If Harvey Updyke had a son…

… he’d want him to grow up to be just like Connor Bruce Croll.


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3 responses to “If Harvey Updyke had a son…

  1. Down Island Way

    Now did this wannabe terrorize the whole stadium or just the live oaks exterior to the stadium…that’s how you’ll get to the root cause of our next story “them dried leaves sure do smoke good” and “if i call them from my phone will they know it’s me”


  2. Uglydawg.

    Dumb. Drunk or whatever..he screwed up and this kind of thing isn’t taken lightly anymore. I hope it turns out that he was just trying to entertain his frat bros and this doesn’t screw up his whole life.
    On the other hand, the possibility that he might do something dangerous and violent has to be taken seriously.
    Wasn’t there a story lately about Updike’s utter lack of contrition? I still think he should have to pick up trash on the Auburn campus while wearing an elephant suit. Yeah..that’s “cruel and unusual punishment”, but letting him skate is just wrong.


  3. Napoleon BonerFart

    What was the threat? “I have poisoned all the corn dogs!”