TFW you know it’s players AND plays

And he’s in the arena, folks!

This is a interesting contrast with the time Chubb and Michel spoke with Chaney out of the public eye about the playcalling.  I wonder how the coaches will take to being called out by one of their best players.


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  1. Honestly, I wish he would leave his opinions on twitter or Get the Picture where this type of drivel belongs. If the WR’s would block better, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.


  2. We don’t need to take more shots downfield, but we do need to find an intermediate passing game to force safeties and linebackers to defend the middle of the field.


    • Ben

      Maybe he’s just tired of being run into 1500 lbs of meat being forced back on him every three to four plays.

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      • I agree with that. I’m not saying #7 is wrong. Our intermediate passing game (behind the LBs and in front of the safeties) in the middle of the field has been lacking for the last three years. It affects more than the run game. It limits the windows to throw outside the hashes because corners can be more aggressive knowing they have help. It allows the safeties to play two-deep when they don’t have to worry about wide receivers or tight ends running seam routes.

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        • Lutz Dawg

          Actually, I recall Fromm hitting Nauta multiple times last year with passes right up the middle of the field. One was against Bama where he rambled down inside field goal range where Rod missed. The intermediate passed behind the lb’s and in front of the safeties will open up the running game. I haven’t seen one pass to the TE over the middle all year. I could be wrong; but I don’t recall. This play-action pass will freeze the lb’s and open the lane for the TE up the gut.


    • Texas Dawg

      Intermediate, short, of long, between the hash marks seems to be an almost off limits area for out passing attack. Fromm is certainly capable of making those throws if allowed to throw them.


  3. Derek

    I would like to see a breakdown of how many times usc played an extra guy in the box or blitzed.

    That would be more valuable than anything in figuring out whether we’re being stubborn or just not executing.

    That said, I do think they just need to throw a deep ball here and there to 1 when he’s got man coverage. Why not?

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    • HiAltDawg

      “I would like to see a breakdown of how many times usc played an extra guy in the box or blitzed.”

      That would be good info, thankfully in 90 days our FOIA request will go through

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    • gastr1

      They blitzed right up the gut on that last play before the missed FG. That’s why 7 was wide open. There were no LBs in the middle of the field at all.

      Really should have toasted their asses on that play.


  4. 79Dawg

    To mix a metaphor, during his press conference, Coach Manball was essentially the ROTC guy running around screaming “all is well (except for the turnovers)” at the end of Animal House….


  5. MDDawg

    Taking shots downfield is good and all, but you’ve gotta hit those shots. Fromm’s done it plenty of times before but for whatever reason he wasn’t connecting on those throws against SC.


  6. MGW

    Just show smart a highlight video of Fromm and the O in the two minute offense this year. It has been masterful. Do that more.

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  7. ASEF

    Where are the conflicts for the defense?

    Example – The running game should be creating way more opportunity and space than boundary shots. SC’s defense attacked Coley’s tendencies with abandon. It allowed them to play faster and more aggressively than I’ve seen them all year.

    Yes, technically, with that talent gap, perfect execution means it doesn’t matter that they know what’s coming. But that’s only way to leverage a talent gap. It’s also the one most susceptible to the odd two or three things that can happen in a football game and flip your game plan upside down.

    of coaches who can honestly say they would be undefeated with perfect player execution: dozens. It’s not a realistic expectation, and coaches get paid the big bucks to have ways to win games when the execution doesn’t fully show up on a Saturday.

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  8. Ozam

    Taking shots downfield is NOT the answer, unless we start attacking the intermediate middle with TEs, running crossing routes, slants and seam routes, etc. Defenses are just stacking the box and sitting on outside routes. This is not going to change until we change.

    Jon Stinchcomb talked last week about how if a team stacks the box we need to run outside and visa versa (something he had not seen us doing). Such a simple concept seems completely lost on our coaching staff.

    The blue print to beat us is now available for all to see. The real question is whether Coley/Kirby are capable of making the necessary in-season adjustments to counter.

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  9. Tony Barnfart

    I’d love to see some more play action bootleg roll out passes from under center.


  10. NCDawg

    Not to mention the wide open Swift in the middle of the field when we went long outside corner of the endzone to Robertson near the end of the game. Swift had nobody within 10 yards. That’s how open teams are leaving the middle for us and defending Fromm’s back shoulder throws. Time to mix it up and confuse the opposition.


  11. dawgfan1995

    Maybe this means that they will let Blaylock return a punt. Just looking at it from Saturday, the only time that UGA did not start on its own 25 or worse was the end of regulation, when the missed FG gave UGA the ball on the UGA 40.

    Otherwise, the starting field positions were, drive-by-drive and all on the UGA side of the field: 25,11,12, 25, 25, 10, 20, 23, 19, and 4.

    Sure, the TDs came on the drives that started on the 12 and the 4, but sustaining drives of that length is not easy. Getting a solitary turnover during that game would have helped immensely. Just one.

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  12. FlyingPeakDawg

    I’d like to see Coley / Fromm find a little hitch with one of the receivers and just abuse it for a series the way Fromm with with Nauta last year against the gators. Be a little unbalanced with passing for a series the way Bobo would run something until the D adjusted to stop it. This more than anything would loosen up the running game. I have a feeling we will see this against Kentucky.


