Dodging the nooner

Maybe they’ll be awake from the kickoff.


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  1. Uglydawg

    Normally after a loss like this, people would be saying, “I’d hate to be Kentucky this Saturday” but with this Georgia team it just doesn’t seem to have the usual ring to it.
    If the Dawgs come out flat again…I don’t even know how to express that thought.


  2. I feel for those of you that will sit through that Kentucky game.


  3. Bright Idea

    Yeah, Kirby immediately put that noon dread into his team’s head the minute the SC game time was announced. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Maybe our fans will at least show up to light up Sanford this week since so many aren’t eager to watch the team.


  4. That’s quite a parlay.


  5. Macallanlover

    Great break for UGA to get a “sort of” night game. No question UGA plays differently at night, at home. Nursing a lot of injuries and a severely wounded ego. Kentucky is limited to running the ball with a converted WR playing QB, good thing, our DBs have been a major disappointment to me. I thought the talent and depth in the secondary would produce our best pass coverage in many years but we have not coached this group well, and are missing a lot key pieces at CB.

    UGA wins comfortably because of Kentucky’s ineptness throwing the ball. We can handle the running game KY has, even with a running QB out of the Wildcat. Should be a short game with both teams relying on the run. Love night games for Sanford but hard to get excited about this one, especially knowing what lies ahead for us. Last easy game until gt, imo.


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      If the Cats suit up one of their big power forwards at TE to play pitch and catch with their running QB we could have some problems.

      But I expect the O got the wakeup call and we’ll put up 40+ on them.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    KY scares me a little. Their QB started the season as a receiver, and he is undefeated but we don’t have much film on him. How are our analysts going to figure this one out?


  7. more spinners

    Noon kickoffs are bad.
    Saturday was another game day for recruits to be in town. Several of those kids played the night before in this state. Those games usually start around 7:30 pm. Most of those games do not finish up until around 10pm if you are the home team, not so for many visiting teams. The kid and parents have to leave from that destination. Factor in some of those kids traveled to play on Friday night and spent several hours on a bus.
    What do you think it would be like coming from Lowndes, Ware, Camden, Brooks, Sumter, and etc.
    Then the Dawgs. When did they get out of Knoxville and back to Athens Sunday morning to play the following Saturday with a conference team at noon.
    There are no package stores open at 5am, but there are boat loads at 5pm on Saturday… very helpful if there are more noon kickoffs and games like Saturday’s.


    • Good grief … they flew directly into the Athens airport on a Delta jet (40 minute flight at most from the Knoxville airport). They were in their beds at about the same time they would have been if they had been downtown after a home game.

      Heat should hurt the team with less depth … it wasn’t oppressively hot on Saturday.


  8. Mayor

    I’ll be really interested to see the outcome of the FU-SC contest. Logic says FU should kill SC but as you know……..


  9. DBasham

    They might as well break out the black jerseys for this one. Deep Dawgnation is gonna snooze on this team until the Cocktail Party. Kirby needs that one this year, badly.