If Jeremy Pruitt has a hair on his ass…

I would pay good money to watch him elevate this from a joke to reality.

Tennessee will travel to Tuscaloosa to take on No. 1 Alabama Saturday night in the rivalry known as the “Third Saturday in October.” The Vols will be lucky if the game isn’t over by the third quarter considering they opened as nearly five-touchdown underdogs to the Crimson Tide.

The Volunteers will be without linebacker Henry To’o To’o for the first half after the freshman was popped for a targeting call in the second half of last weekend’s victory over Mississippi State. He is second on the team in tackles with 34 and fourth in tackles for loss with 2.5. So what’s the game plan in his absence? Coach Jeremy Pruitt could turn to an incredibly creative strategy to keep the ball away from the deadly Alabama offense.

“I was thinking about there’s a high school team over in Arkansas, they always onside kick, they never punt,” he said. “I’ve never seen them play, [but] I always hear people talk about it. In fact, I think they played one of the high school teams here in our state this year, somebody was talking about it. So, we really kind of considered that as our game plan. Just don’t give them the ball, if we can do that.”

I mean, why the hell not?  At this point, it’s not as if Tennessee even has its dignity to lose.  That went out the window with the Georgia State loss.  Pruitt can call a boring, meathead game and lose by a substantial margin, or he can come out swinging and give everyone something to talk about.

He keeds, he keeds, I know.  Too bad.


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5 responses to “If Jeremy Pruitt has a hair on his ass…

  1. Mayor

    Pruitt needs to onside kick (not that UT will be kicking off much) and not punt too. See how that works against the Tide. Give Bama short fields all day long. Recipe for losing 100-0.


  2. Uglydawg.

    First and foremost, this is a Meteor Game.
    Actually, I believe a strategy where you never kick the ball if you’re past mid field could work. If the OC and QB know in advance that they always have four downs to make ten yards it could be interesting. One thing I hated about playing Fish Fry’s offense was his propensity to use fourth down for something other than a kick. When they had their offense working it was maddening. Sure, it will backfire on you some, but so will long FG attempts and even punts. After all, in the long run you have to make three FGs to top one TD. Some coaches treat FGs as if they are a “gimme 3”, but we all know they’re not. This philosophy would relegate FG’s to late in the game where three means more because of short time.
    Not saying this should be implemented…just pointing out that it would be interesting in the UT/Bama game this week.
    It’s really not that radical.

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  3. Salty Dawg

    I need to see the vowel’s ass kicking by bamer right now. It will help me get over our embarrassing game.


    • Uglydawg

      I’m torn on it. While it would be great to see Tennessee get the crap beat out of them after their weak but highly celebrated (by Jr. and Lulu) win last week…It would also be a beautiful thing to see Alabama fans feeling even worse than we did and do after the debacle on Dooley.
      But since we know Tennessee ain’t keeping this close, you’re right..we should just kick back and enjoy the slaughter.

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  4. more spinners

    Those coaches out of Hoover High never let it go.
    Saban will enjoy this game, but next year it will be a little tighter! Saban is fond of Pruitt, but he will pound the scoreboard without mercy.
    Everybody is waiting to see how LSU’s passing combo OC fares against his MSU connection.
    MSU’s coaches, like SC, are under the flame now! Coaching for their jobs.
    High school coaches are very innovative, and fun to watch. They are having an impact on where the college game is going.
    Spend a few Friday nights at these high schools. It is dog eat dog aggresive.
    Georgia is loaded without outstanding coaches and teams.