  13. ATL Dawg

    Maybe someone needs to create a powerpoint presentation pointing out all the problems with Manball and send it to Kirbs.

    As a template, they can use some stills from the old SNL “Happy Fun Ball” commercial where they quickly fly through the disclaimer for all the problems Happy Fun Ball can cause…

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  14. roswell dawg

    I am broken record on this. Fromm ran the HUNH in high school and killed it. When he runs it with UGA, we are very effective. How obvious is that? I dunno, seems pretty easy to me. Wondering why the coaches can’t see it.
    Also, do we have a TE on this team? When was the last time we threw to them? That also seems so obvious as to be ridiculous. ND seems to have figured out how to use theirs……he kicked our behind.

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    • Raleighwood Dawg

      “The Buck Stops with Kirby”, regarding everything. I imagine at least some O coaches have seen or know things that they’d like to or have recommended. In the end, Kirby just ain’t got time for this sh*t.


  15. TXDawg

    Swift has a point here. Safeties lining up 6-9 years behind the line because they don’t fear the deep ball. Not until Fromm can hit the deep ball and our receivers to get open, we will struggle against the run and the crossing round likely is not there.


  16. Former Fan

    I thought we threw down field a good bit on Saturday. But it was the same thing over and over… we through down the sideline. What about running some routes that actually give our guys a better shot at getting separation? Did we do that?

    On the play where #7 was open over the middle, DRob actually had a step on the defender. It just didn’t look like a good pass to me.


  17. Maybe we should start out in hurry up for a half……let’s just see what happens.

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  18. TN Dawg

    Kirby will call shot plays.

    He’ll call them exactly when you expect him to, after a turnover when the team is in plus territory. Right before you watch the long sideline pass fall incomplete, you’ll hear the broadcast color-man on television saying “They need to be careful here, Kirby likes to take a shot after turnovers like this”.

    Sex with your wife of thirty years is less predictable than Cap’n Kirby’s play calling tendencies. Gone are the days of Cheney calling flea-flickers early on in the game to catch the other team crowding the box. A jet sweep is what passes for a creative call in Kirby’s hand selected, missionary position offense.

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  19. Dave

    Playing fast, or for that matter scoring fast, will tire out the defense.

    OUR defense…manball 101.


  20. playmakers in space

    Playmakers in space, you say?

    Hear hear, D’Andre!

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  21. DawgPhan

    tbh surprised to see folks turn on Smart so quickly. I expected the typical grumbling after a loss, but seems like everyone has a bone to pick with the head dawg.


    • Agree. But it’s hard to stand by and be accepting when a couple of booming semis like LSU & Bama are hurtling forward, waiting in the wings.


    • illinidawg

      Forget it Jake. . .


    • Raleighwood Dawg

      I’ll just say I’m not turning on him. Also that I don’t think his mindset, lack of clock mgmt, etc. all just cropped up this past Saturday. It’s all been cooking for quite a while now. Like others have stated, I think he needs to find a gifted OC/QB coach that he trusts and hand them the Offensive keys. Proven winners, in business, sports, etc. know that they can’t do it all by themselves.

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  22. more spinners

    Until the O line gets fixed and start knocking people off the line of scrimmage it ain’t going to happen, could against UK but not against UF AU or MIzzou.
    Twice Fromm had Swift open over the middle and never went to him.
    Plus the receivers are not physical to the ball and with defenders. Pickens stands next to the sideline and watches SC’s corner who know one in sportswriters world knows or can say his name or spell it…well Fromm can, he is in the arean…after first INT placed ” Mr.” in front.
    Notice how that cagy hate the dawgs marc weiizer used Swift and tried to stir the pot of discord among the players and coaches. Nice try marc, go comment on Braves, Falcons, and Jackets…they are in Atlanta.
    Understand Swifts’ frustration. After all it is often said and understood that UGA is TAILBACK U.
    Give them hell Swift for being honest and passion to win.


  23. more spinners

    Read the R&B comments from Coach Kirby, its personal now…he screwed up my weekend, about not lingering on SC, focuse on UK, and preparing for another down the roster QB, a convert from reciever to QB.
    The kid poses a huge threat to Kirby and the team based on past history.
    Says the kid “creates a different defending mechanism”…guess that means dual threat in addition to being a “down the roster QB”.
    Suggestion Kirby.
    Watch some film, like the movie “For Love of the Game” with Keving Kostner who played career Detriot pitcher Billy Chappel’ perfect career ending game against the Yankees.
    Chappel employed the “clear the mechanism” phrase to focus and to execute and shut out the “noise”.
    Kirby has it figured out now. Coley? Swift put them both in the box.


  24. illinidawg

    Listen to Jon Stinchcomb talk about all the “experts” on social media today.


  25. Heywood Merkin

    Imagine what Lincoln Riley would do with UGA’s offensive talent.


  26. doofusdawg

    See my post under jf11 on the vent.


  27. Russ

    Not sure if this has been posted but SEC Shorts has a good one on our game.