Not the turnover you were thinking of

So, Georgia was forced to do a bunch of shuffling on the o-line because of injuries.

Part of the reason for the sub-standard performance can be chalked up to injuries. Starting left guard Justin Shaffer exited the game with a neck injury that will also keep him out this week as well. Solomon Kindley came in for Shaffer only to exit the game when he suffered another injury to his ankle. Smart indicated Kindley will likely be able to go this weekend but it’s not known how healthy he’ll be.

Smart added that Ben Cleveland is also battling injuries. That all explains why Georgia played three guys at left guard and three guys at right guard on Saturday. And that kind of turnover makes things difficult for the group.

“That kind of turnover throughout one game is pretty tough,” former Georgia All-American Jon Stinchcomb said on Monday’s episode of DawgNation Daily. “That turnover in the front proved to be really problematic. An area of strength and I’m as guilty of this as anyone of saying this Georgia offensive line is elite, and they certainly have to potential to be. But they were not on Saturday.”

Smart made it very clear that the reason for the constant rotation was due solely to the injuries and not ineffective play.

Okay, fine, I guess, but you know who wasn’t involved in Shuffle City?

Kinlaw absolutely abused Hill on that play and singlehandedly blew it up.  That was on Georgia’s second series of the day.  There would be more of that to come.



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36 responses to “Not the turnover you were thinking of

  1. Russ

    Yes he did abuse Hill, but that play wasn’t going anywhere anyway. There’s a green LB right there waiting to make the stop. There would be more of that to come, also.


    • Russ

      “green LB”? WTF?

      there’s a free LB…


    • The other Doug

      It doesn’t look like anyone missed the block on that LB, so it was just a stupid call?


      • doofusdawg

        Five blocking six seems pretty stupid to me. Woerner has somebody just off screen as well… so six blocking seven… dumb. Numerous times Brunson #6 was unblocked and filled the hole. A fullback would solve the problem but Kirby is evidently too stubborn.

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  2. gastr1

    You know, if I were Jake Fromm, I would never keep the ball on the zone read and therefore ensure that the defense can key on the RB 100% of the time.

    What is the point of running this play if the QB never keeps it?


    • I don’t necessarily want Jake tucking, but for goodness sake, give the guy a pass option instead.


      • Greg

        Concur, not much behind him if he gets injured… he has tucked and run this year & picked up some big yards. I just don’t really like it due to depth.

        Pass option seems like a better option.


        • mwo

          It’s kind of like when we used to run the “wild dog”, I think TGIII threw a pass from it once. Don’t recall Sony or anyone else doing anything but running the ball. You think maybe they’re setting up Tyler Simmons or Demetrius Robertson for a Appleby – Washington type thing later on with all these jet sweeps we’re running?


          • Merk

            Well, Gurley did have the longest completion from scrimmage for like 2-3 seasons on that one pass.


          • Tony Barnfart

            At least with the wild dawg, the 11th man (meaning a traditional QB) is not totally wasted. That’s true even if he is out wide–although you know the RB is probably not throwing to a wideout Fromm, at least the QB can throw a block if the wildcat back takes it to the edge.


      • gastr1

        Or that. Sure.


        • The ability to pull the ball out and hit D-Rob on a quick slant/skinny post.

          Dial this up to 10:45 to see how it’s done.


          • Tony Barnfart

            Wow ! And go further to 11:05. Goal line, I-formation with a full back, hard sell on the toss sweep then pass over the middle to the TE. Where the **** is that play now ? If we’re gonna go manball, play-action, put Fromm under the center and get these plays developing faster……also, for what we’re (ostensibly) trying to do, it seems you can disguise so much more and get a jump on timing playing under center. If we’re a downhill running, take your shots type team, seems we’d do so much better under center.


  3. atlasshrugged55

    It’s nearly impossible for the center to step to his right & be expected to square-up on a guy lined up on the RG’s outside eye & drive him to the 2nd level. A more realistic approach is either the RG initially make contact with the DL until the center has time to square-up or the C just block the DL out to the sideline.

    Either this was a poorly drawn-up blocking scheme or the RG whiffed on his part of the process. Very few C could have done better in that situation.

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  4. 79Dawg

    Our center was being abused and we were down to third-string guards – obviously the place you’d want to run the ball in that situation would be …[drumroll] … right up the middle between the tackles over and over again!

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  5. tbia

    This is either a straight run or we need to quit with the read option because every read says qb keep.


  6. Greg

    If you are talking about the fellow who threw “Zeus” for a loss, it looks like #6, Brunson….a linebacker, Kinlaw is #3. Not so sure that was Hill’s man. Looked to me like it should #66 should have picked him up.

    But Hill certainly did not have a good game.


    • I’m talking about the fellow who pushed Hill three yards into the backfield.

      It looks like the play was designed for Hill to slide off his block of Kinlaw after White got outside the block to pick up the linebacker filling the gap. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible after he was pushed back. Either that was a poorly designed play or Hill underperformed.


  7. Greg

    Nope, that tackle for loss is on #66 or #71. They should have picked him #6 up. Probably the better decision if that was a read play, would have been for Fromm just to keep it.

    Nonetheless, that was an ugly play. Too many at the LOS….beginning to agree with some, may be time to employ a fullback…at least on some of the play calls.


    • David K

      If Hill isn’t driven 3 yards into the backfield, the cutback lane behind the action is open for a big gain. Chubb and Michel made a living off this exact type of read. Of course, Zeus had no chance because Hill was driven into him.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Second level (linebackers) were never touched. Even if Kinlaw doesn’t penetrate, this poorly-designed play is going nowhere.

    Also, no one respected the option of Fromm keeping the ball or the cutback.

    Yet, Georgia continued to call this play on first and/or second down all the way into overtime. Defense does not have to expend much effort in running the field so no one wears down through 90-plus plays. Very easy to defend.


  9. DawgPhan

    Seems like injuries are always an issue with the OL. Regardless of the depth or godlike abilities of the OL Coach.

    I certainly cant diagnosis that issue from the couch or the stands, but if you watched the film you knew what their DL was bringing. USC has a very good dline, but we will see better at Florida and Auburn. If knock off Derrick Brown beats us, what happens with actual Derrick Brown.


  10. Hobnail_Boot

    We’ve been blessed with a long line of excellent Centers.

    Easy to take for granted until you don’t have one.


  11. Yeah. Exhibit A of why we lost right there folks.


  12. NCDawg

    What the OL needs is at least 8 or so more five stars. That’ll get it done. Sooner or later, the UGA doesn’t know what to do with it’s talent narrative is going to take hold. Auburn game going to be very interesting because it’s on the road against a MUCH better overall DL.


  13. BuffaloSpringfield

    May I ask if Jake gets injured how much worse could it get than present. Clem and his Son runs golden boy. Hurts runs the ball. Fromm could be a threat He was in high school.
    Different league I know. I hate but how’s the Ravens doing, sorry I don’t see nothing but the high lights. Actually I don’t see many high lights ahead here AT All. I stood on the bridge cause I did not have a ticket……drove 3 hours.
    Perhaps Kirbs and Dowdle can do a private, exclusive ( donors only ) and explain what he said to Dowdle on the radio when he told Chuck I just don’t think their ready to play……. wish I made 7 mil telling my boss I wasn’t ready for work today… I give you the last four years of what have’s, coulda’ been…..if you think this group makes the playoffs I am putting money, injuries or not whatever bowl game we get in….. the same group that played Texas will show up where ever they go.
    Love them Dawgs but it’s turned into The Show