Not with a bang, but with a misread

This really was the perfect end to a day full of whiffs.

Well, by the offense, anyway.  Rodrigo still had his capper to come.


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  1. chopdawg

    Gawd, that interception is tuff to watch. My seats are on the other side of the stadium, didn’t realize what a blatant drop that was.


  2. The other Doug

    Fromm seeing the whole field, knowing where everyone is, and progressing through check downs is all made up and flagellant.

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    • W

      Donno enough to know, but does seem overblown. Whatever he does, Fields couldn’t do it. So it isn’t nothing.


    • This year? Yesterday? Sure. Previously? No. It’s not difficult to find evidence that he went through progressions in the previous years. That’s all on his OC and QB coach and that’s on Kirby allowing it to happen.

      This is where we obviously got outcoached yesterday- Muschamp and his staff saw those tendencies and had a plan and a defense that executed it. SC had about as good a defensive gameplay as you’ll see and all we had was impose your will between the guards or throwing deep. Credit to SC but this was bound to happen and it was obvious since the ND game. Our simple offense made it so easy for ND’s defense.

      Simple routes, simple blocking schemes, very little intermediate and very little spreading things out. Who the hell doesn’t know Swift is gonna run the ball when we’re empty backfield shotgun with Swift split out? A 6th OL with no lead blocker to run the ball? SC was filling gaps before we even got to the line because they knew our tendencies. This is what concerns me about Smart being a defensive HC. I love impose your will but it doesn’t always work and you have to have options. Imo, Coley is really gonna hurt this program if this is what he’s got or if Kirby allows it. Yesterday made me miss Cheney because at least he had pass routes and plays to challenge a DC. I’m just a nobody but our offensive gameplay yesterday, ND game and much of the season is an SEC caliber DC’s wet dream.


    • Jason

      Its alot of smoke. He checks down too fast makes the safe throw. And doesn’t anticipate developing plays.

      He is the ultimate safe passer.

      Which isnt always what you want.

      This has been my take since last year.


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

    Jake spent the entire game looking almost exclusively to the right side of the field and threw too many low percentage passes or the over-used out routes that South Carolina is the first team I’ve seen sit on in a good bit of defensive game planning by Boom.

    He missed a ton of reads yesterday. That also comes down to coaching. Coley has not been a good QB coach or OC. He’s a great recruiter. It’s time for Kirby to stop hiring pure recruiters to his staff and start hiring guys who can actually scheme and develop that talent. Chaney couldn’t do any of that, being a terrible recruiter and a mediocre coach. Coley is a poor coach.

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    • Greg

      Not Fromm’s best game, but he certainly did not get a lot of help from his receivers. For the most part they were covered, not able to break free….which also probably resulted in some sacks.

      Two of those interceptions were on his receivers, one went thru the hands of his receiver & was picked off. The other, the guy ran the wrong route.

      The fumble, it looked to me like the center was moving to the right before the snap was complete…while Fromm was going left. Fromm took the blame for that, but I don’t know.

      Nonetheless, he was not his usual self, but he did not have as bad a game as some say. He just didn’t get a lot of help from his receivers. A glaring issue, especially when his top receiver went out of the

      Agree for the most part on coaching, some poor decisions were made and I also question the philosophy and game planning.

      I also am beginning to wonder even if we get a top flight OC, will Smart let him operate… have the autonomy. Kirby strikes me as being too autocratic & too stubborn to change. He wants his hands in everything (micromanaged).

      We still could have probably won this game. The decision not to let Blankenship try that 55 yarder to end the game still is a head scratcher. End it there, instead we get a penalty of 5 yards and push it back more…..hell, I would have even given him a shot there rather than a Hail Mary……the chances would have been better.

      Didn’t like that 4th & 4 call where we had to turn the ball over either. SC just took it a few more yards & kicked a FG. Too risky of a call…

      I honestly don’t think he changes, too stubborn.

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      • Dawgwood

        I’d agree with some of your points, but when they were open Fromm was doing a poor job finding them and delivering an accurate throw. As in the last play before the end of the game. I had not seen that reply and didn’t realize how open Swift was. But of all the Fromm mistakes yesterday the throw he missed to a wide open Swift on the crossing route after the missed Carolina FG on first down was brutal. Swift would’ve had Dawgs in FG range or better.


        • Greg

          Agree, didn’t have his best game……and he will probably be the first to admit it.

          Just saying for the most part, he didn’t have a lot of help from his receivers. On most plays, there will always be somebody open, you just got about 2.5 seconds to find them. Ain’t as easy as some think.

          A team loss, but I put this more on the staff than any. Changes need to be made, whether it’s philosophically, game day decisions, game planning or personal…..or maybe all of it. If not, we will see it happen again before the year is over.


