“Ray just apologized for those actions.”

His team just suffered its most embarrassing home loss in 25 years, but Greg McGarity is focused on the bigger picture.

South Carolina has officially apologized for tearing off pieces of UGA’s treasured hedges to celebrate Saturday’s upset over the Bulldogs…

What did McGarity, who has taken a strong stance against “property destruction” to the hedges in past years, think about what happened after Saturday’s game?

“I don’t like it all.

“We sure don’t do that when we win at an opponents’ venue under Kirby’s leadership.”

His sniff is almost palpable.

Let no one say the Georgia Way doesn’t have its priorities straight.


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28 responses to ““Ray just apologized for those actions.”

  1. Boom, BMac and Brown should have told their players, “Don’t take pieces of the hedge. It will be bulletin board material for next year.”

    McG, you need to go take a class in PR at the Grady school.


  2. mwo

    The older I get the less stuff like this bothers me. Don’t lose to a team comprised of many players from your state that you didn’t want and the issue goes away.

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    • 79Dawg

      Disagree strongly. Why we continue to allow jackasses like SCar and Tech to tear up the hedges when they’re able to pull off a W once in a blue moon is BS. We don’t go around tearing up other people’s places, nor do most other teams….
      Is there a reason McGarity can’t just come out and say, “this is unacceptable and we will not tolerate this when other teams do it”, instead of some mealy-mouthed and milquetoast “I don’t like it”??? Grow a set Greg!
      About the only thing you can say is that if ISIS showed up at Williams-Brice, they’d say something like “damn, looks like we already got this place” and turn around and leave….

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      • Mayor

        Agree. Send SC a bill and deduct repair costs from any money we owe them. Better, send the bill to the SEC and have them collect it from South Carolina.

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      • Dawg1

        Right, guess if property destruction us fine, it’ll grow back after all, then why not paint one if those cabooses red and black or maybe fry up that rooster they keep in the sideline for dinner. They can repaint, or get “mor chickn.”.


      • I have a call scheduled with Josh Brooks about this issue- and others (not related to the actual results on the field) tomorrow at 11:30. I applaud him for reading and responding to my email from yesterday. I will detail the call tomorrow.


  3. It’s just a sign of a fucking trash program. Alabama came in twice and humiliated our entire program and gutted Richt’s credibility and didn’t do it.

    Tennessee and Auburn win in Sanford and don’t do it.

    It’s always chickenshit inferiority complex having fanbases.

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  4. mwo

    I wonder how Sides feels about this.


    • Sides

      It is a shrub, they grow back fast. Why are these things treated as sacred? SC has something similar growing in their stadium just like many other teams.


      • Napoleon BonerFart

        That’s my thought. It’s Chinese fucking privet. They could take a flamethrower to it and it would be unnoticeable the following weekend.


  5. ASEF

    @Stadium security. Paging stadium security.@

    But that would cost money.


  6. Tommy Perkins

    Normally I don’t get huffy about the hedges. And what Boom says about Georgia to booster clubs is just red meat to the base.

    But Boom celebrating with one of the hedges he played between for four years? Deader to me than Pat Dye.

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  7. CEPH

    I would have preferred for him to apologize for not using their fourth string QB so that we would have had a chance. I am convinced that Coley is a clone of Chaney. He sat beside him too long in the phone booth and is hallucinating on donut fumes.


  8. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, playing the victim is oftentimes the cheapest way to deal with something.



  9. more spinners

    SC AD calls to apologize, most humbly.
    UGA AD gracioulsy accepts, most humbly.
    That is what they do.
    Some folks say stadiums are easy to get into.
    Round Up does wonders.
    Maybe victors should act like sportsman and walk out like a victor and sportsman.
    You don’t when your AD and HCs sponsor that kind of culture.
    Ask Muschamp, former UGA players now coaches at SC, and the SC AD to pony up the cost of damage. Do it formally UGA AD? See if they are man enough to do it. after Muschamp has the money to buy balls.
    See if he has the balls to act like a man and sportsman.

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  10. Whiskeydawg

    I know a great way of preventing a lot of that hedge damage – win the home games you’re suppose to win.


    • Don’t disagree with that but does UGA have to go undefeated at home just to prevent this garbage? It’s a “tradition” that needs to cease. What did they do the the Toomer’s Corner guy- they convicted him and sent his ass to prison. McGoofey needs to sack up and combat this “tradition”. I’ll be interested in Josh Brook’s take when we chat on this- and other program issues I had Saturday (non-game related) tomorrow at 11:30.

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  11. It’s called “act like you’ve been there before.” Oh wait, never mind.

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  12. Tommy Perkins

    I’d use this to my advantage, if I were the staff: A wall, maybe in the weight room, with a pic of every team that’s celebrated with our hedges. I don’t mean this as a revenge gimmick, but more as a preventative cure for rat poison, i.e., “What it looks like when we don’t protect our house.”

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  13. HiAltDawg

    Big Picture: I consider Boom a lost cause but Brown and BMac could possibly want to come back to UGA in the future. Their act (although I’m sure KirbDawg somehow “wronged” them while recruiting or not hiring them) might make some (me) re-think some donations if they returned.