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The fightin’ Pruitts

Really, this sounds fine.

Jeremy Pruitt didn’t see the skirmish on Tennessee’s sideline during the second half of Saturday night’s loss to Georgia, but the second-year head coach of the Vols was glad to hear about it when he was told about it after the fact.

Various accounts of the brouhaha on the sideline included offensive line coach Will Friend, another member of the support staff and a handful of players, but Pruitt didn’t get into any of the specifics when asked about the situation on Monday during his weekly press conference.

Pruitt also admitted he wasn’t all that bothered by what he heard about it.

He was excited instead.

“No, I don’t think it was with Will Friend,” Pruitt said. “I think it was some of our players. I didn’t see it either, so I got told about it, and when I got told about it, I was fired up. I’m glad we got some passion around here that people want to do things the right way. We need a few more of them, if you ask me.”

Hey, you can’t accuse Jeremy of not practicing what he preaches, at least judging from some of the rumors that surfaced during his time in Athens.


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Dress for success

Judging by the number of messages I got from you guys about it, this Todd Gurley picture struck a resounding chord:

Screenshot_2019-10-11 (17) todd gurley - Twitter Search Twitter

Good to see there are no hard feelings.  I know just how he feels.


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