          • dawgman3000

            But he is a master at reading defenses I’ve been told. He should know where his open guy is going to be right?


          • Olddawg55

            Greg, you seem to have analyzed the base problem. We have the talent but even with that you have to have the right scheme. Coley is a prisoner of Smart’s ego….KS cannot let go the defense and because he elevated the OC like he did the DC he feels like he must run that job too to succeed.
            That micromanaging not only leads to Coley blindly kowtowing to Smart on offensive philosophy but in a game like SC it impacts the players to the point of eroding their confidence and their performance. You see the OC/DCs on the sidelines and compare their demeanor with Smart…he is frantically running from player to player to coach and yelling out commands. I saw more defensive hesitancy and confusion this game than ever before. Lay this game, regardless of individual performances on the coaching staff…and you’re right, this has to be fixed and only Smart can do it.


        • Chapindawg

          And on the Simmons interception, D. Robinson is wide open in middle, but I know it is against our offensive philosophy to ever throw it over the middle

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          • Greg

            He hit Simmons right in the hands, he should have caught it. He also hit Wolf right in the hands in the 1st Qtr. and he couldn’t hold on. We missed a key 1st down conversion. He hangs on, we more than likely go on to score. Fromm getting way more blame than he should.

            Again, not Fromm’s best game, but he certainly did not get a lot of help from his receivers. Cager going out also really hurt.

            Some of these young receivers are going to have to grow up quick. Hope Cager doesn’t miss any time….


            • gastr1

              A point on that last play where he missed Swift in the middle of the field: Fromm was clearly trying to back shoulder that ball to Robertson. Seems to me that in the corner like that, with a long throw, that’s the best place to put that pass. I thought Robertson did a pretty crappy job of recognizing what was going on and making the right play himself. Call me crazy, but I think I see a lot of this stuff from all of our receivers not named Cager.

              But yes, Fromm should have thrown to the ball to Swift regardless.


              • ASEF

                That’s not where or how Robertson is going to excel. He is (generously) 6 feet tall, and his best asset is just pure speed. He’s the guy you hit who has a step on a DB. Any back shoulder effort with him is hoping the DB is so frantic to catch up that he draws a flag. That’s probably your best result on that throw to that guy.


        • Fromm did throw a few pass behind guys on crossing type routes and I imagine coverage and pressure led to some of that. Our offense just seemed so ill prepared and that’s mostly on coaching. It’s almost like we thought we could do the same things we have been and a good SEC DC wouldn’t catch on.

          I honestly felt that our offensive gameplay allowed Notre Dame to stay in the game, even making things easier on them. It’s been that way all season but I assumed it was because we didn’t need to do more. The ND game left me worried about our offensive approach.


      • Hill had issues with snaps a couple times last year, too. I suspect what happened yesterday was he was used to shotgun snaps most of the game and then Fromm was under center that time. Maybe it was just a bad exchange, though. I was at the game and can’t bring myself to watch the replay so I haven’t had that view.


    • Gurkha Dawg

      Can’t the “quality control” guys do all the recruiting they want? Get a real coach as OC and put Coley on the recruiting trail as a QC guy. Hell, we got the money.


  4. Bill Glennon

    In the UT game, Chaney didn’t have any trouble having a Mauer, a true freshman making his first start vs #3 UGA, throw a TD pass across the middle in traffic that split JR Reed and Lecounte. That was after a TD bomb on the third play from scrimmage. So, it doesn’t seem like it would have been Chaney’s instinct to limit Fromm to sideline throws for 2 years.

    As a junior, Jake still dosen’t throw over the middle much. He also never runs the keeper. Is Kirby the one who is still limiting this?

    I’m beginning to think that Kirby’s cussfest at Chaney at the goal line in the UF game last year was because Chaney wanted to run something other than the 6th straight dive play off guard.

    I don’t see how this offense is supposed to be on safe mode for 12 games and then suddenly shape shift into a wide open attack to match big plays with the elite teams.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Can’t put that INT on Coley or Fromm. Just a lapse in concentration on the part of the receiver.

    However, the miss on the Swift route CAN be put on Coley and Fromm. The read was sped up due to the ball being snapped with one second on the play clock. This was an issue throughout the day.


  6. Derek

    Why can’t they call plays that get people OPEN?!?

    Or why don’t they tell 11 to throw it to the open guy?

    Or tell the open guy to catch it?

    That’s jes coachin’ right thar!


  7. DawgByte

    On that last play, you have to place that blunder on the shoulders of Jake Fromm. As you point out Swift was wide open for an easy TD and a victory, but instead Jake goes for the low percentage throw. Fromm over and over again chose to throw into tight windows with zero margin for error. This was 2018 LSU all over again, where Jake inexplicably has a 4 Qtr. brain fart.

