The GPOOE™ tries again.

Hey, I gave Tebow grief over the last Georgia analysis he spouted, so it’s only fair to give him credit for a more astute observation.

“It’s that balance offensively,” Tebow said on the SEC Nation set on Georgia’s Myers Quad on Friday. “I think it’s being able to, when you have to throw it, being able to throw it and being able to have that balance. When you look at a lot of the top teams right now, they have very explosive offenses. I think where Georgia is a little bit different is they’re balanced offense, defense, special teams. I think they’ve been more consistent in all three of those, but I still think there’s going to be a time, and there is for every team that wins a championship, when it’s just not going your way and you have to say, ‘okay, we’re going to have to put it on this dude to win it.’ I think that has to be Jake. I think he can do it. I just want them to give him the chance to be able to do that more.”  [Emphasis added.]

I’m not saying that’s a deep dive, but it’s accurate.



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  1. ApalachDawg

    Agree with you giving him credit but he is still a booger eater.


  2. “I just want them to give him the chance to be able to do that more.”

    Does Timmy understand that Jake is generally responsible for every call at the line of scrimmage? He’s just as much the offensive coordinator at Coley.

    Jake said it best after last week … something to the effect of this team is playing for the front of the jersey rather than the back.


  3. PDawg30577

    Whether he talks good or ill of us — whether he speaks of us at all — Tebow can FOAD.


  4. Bigshot

    I don’t know if I would agree with the special teams part.


    • Macallanlover

      Muffed punt aside, my only concern is with the lack of consistency from our punter. Honestly seems to be a head issue with him; seems to be caught between two different “swings” at times. Happens a lot to golfers when you are being coached to try something different but you have quite bought in 100%. The indecision occurs during the “action”. I dunno, best guess I can make. Carmada has plenty of leg strength, he seems more like a Jacob Eason problem, lacks accuracy and cannot get comfortable doing what he is there for. We need to solve this soon, the big games are coming soon.


  5. Derek

    Very accurate and if last Saturday’s game is an indication, I think Jake can get it done. As much as I’d rather watch Zeus salt away a clock in the fourth quarter with a lead come December or January, it’s just as likely that we’ll need 11 to get us a lead late.

    There is not another team in the country who can win a championship or playoff game with, or without, their qb playing at a high level in the second half and that’s why we ought to be ranked a bit higher. Everyone of our potential opponents is qb dependent. And that’s a weakness not a strength. I’d say 1 or 1a with OSU. However, if not going for that yard vs. ND kept us from wearing that #1 mantle (read: target) through October and November, it might have been a genius move.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    There’s Something About Timmy….

    “…and being able to have that balance.” This is a guy who knows about balance. Waving religious beliefs while defending Aaron Hernandez is all about balance.

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  7. I keep hearing this. It makes no sense. Our offense is balanced and has been rolling. But people want Jake to throw it more because he’s great.

    That’s fine except:
    We haven’t needed to do that yet. So why do we need to do that?
    if we do then people will say we need to give it to Swift more.


  8. Classic City Canine

    Well….Tim was right on, except that Jake wilted in the spotlight instead of coming through.