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GTP contest

Okay, who you got as the first player or coach to say, “all our goals are still ahead of us”?


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I just can’t quit you, manball.

At munus-4 in turnover margin, I guess you could say Georgia imposed its will on itself.


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Winning the parking lot

Right damned purty.



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Game day post, ‘Cocky edition

Leaving in the next half hour — nooners are a bitch, man — so I’ll make this brief.

The statistics strongly suggest this shouldn’t be any closer than the Tennessee game was.  But between the early start and Kirby’s affinity for Boom, I have the feeling that Georgia’s gonna come up just short of covering the 24.5-point spread.  Call it something like 34-10, 38-14 or 40-17.

Though it would be nice if this were the game when this team finally came out early and played like they were shot out of a cannon.

Yeah, I’ve been saving that line for three days.

Have at it in the comments.


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Name that caption, so proud of him edition

Art imitates art, or something.

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The GPOOE™ tries again.

Hey, I gave Tebow grief over the last Georgia analysis he spouted, so it’s only fair to give him credit for a more astute observation.

“It’s that balance offensively,” Tebow said on the SEC Nation set on Georgia’s Myers Quad on Friday. “I think it’s being able to, when you have to throw it, being able to throw it and being able to have that balance. When you look at a lot of the top teams right now, they have very explosive offenses. I think where Georgia is a little bit different is they’re balanced offense, defense, special teams. I think they’ve been more consistent in all three of those, but I still think there’s going to be a time, and there is for every team that wins a championship, when it’s just not going your way and you have to say, ‘okay, we’re going to have to put it on this dude to win it.’ I think that has to be Jake. I think he can do it. I just want them to give him the chance to be able to do that more.”  [Emphasis added.]

I’m not saying that’s a deep dive, but it’s accurate.


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“I feel it is best we go in different directions.”

This is one helluva story.

Pierce College is investigating a situation in which football coach Carlos Woods reportedly forced 30 players to live in a three-bedroom apartment, according to the school’s student newspaper The Roundup News.

The report also suggests that four additional students lived in the team’s locker room. The situation allegedly arose because of Woods’ promises to recruits before the fall semester in 2018. Those promises included housing for his new players, which the coach never actually secured…

Former player Jose Cordova described the situation, saying Woods originally told four or five players they would share a three-bedroom apartment and spilt all of the bills.

“Coach Woods told me that I was valid to move to L.A. from Orlando, Florida, and that my housing would be set up with other players coming in and returning athletes,” Cordova said. “Woods told me that it would be four to five players in a three bedroom, and we would all split the bills and each pay $350 for rent – everything included.”

“He promised actual living space, and it ended up being like a camp/jail with how many people were living in that house,” Cordova added. “Lines Woods had crossed would be 30 guys in a three-bedroom and almost half of his recruits wouldn’t pay rent and bills wouldn’t be paid.”

Cordova also admitted that eviction notices began to pop up. The money that Woods collected from the team for rent was not being used for that purpose.  [Emphasis added.]

That’s the first time I’ve seen coaching college kids as a straight out grift.  Eh, but you can’t blame the school, right?  I mean, how could they know Woods was a scumba…

At a previous post as the football coach at Gavilan College, Woods and another coach were placed on administrative leave after recruiting and benefits violations occurred in 2017, according to the SanBenito.com.

Oh.  I’m guessing a search firm wasn’t involved in his hire.


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