You have been warned.

No doubt this was said in the same way Yoda once schooled Luke.

It’s good to know that Kirby still lives on as a subject of locker room discussion in Tuscaloosa.



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5 responses to “You have been warned.

  1. Mayor

    I’m sure that Saban is using Georgia’s loss as a motivating factor. After all, His team played the Dawgs twice in the last two seasons and barely won. Plus, if the alleged Chuck Dowdle comment is correct……


  2. Remember the Quincy

    At the Costco in Hoover, AL on Saturday, as TVs displayed the UGA/SoCar game’s ending, Bama fans were “hooting and hollering” about our loss. At this point, they pay more attention to us than Auburn or LSU combined.


    • 1smartdude

      We could be undefeated in week 12 and Auburn winless, and the Bama crowd would still be more concerned about Auburn. It’s part of their DNA. It’s just a different level of hate. Looking at us and LSU at this point in the season, I’d also be shocked if LSU wasn’t the bigger worry. Tell me how I’m wrong.


  3. more spinners

    How did Churchill say it?
    “When will the lesson be learned?”