    This was the worst loss of Kirby’s career as head coach. You just don’t lose to a 2-3 team at home when you’re a 24 point favor. Absolutely inexcusable. Is anyone else getting tired of hearing Kirby tell us after each week that we have to get better and improve. I didn’t seen any improvement from the Vol game. NONE! In fact what I saw was a repeat of the Sugar Bowl. A group of guys who didn’t want it bad enough. I didn’t think I’d see that lack of effort from this group.


  8. Dave

    Even great QB’s have off days and yesterday was definitely off for Fromm. But if ever I have seen a Team loss that was it. It took a Team offensive effort to lose that game. And that includes scheme/coaching.


  9. Bigshot

    So much for Kirby taking it easy on Boom because their buddies, huh.


  10. S.A.W.B.

    How much effect did every snap Jake took in the shotgun being at or below his knees have on him getting into a rhythm? Is having to take his eyes from downfield that split second making any difference?


  11. more spinners

    Nice post.
    Easily points out the “leader of men” in his third season as a starter is not in the QB calibre like those at Bama, OU, OSU, or LSU…
    or perhaps UF.
    Swift was open down the middle more than one time in that game. Never threw to him. Swift can catch the ball, has the hands, and more important the speed and power to score. Put the ball in his hands.
    Fromm is very predictable with passes. Likes those back shoulder and sideline passes.
    Yesterday a physical corner played him like a drum. He was lucky he did not have one against UT on the backshoulder pass into the end zone for a TD


  12. Gurkha Dawg

    Didn’t Fromm make a living throwing slants his freshman year. I seem to remember an opposing player criticizing him, saying: “well, he can throw a slant.” What the hell happened?


  13. Jack Klompus

    Can’t remember when I saw Fromm hit a receiver in the slot Swift was in.


  14. There is a very real possibility that Fromms size prevents him from seeing stuff in the middle of the field. May be why the TEs dont get utilized as much as they should if they are running seams.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

      If this is the case, then this is EXTREMELY poor scheme design, because Fromm is fucking 6’3″. So if a guy who is 75 fucking inches can’t see receivers down field, then the scheme is even more poorly designed than we realize, because you see guys like Baker and Brees who are barely 6-foot, and Kyler and Russell Wilson who are under 6-foot, who have no problem seeing receivers down field.

      So if a guy who is SIX FOOT THREE INCHES can’t see his receivers down field, then Kirby should be fired for allowing this offense to continue as it has for 4 years.

      Or, you know… this is a dumb comment.


  15. Erictin777

    That would have been called an illegal block/pick on Swift play!


  16. Middle of the field. Of course. We insist on ignoring it. It’s freaking maddening.


  17. more spinners

    Do not understand why Coley bunched his receivers in both of those plays.
    Or why Fromm did not have a option to spread his receivers across the field.
    On the first posted play note how Trey Hill gets blown up. Hill had a rough day. Not sure if he is calling the line play adjustments.
    Hill and the Oline had trouble in both of those plays setting up a clean pocket.
    In both of those plays Fromm has plenty of time to get of the plays. On the last where there was an illegal shift that was on him, too.
    Just maybe Fromm should take the initiative and say to hell with the play coming in, and set the play.
    Watch the UF vs LSU game and see how LSU spread their receivers and allows the best QB in D1 to run the play. Burrow buried the Gators with that last TD strike. That did the same to Texas earlier in the season when most folks thought with a 7 point lead, the ball, and the clcok in closing minutes the Tigers would run clock and pound the ball. Hell no, Burrows burned their ass too with a TD pass.
    LSU does not use the TE’s or FBs. Seen some folks think we should use them more and use a FB.
    Dawgs are gifted with speed / power backs and some talented receivers.
    Start changing the playbook. Make those LBs get out of the box and do not let the secondary play so close to the LOS. Spread the field, use the 53 yars to get veritcal.
    What Smart needs is a solid QB coach / passing game coordinator.
    I have two in mind.


  18. jversaggi

    Just an observation…does anyone else notice how deep Fromm drops on his pass attempts? Seems when he takes snaps from shotgun formation he drops another 5-7 yards and never steps up into the pocket…always drifting backwards. I guess the potential harm in that is it makes for a longer throw and allows opponent DB’s to make up ground if the WR’s have created separation. It does look like a lot of our catches and incompletions are very contested. Definitely makes for a more difficult throw and very little margin for error.


  19. Former Fan

    If you look at DRob, he had a step on the defender. Looks like either a back shoulder throw that was a little off, or perhaps he should have threw it to the corner. I don’t have a problem with Fromm throwing to DRob, though the throw looks a little off to me. Look closer at the clip and you can see DRob had a step on the DB and was open.

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  20. Napoleon BonerFart

    This is how I keep imagining Coley acting in the booth as the Cocks are stuffing run after run.