UGA to be “closer to home”…


  9. Mark

    Speaking of cannon shots, I note that Rick Sandidge has played in two games for the poultry this year. He has recorded two tackles, one solo and one assist.


  10. 3rdandGrantham

    Using his idiotic logic, given that UK had beaten SCU FIVE straight times and finished higher in the pools in the last two years, starting next year we should expect UK to go on another five year run. Or better.


  11. Notion to change the Lexicon of Beyond Crompton to Beyond Lambert.


  12. Former Fan

    How does a player like JC not get blocked? No one even looked at him. It happened in their bowl game too with Michigan. You would think that if the OL was going to overlook a player, it would not be the defensive star sack machine.


  13. Granthams replacement

    UGA finished #6 in both polls in 2012, no sure where the unranked came from.


  14. Macallanlover

    You can see why a team with their history can be distraught after what has evolved at both UGA and Clemson the past few years, and now an uptick at UNC. Not only is your past very weak, your chances of closing the gap have all closed. In retrospect, that brief taste of success may have been the worst thing of all for them. We have all been in tough times, even Bama, but the finality of seeing all hope disappear is something UGA fans have never had to face.


  15. Union Jack

    I am always impressed by the loyalty and support the South Carolina fanbase gives to its football team and I am totally flabbergasted at the amount of bravado and obnoxious behavior said fanbase exhibits for a program with an overall record of 608-579-44.

    They are just 30 games over .500 after playing football for 126 years. They have had 34 head coaches and only 13 of them have winning coaching records. They have had 11 head coaches since 1960 and only 4 had records over .500 (Carlen, Morrison, Spurrier & Muschamp.)

    They have only been to 23 bowl games. They have won only 9 of those and Spurrier has 5 of those wins.

    They have an 18-51-2 record against us. In fairness halft of those wins have come since they joined the conference but still I can remember games in Athens even in the 80’s where their fans walked around like we are even rivals.

    There is no way Muschamp is going to get them to the level of challenging for the division by next year and if they run him off – more power to them.

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    • Governor Milledge

      You’re forgetting the most important ‘Cock achievement – 1969 ACC Conference Championship Winners (only conference ‘ship to-date)


  16. Dawg19

    It’s nice to see that Baghdad Bob found work.


  17. Dawg19

    By the way, those 2011-2013 South Carolina teams only lost a total of three SEC East games, yet still never won the division.


  18. Spike

    Bless their pot lickin’ hearts..


  19. FlyingPeakDawg

    I am convinced the inventors of Twitter were sitting around in a coffee shop one day and mused: “If only there were a way for ignorant people to communicate stupid thoughts to the whole world…”


  20. WHB209

    Lambert might have been just average. But GA won a pot full of games with him at QB and the best thing is he made Spurrier quit the game all together.
    Which makes him a Dawg hero in my book..


  21. Mayor

    Bluto, why do you keep beating up on Greyson Lambert? I know you went to UVA undergrad and Lambert was the WB there when the team wasn’t so great but that really was on the HC not Lambert. Lambert graduate transferred to Georgia at a time we needed a guy like him to fill in and he did fine—won 10 out of the 12 games he started as I recall then stepped out of the way with class when Eason showed up. He did everything the coaches asked of him. In my mind he is a DGD.